“Thou Shalt Be Called, Sought Out.” (Isaiah 62:12) KJV

One of the things I must continue to reflect upon is that, it’s not…I that have got God, but that He has got me.  I was lost, but He found me.

You did not choose Me, but I chose you. I appointed you that you should go out and produce fruit and that your fruit should remain, so that whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will give you. (John 15:16) HCSB

As I am on my way out of Honduras I feel a longing that God has created in my life to serve Him. Realizing all He has done for me, my life, filled with gratitude will surely be a life filled with service for His glory.  I feel the greatest gift life has to offer us all, is that we walk closely enough with Jesus to hear our calling, and that we may be faithful enough to fulfill the ministry God created us to accomplish.  Nothing easy about this, as I battled defeat and what I call, “an emotional rollercoaster” for the last couple weeks.  In need of continual reminders that it is not “me” that has to get “this or that” done but that it is God, who is responsible for the amount of work happening on Casa Del Camino. Knowing this vision was given by God helps me to rest at the end of this trip, taking pressure off me, by believing all things were accomplished on this trip in His timeframe and according to His plan for His ministry.

Low point of the trip:

Making a tough decision with adverse affects on someone’s livelihood, who I claim to be a friend of.

Sorry to say, I had to fire one of the crew a few days ago.  One of the initial guys, one of the first five that were hired to work this project from the beginning.  This was not easy… After multiple issues, everything from our property being broken into, to him having his boys doing his job (unknown to us) and caught sleeping while they were supposed to be doing it, to not bringing his watchdog to the night-time watchie shift multiple nights in one week.  I felt as though he was taking advantage of our desire to be a reflection of God’s grace, and his attitude was that of one who acted like he was above being held accountable for these issues.  Truth be known, we are going to all be held accountable for what we have done with the opportunities and resources we were given here, this side of Heaven.  He had worked for us for two years, without contract, and as I just learned, a workers contract is very important in Honduras.  The following day the ex-employee filed papers with the “Ministry of Work” and the day before I left I was given notice that I had to go in and have a hearing that would determine how much severance I must pay him.  For a worker that is fired unjustly, that amount can equal one years pay.  Gratefully, we had documented said issues and were able to show his release was warranted, and that allowed us to negotiate a severance that started out at two months pay, down to two weeks.  Thank you Lord.

On to good things.  In my additional two week stay, along with good progress at the property, I was able to make some new, invaluable contacts:

One of whom is a Honduran civil engineer who also happens to be an attorney named Roberto.  Roberto is from Tegucigalpa and is friends with the new Mayor of Puerto Lempira.  Roberto had been visiting PL in an attempt to figure out the best way to resolve some drainage and infrastructure issues in the downtown area.  When served with the Ministry of Work papers I immediately thought of Roberto, as we had just met when I had shared a table with him over dinner a few nights before.   It’s funny how God works – all the restaurant tables were full and he was sitting alone at a four person table, I was hungry and ready to eat so it was a no-brainer for me as I motioned to sit down across from him.  We decided to share contact info as he felt he may be able to offer us some service in regards to our mission sometime.   Then, a couple of days later I would call Roberto to explain what I had received from the Ministry of Work, and he was able to meet with me and prepare me for what would happen at the hearing.  He also offered to prepare a simple two month contract document that would protect us in the future and could be used for all of our current employees.  I am so thankful for Roberto.  He drew up a two page contract for 15 employees, he also provided the 30 copies needed, all at no charge.  If our meeting was not a divine appointment between Roberto and I sharing dinner in the middle of Puerto Lempira, and the fact that he happened to speak a little English, two days before I would need his help, I don’t know what is.

Then on my last night, our good friend Walter Tatallon, who is the artist of the featured image above, was coming to deliver my painting, and as I walked out to meet him, he began speaking with a man, who as it turns out is the new Mayor of Puerto Lempira.  Subsequently, I was introduced to Mayor Etgado Alkade, who inquired as to what had brought me to Puerto Lempira.  So! I was able to give God the glory in front of the town’s Mayor.  He then proceeded to tell me he has many resources at his disposal, and if we need any help in the future at Casa Del Camino, to not hesitate to call on him or his second in charge who he then introduced to me.   Mr. Mayor Alkade even gave me his personal cell phone number to call, because he “loves construction and loves that we have come to help the Miskito people, his people.”

Along with those two contacts, God blessed me with yet another one, Earl.   Earl has been working in the Puerto Lempira area for the last 11 years or so with the Rotary, doing various humanitarian projects.  He left the states a couple of years ago and is now based in Roatan and makes several trips to PL each year.  His organization as it happens, is also responsible for providing the power generator system for the House of Hope orphanage and the IVA School.   Presently his organization is currently working on a clean water operation.  Earl and I were able to share the ride out of Puerto Lempira to La Ceiba in a small single prop plane the next morning, and we made sure to have each other’s contact information to touch base as we return home.

I am feeling that by me trying to walk in obedience, every step with God, by desiring to stay longer to accomplish more, I was provided these three incredible connections as they didn’t happen in the previous three weeks.  God always at work and providing opportunities for future friendships – all to help fulfill Lisa and my calling to serve the boys of La Moskitia – for them to know our Savior’s love.

Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth.  For I am God, and there is no other.  By Myself I have sworn; Truth has gone from My mouth, a word that will not be revoked;  Every knee will bow to Me, every tongue will swear allegiance.  Isaiah 45:22-23


Front deck around to front porch.  We got two more pieces on and call it a trip.  


My ride out of Puerto Lempira


View from my seat – those are my knees nearly touching the dash


Property being cleared to help limit the snake population: No place to run, no place to hide!


Burning the grass piles on the property


Casa Del Camino.  Amazing progress.  Broke ground Feb. 2016, realizing the fence alone took one year to complete



Something is wrong with this picture?  God’s my co-pilot, no fear.  


Super remote area of La Moskitia from 1200′ just east of Reserva Biologica Rio Plantano


Trujillo, Honduras.  West side of Reserva Biolgica Rio Plantano 


Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers, and for lifting Casa Del Camino boys and all the work crew to the Lord in prayer, praying God’s will be done!

I thank you God Almighty for surrounding me with your people Lord. I give you thanks for all the many blessings You continue to pour out on me keeping me safe as I notice all the physical pain and death that haunt many in La Moskitia Lord.  I pray for them to know You personally Lord.  Thank you for your provisions – for providing me people with the ability to help in situations as they arise God, I owe everything to You Jesus.  Please give me your heart for all people God.   Help me to express my love and appreciation to our family and friends God, who are involved in this ministry.  Heavenly Father, I pray and lift each person reading this, that you may meet them wherever they are Lord, and provide them with Your comfort, let them share in Your peace that You offer so freely, to those who follow you God.  Allow us each the ability to see You God at work in our everyday lives.  May You, the Creator of all that is seen and not seen continue Your great work in each of our lives, as we join together in Your Great Commission.  May You Lord continue to strengthen our faith, empowering us with Your Great Holy Spirit – produce in us a powerful witness to You God, and may we share Your love for one another, this day and everyday forward.  We love You Lord Jesus and we praise You and give You thanks for everything – thank you for what You lovingly accomplished upon the cross for us God, helping us to see it is not what we do, but rather what has already been done for us by Your free gift when Jesus paid it all.  In love we respond.  We praise You God as we wear the name of “Sought out.”  It is in Your blessed name we pray.


Therefore, as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, overflowing with gratitude.  Colossians 2:6-7 HCSB

My Best for His Glory,


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Strengthening My Patience

The above picture was taken last Friday, the day before I was due to fly out of Puerto Lempira heading home to be with my beautiful wife Lisa. Even though we were able to place all the roof beams, I had a certain feeling that my work was not done here on this trip.

I called Lisa and shared with her the defeating feeling I was experiencing, and that I felt I needed to stay a bit longer, not really sure if what I was feeling was God challenging me or?  But I can say I desired to offer Him more, although I know we are no real service to God for He can accomplish anything without us lifting a finger.  God doesn’t need me but am I going to be faithful to Him in even the simplest or most difficult of ways.  This may have been the test for me.

Even as the work I came to do has not yet been done, I feel God providing me opportunities in the most ordinary ways – from sharing my faith in Him with so many hurting people here or simply praying with the boys before they head out to school each morning and before meals.  I see that I have surrendered to God and His will for me today, and my patience is being strengthened knowing this is God’s will for my life this day, and I ask, “What will I do with it?”6F042D68-E054-481C-8B81-798B75C63224“For you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance.  But endurance must do its complete work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.”  James 1:3-4 200BE072-B7E1-4158-98E3-16D6BD612668

This trip has clearly been God’s timing.  It might not have been the exact timing I had planned out, but I am certain God is continuing to do a work in me, allowing me the extra time it takes to nurture my relationships with the boys.  You have got to put time in with someone before you can truly know them.  I thank God for my extra time to spend with these boys.

Arnold has been with me since we all landed in Puerto Lempira on January 27th, Marco and Jerbin showed up the day after, and they each continue to be on my shirt tails daily.  Since then, there have been several calls to Lisa, sometimes at the end of my wits, overwhelmed from the boys looking to me for the provision of all their needs, or the frustration I’ve felt dealing with their shortcomings, only to be lovingly reminded, who “I” once was, and that God created me perfectly to fill the need and to clearly share Christ’s love with these lost boys.  My time with them continues to be a blessing to me, and even though they can never take the place of our daughter, they do have a sincere commitment from us to continue encouraging them, as I share with them the truth that we will all be held accountable for the choices we make, while focusing on the love of Christ that fills me – it is clear to me that I cannot do this without God.


Arnold & Jerbin (back)

God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called! Amen.

Saturday, February 24th, I had the guys work on the fascia board around the perimeter of the roof and pour concrete at the top of the walls, between the roof beams.07855D31-E0BB-48E7-BABD-C25F1AD99BD1

Sunday the 25th, I went to the property to work on the front porch roof and I was able to finish all but a few boards before heading to Miskito church at Pastor Ludy’s.


Entry Porch Roof Completed

710AA00B-2945-452E-B685-8F362534E994Monday, the 26th I was able to buy 14 of the 28 mahogany windows needed for the home.  I also bought a second replacement saw in PL for L3000 (about ($128.00) so we were able to have one saw on the ground ripping boards and one on roof to cut boards. The roof over the front deck was completed and I had the guys cement between beams on the north wall.  I also laid out the kitchen counter appliances location.


Porch off the Living Room and Master Bedroom

Tuesday the 27th, we installed wood roofing on the deck closest to the water tower and began roofing in the living room.  I also laid out the bathroom shower shelves and sinks, and had the guys take down the concrete forms between the beams and start laying block for the bathroom vanities and kitchen counters.


Porch off the Back Bedrooms


Cement Kitchen Counters Going In

Today, Wednesday, 28th we finished the living room and dining room roof, and began to prepare the remaining entry roof area.  Also when our good friend Mateo (who was building Ludy’s house) went home on Monday, I had him take our DeWalt worm saw to have the switch repaired at the Central American DeWalt dealer that thankfully happens to be in La Ceiba just a block from the airport.   The switch was rebuilt for L125 (just over $5.00) and was flown back to us for another L250 and arrived today! 9CFFEE5E-3483-46F9-AAE0-9A384091FEE5

D6EE2807-81B5-4C74-A1D4-3C7B54332BD4All in all, it is beginning to look as if the majority of the roof will be installed before I fly out of PL on March 10th to begin my journey back to Seattle arriving on March 13, 2018.  Our days working at the property are 7am to 5pm and the weather has been cooperating amazingly!

Giving all thanks and praise to God almighty, the Creator and sustainer of everything – for sustaining me and renewing my strength every night.  Giving thanks for the work crew safety, for the dialog with the boys to be God-centered more and more.   I’m grateful for Marco’s continued success in school (8th grade this year) and a great start of the school year for Arnold and Jerbin who are not used to the idea of homework but are beginning to understand the priorities (they are both in 7th grade).

Praising God for His sovereignty and for bringing knowledgeable people (brothers, Cesar, Carlos and Eddie who went to school for solar) for their help with hooking up the well solar pump and for offering their help in designing our solar system for Casa Del Camino. And for all of you, God’s faithful servants lifting us and Casa Del Camino in your prayers and generous giving. How great is our God!

Not to us Yahweh, not to us, but to your name give glory because of your faithful love, because of your truth!  (Psalms 115:1)  HCSB

In Him,


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