Walking On Water.

May not look like much yet, but God has given us a vision, one that will provide a safe, loving, stable environment for the impoverished boys of this area allowing them to grow and become Puerto Lempira’s next leaders and male role models.  I know it won’t happen over night and there will be struggles along the way.  I do feel somewhat equipped through my own struggles and knowing that I have the most well thought, Godly, loving, fun, sweet, in-tune, strong woman I could ever ask for, all found in Lisa, standing next to me.

The trip was not without some times of worry.  Like the moment when Chuck thought it was a good idea to burn the thick piles of dead grass  from clearing the fence line.

Not such a great idea, as it took all eight of us working to beat the fire back with tree branches before everything went up in flames! Let me say fire is no joke, it grows fast, wind comes from nowhere and don’t forget it’s HOT!  Thanking God for protection and helping to put this fire out.  Needless to say, I don’t think Chuck will be trying that again.

The purpose of this trip was to finalize the property purchase and to put claim on the land (aka corner posts).  As you have probably read, I, through the power of God and your prayers, have been able to do far exceedingly more than I ever imagined possible.  We have completed the (10) most important posts, including the gate posts and the the six corner posts, as it is not a square shape plot.  We also set an eleventh rebar post and poured the footing.  Perhaps more importantly, I was able to strengthen existing realationships and was blessed with forging new ones, in turn allowing for me to secure concrete pilings for the future construction of a 100’+ dock.  Dinner with a couple friends below.imagePicture of Todo (left) and Osiris (right) both born and raised in Puerto Lempira.

Todo offered to help locate a 20′ container in country so that I could have a secure place for tools and materials on site.  Quicker than importing one as storage is a necessity ASAP.  Osiris has offered his help concerning the water well, when ready.  And I can’t say enough about Alex, for only through his friendship and generosity have I been able to assemble a crew of men to help build this vision we’ve been given, I guess you can say they got “trial by fire” ughh.  Also, Alex has really stepped up for me by storing the tools we have gotten so far, my bike and the materials I was able to purchase today – that being  50-20′ long 2″x 2mm thick round fencing poles that will be placed between the concrete posts and cinder block to support cyclone fencing.  Those poles needed to be purchased in La Ceiba, in person along with the shipping to Puerto Lempira.  Yet another thing that could not have happened without the help of my good friend and previous missions teammate Matt McCollum (sorry to say didn’t think of taking a pic, just enjoyed my fellowship with him).  Thank you Lord for making all these connections weave together so effortlessly.  No way could I have thought of all this in order for it to happen so seamlessly.  It was sad to leave -people seemed to be warming up to yet another gringo, making me feel a connection.  Many of who I consider friends, showed up at the airport at 7am to see me off.  Marco was first to show and then left without saying goodbye, those maybe a bit hard on the boy. Then Aldolfo showed up even though he was looking for me to give him another 200 limps after he just got paid yesterday for six days wages, when I told him “no” he asked if I might be able to bring him a 36″ plasma tv when I come back. LOL!!   Makes me wonder how Bill Gates feels all the time?  Then Osiris, Alex, and Chuck followed by Todo, (who by the way doesn’t know there are two 7 o’clocks in a day, he only knows of the one associated with dinner) all came to see me off.  So that really made me feel special.image.jpgI will be missing these guys!  I am a man truly blessed!  More than ready to see my wife, little more than 24 hours I will be home.  Asking for continued safety over all my friends in Honduras, including the guys working on the project.  Praying for God to be glorified and praised over this vision and people to come along side us best they can.

Mike out. Godspeed

He Is Risen Indeed.

Easter is always a special time for the Christian, our faith is a resurrection faith.  With Christ’s well documented resurrection believers can be secure in eternal, life with Christ.

(1 Cor. 15:22 )  “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all be made alive.”

The Easter celebration was conducted at the new property and included the Alex Waits family, Linda, with the Mama Tara’s family of nearly 40 children along with a couple of mission teams visiting Mama Tara’s from North Carolina and Mississippi.  One gentleman from the North Carolina team preached the good news of the resurrected Christ with scripture readings, we then joined in communion, and were led in worship by Alex and Laura’s oldest son Aden, followed by several baptisms out in the lagoon, including Alex and Laura’s middle son Adam, ending with lots of swimming and lots of fresh, sweet Honduran watermelon.  I only wish I would have taken more pics as I was videoing it all on my GoPro.  Again just another confirmation of God’s presence here with us, glory be to God. Amen.  What an amazing way to christen this place of refuge for the boy’s to come.

Saturday night I had another amazing experience as Alex and Laura extended an invitation to join them for a family meal that they had prepared together.  Son Aden, was the pizza maker, Dad Alex, kneaded the dough, Mom Laura, made a salad and cookies, youngest son Arron, cleared the table and the most adorable KumiJoy, wiped the table down. We shared in much fellowship with Alex and Laura, and enjoyed the kids very much.  They made me feel right at home.  They are missed already.

   Saturday was the last day worked at the property as we did not work on “Good Friday”.  Kind of seems strange to refer to it as “good” while “we” were at our worse, but I understand how it was good for us, nonetheless kinda weird to me.

Saturday was exciting as I got to see the first concrete post uncovered, very similar to unwrapping a Christmas gift. We were able to disassemble and reassemble all four forms, pour three of the forms with concrete and digging of two more holes.  Making a total of seven completed posts in five days.  Tomorrow will be my last day working the project and am looking to pour the remaining empty form, make two more rebar skeletons putting them in place by pouring the two footings.


Thank you Lord, for saving me…..

Learning Curve.

I thought I knew how to do quite a bit but I can see God using all these experiences to humble me.  I cannot even tell the butcher what cut of meat I’d like, talk about option paralysis.   I posted my first YouTube video at

Check it out to see a quick video of how our Tuesday was.  Even with the less than hospitable weather we were able to get the four footings poured with rebar in place between the deluges.  We spent our day drying out, then getting wet again, no place to hide in the biosphere.  On my way back into town I was able to stop at the House of Hope for a quick pick me up, the kids really give a nice little boost of energy.  Not a lot of pictures Tuesday because of the wetness.

Today was a much better day.  Starting to really enjoy my morning ride to work, I think I’m going to try and GoPro it tomorrow.  Today we were able to do three forms and fill them with concrete and dig three more holes and finish with clearing the fence line mostly, which may not sound like a lot but I can tell you at near 90 degrees with 70-100% humidity these can be pretty brutal working conditions. So far as close I can figure, the posts project alone will be in the neighborhood of $10,000 then there is the rows of cinder block three high in between posts and 6′ cyclone fencing above that, topped off with the constantine wire to provide security. Budget wise I feel this is on par with my estimates of $20,000 for the completed fencing project, allowing $2,000 for two gates, one large double swing 15′ main gate and one smaller beach access 10′ gate both custom welded, including paint.

The best part of the day came this evening when after Cena and I had been in a bit of a disagreement concerning an accessibility issue this past couple days, I agreed to meet her and her husband Jose along with their son Cheldon out at the property to discuss possibilities.  They asked if I had any interest in purchasing another piece of land. One touching ours and out to a new road she is putting in?  Size approx. 80’x250′.  She knew somewhat of our idea to possibily add a girls dorm and this would be an acceptable option for all.  They told me that they would give me a dollar amount later in the evening, so after I ate dinner we sat down and they threw out a $7500 amount,  I feel closer to $2500 would be appropriate but told them we had no interest at this point, due to the commitment we have made concerning the earlier purchase. I then began to expound on our God given vision.  They love the vision that we have been given concerning a home for the boys in need so they can focus on a proper education while being a part of a nurturing family fueled by the love of Christ. Let me remind you all that this is Mama Tara’s daughter, and Mama Tara is of the most well respected people in Puert Lempira God rest her soul, as she began the first orphanage in La Moskitia, trying to help and love every child that came her way. By the end of our conversation they had told me they heard how well I have been doing with the neighbors and added they too would like to help in any way possible.  (They could always gift us the land? Right?) But, I’ll let God handle that one. In ending of our time together they shared with me that they “feel as if Mama Tara brought me down here to them personally.” What a great confirmation as to the light being given off by this mission even in its infant stages. I too see that all the workings involved in our new direction can only have been orchestrated by our Divine Creator. I am equally assured that many prayers have been answered by what I’m able to share here although I can’t see them all, I am definitely being lifted up by your supplications. Please continue to pray for relationships, wisdom and humility and the ability to show GODS LOVE TO ALL.
Good night and God Bless.

Ground Breaking!

I am one of those guys who likes to have a couple cups of coffee before I start a big days work, even more so if it’s the Honduran variety.  As God would have it, the muchacha who normally prepares the coffee here was mas tarde and time forced me to get on my bicycle and ride the three miles or so out of town to meet with my new crew at 7am without a coffee.  Apparently I was anxious enough and didn’t need the extra caffeine.  God knows best.  Upon arrival we reintroduced ourselves and talked briefly about our plan of attack.  Then we got down to business and opened our work day in prayer,  led by one pastor of a local Baptist church,he is the one wielding the breaker bar who, I lovingly refer to as Pastor – and who better could we have break the ground than Pastor?  The gentleman to his left is Chuck, my English speaking foreman, and to his right is Aldolfo along with Aldolfo’s son (not pictured).  I also employed our “el vecino” (neighbor) and his son to help clear a five foot swath along the property lines.  Once Chuck and I had the men digging holes we went for materials.  Again, great is God as He provided Alex and Chuck who knew where to go and who to talk to for some small tools, rebar and cement, that could be delivered; they were sure to get me started and on the right path with zero stress.  God is good.  There was one small mishap at the end of lunch as Aldolfo’s son came back with my bicycle and managed to crash 50′ from safety, cutting his ankle.  Note to self *buy one good first aid kit no matter how little room you have during travel.

Mid morning I had a couple of the younger boys come searching to see how they could help.  Even though they may slow things down a bit I like to give them a chance to see what work is about and have no problem putting a shovel or hammer in their hands for a short time.  And as you can probably see, I haven’t quite yet gotten in touch with my inner Moskito but assure you, it’s there.

The boys showing me how to beat the heat. I apologize for no smile, it must be the daisy on my head;) maybe it’s the lack of coffee? Anyhow I will be sure to work on that.

By 3pm four holes where dug 3’x3’x3′ deep for the footings of the posts and in three of them we hit water at roughly 30″?

That is not a problem as it only makes the concrete cure slower which as I understand it makes for a stronger piece.  After holes where dug we started to cut and bend the 1500 feet of rebar we purchased.

Hoping to complete the rebar reinforcements tomorrow allowing us to pour concrete Wednesday!  Suddenly the post project is well underway.  Wanting to thank you all so very much for lifting the people of La Moskitia, me and this project up in prayer.  You are all so amazing to me as is the way God brings His people together to glorify Him.  I could not do this without each one of you praying.  Praising and loving God more each day as I clearly see Him working in and around my life.

Giving a shout out to my beautiful wife whom I love and miss dearly.

Thank You Lord!

Without a doubt mornings are my favorite, it is amazingly quiet here, even before the chickens start crowing, the men paddling their dugouts around are some of the first noises, then the birds start singing (yes, that includes chickens).image Then you begin to hear the Miskito language and people mulling around sweeping and the power boats start their cacophony.  I know this is as good as it gets for me, because that beautiful sun takes no time to burn through the marine layer, then it will be 85′ degrees feeling like 90′!   Although the trip has had its difficulties so far, I am grateful God has chosen me for this role and He never ceases to surprise me with His mercy.  Maybe it’s the Christian couple he sits next to me on the ride into San Pedro Sula, or the way everything arrived with me except for some new drill bits that didn’t make it out of Seattle, or the way Alex picked me up at airport to take me to the place I’m staying, only to realize the woman that owns the hotel is the very same one we purchased the land from,  or how I was able to procure all the lumber needed for the forms in one stop!  “Timbre” as they call it here can be a huge commodity; or how when the second day I was here my rear derailleur on my bicycle broke in two, and at home this would be a $100 minimum fix only to discover I could buy one from China and have it installed for 70 Limpera (about $3.50 US); or the way Alex was prepared to let me employ his crew – the guys involved with the on going school project, or even the fact that Cena’s son Cheldon speaks good English and final paper signing was relatively easy, with one prayer request that I would be able to stay Christ-centered as I will be meeting with Cena’s husband to negotiate access due to the fact that after said papers were signed, she told me the road leading into our property was “her property”.   On another note, seldomly have I ever felt like such a rock star as when I rolled up to the  House of Hope on my bicycle, and the kids went crazy.  Kind of like when I see my nephews, Titus, Levi and Shadrach 😀 (making me a bit homesick). Thursday and Friday were all about measuring the property and  sizing it up. This weekend I was able to get the forms, braces and stakes for the four posts made at House of Hope where I also delivered 61 onesies for the babies and another twenty where donated to Mama Tara’s (the other orphanage). On a sad note, House of Hope lost a precious new baby today and some of the form scraps where used to build the coffin.

I went to the Moskito church with Marco this morning from 9 to noon.  Marco was able to translate a bit directing me to the book of Luke. Missing my dog (see below, I got a way with dogs and kids I guess).

Oh how I’m going to miss my church!  I do apologize for not clueing everyone in earlier, I’m missing my best half and recognize a constant battle going on.  I thank all of you for your prayers, they are welcomed and needed. I was reminded by my BFF that doubt is of the devil, God is faithful and people are not the enemy, it is Satan wanting to divide, concur and wreak havoc.  Remembering to let God do the heavy lifting, may the Holy Spirit guide me and strengthen me, for when I am weak He is strong.  Reminding myself this is God’s plan, He led us here, He wants the boy’s house and He knows how it will be accomplished.

In Christ love.