Honduran Ingenuity.

I have lots to share, although we are more than 2,000 miles and four plane rides away an amazing amount of work is getting done at the property.  I am giving thanks to God for surrounding me with gifted friends that have been instrumental in moving this project forward. After 3 months of phone calls, emails, and much praying we were able to purchase and transport a 20′ container to our property. Although I am not certain how they were able to unload the container from the chassis at our property, I was confident that it would get done, and to my relief they handled it like pros. Our container is resting on concrete footings as planned. A perfect storage that will provide security and weather protection for tools and materials on site. (Much needed.)

A big “thank you” goes out to our friend Jon Fertakis for all the  correspondence and negotiations of the purchase and shipping to the property; also thanks to our friend Alex Waits and all of his help with the logistics and direction with all phases of this project, not only the container but the fence and the retaining wall as well, all while the IVA School year is going on. Please check out Alex and Laura’s reachouthonduras.org website.

I believe this may be the wet and rainy time of year as I was informed that we where loosing some ground to erosion and needed to think about erosion control by building a retaining wall.  So the building project has evolved from fence to retaining wall. Here are a couple pics of the retaining wall that show the amount of ground being lost to erosion.  Once the retaking wall is completed I t will be back filled with dirt.

This week I intend to place orders for 1/4 mile of chainlink fencing and the remaining galvanized poles needed to complete the property fence. Will stil need to purchase more rebar and razor wire for top of fence but getting close. Here are some pics of how the fence is progressing.

With God’s provision, the crew will get the materials needed to complete the fence and retaining wall projects by early August as  Patrick, (Lisa’s brother) and I, will be returning to Puerto Lempira August 16-31 in hopes of starting the well and well-tower project and plans for a “pila”or place to wash clothes and a septic system with a outdoor bathroom and shower built into the well tower design. I will also have copies of the completed house plans for Red Sea Ministry, with intentions of meeting with and certain builder in the area in hopes of obtaining an idea of the overall cost of building the home.

Lisa and I have completed and submitted our applications for career missionaries with ACTION International, all in hopes of being accepted and attending orientation in mid-September. We are currently studying online seminary coarses “Dimensions of the Faith” at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Giving gratitude and praise to our Heavenly Father for loving us, guiding our steps and always being faithful. Knowing His timing is perfect. Praying for God’s will to be done, clear vision of that will, peace, and a quickening of The Holy Spirit to give us the abilities needed, asking God to use me for His glory. Thanking each of you for coming along side us, and lifting us all, in prayer.image

In  Jesus’ mighty and glorious name, Amen.