In These Times, Our Faith Must Be Greater Than The Wind 💨

After experiencing not one but two hurricanes in two weeks, a catagory 4 and catagory 5, I can tell you we are grateful we were spared the full force of such storms as they both veered to the south about 100 miles out, after being on trajectory for a direct hit on Puerto Lempira.

Please join us in prayer for the people of Nicaragua who bore the brunt of both storms causing many fatalities and destruction through high winds and heavy rains creating flash floods, high rivers, downed trees, roofs removed, structures collapsed, mud slides, etc. Seeing first hand the destruction and loss they created I struggled to see the Glory of God in the midst of uncertainty. When you witness and hear of all the displaced families that had been evacuated from their villages where they have lost everything, including the farmland with their crops that provide food for these remote areas it becomes easy to see what God is calling us to do. We are to be His witness, and to share the hope and joy we have found in Him.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6 HCSB)

“he who believes in me, even if he dies, will live.” (John 11:25 HCSB)

After the first hurricane hit – Eta, we had been spared other than losing a few trees on the property. After reaching out to another ministry operating in Gracias A Dios región, La Casa Del Camino partnered with the Waits family of Reach Out Honduras to provide and deliver over 10,000 L of basic necessities to the ministry of the Norma I. Love foundation in Mocoron, Honduras. With that Norma was able to bless many in her community with life sustaining food bags a week before the second storm hit. The Honduran military went in and evacuated the people of Mocoron before the second hurricane was to deliver even more rain causing more flooding of Rio Mocoron. Norma remained and after several days of no signal I was able to reach her and learned she was okay with lots of work ahead.

We are on our way back to the States where it too, is in a very stormy season. With the election in question, or should be in question as it was with the shoe on the other foot, (Russian collusion) any allegation of fraud should be investigated fully. The democracy depends on it. And with the COVID-19 cases rising I am feeling torn between my loyalty to where God has placed us and my desire and affection to reconnect with our family and friends. Even so, here we are, returning to the States on our furlough and looking forward to sharing the new opportunities to partner with us this coming year. With our church on a limited gathering and questions of more possible shut downs, we continue to look to God and His provision that will give us opportunities to share.

We do have some exciting news, as back in October we helped 13 boys from the village of Mocoron travel to Puerto Lempira and take part in a placement test for entrance into Instituto Vida Abudante (the Christian junior high and high school founded by Reach Out Honduras). After interviewing the boys and having them stay with us during the week of testing and praying about who God may be bringing us, we feel (11) of them are great Casa Del Camino candidates for next year, blessing us with caring and providing for (15) boys in the coming year.

On a somber note, I must report the urgent need to replace (10) solar panels we lost in this last hurricane. As they were ripped off our roof and blown over 100′ away! Including the 2″ metal frames that where bolted into the cement roof of our pila and well tower – Completely ruined. Though we were 70 miles away from the eye of the hurricane Iota, it was reported at that time there were winds clocked at over 205 mph! Powerful.

Working on a newsletter now that will highlight some more of what we have been up to at La Casa Del Camino. Thanks to all your prayers and faithful giving this past year.

May God continue to keep you and bless you in the year to come,

Mike and Lisa too.

Psalms 100:1-5 HCSB

Shout triumphantly to the LORD, all the earth. Serve the LORD with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs. Acknowledge that Yahweh is God. He made us, and we are His — His people, the sheep of His pasture. Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and praise His name. For Yahweh is good, and His love is eternal; His faithfulness endures through all generations.

As we left La Casa Del Camino for the airport this (Friday) morning, we looked back one last time and saw this rainbow reassuring us the storm has passed, it is a new day. Though we are leaving La Moskitia and La Casa Del Camino “though trials shall come, it is well with my soul” Our faith and trust will remain in God’s sovereignty for our lives.