Be silent before the Lord, and wait expectantly for him. (Psalms 37:7)

This trip has been a challenging one on many levels.  At the same time, I have continued to feel so very blessed that our Lord continues to show me His faithfulness in all things.

I am aware of my commitment to serve the people of La Moskitia, and am feeling more surrendered to God’s will with every passing day.  I feel as though our Lord May be using Lisa and me to help to fill the hole – the hole left by the loss of Mama Miriki’s life of service to these people.  Surely we could never take her or her family’s place but I’m confident God is using us that we might be a reflection of His guiding light in the lives of the lost – people who need Jesus here in this remote corner of our world.

I am finding opportunities daily to point others to Jesus, and at the same time I am being stretched beyond my comfort zone, challenged to handle situations with my beloved dysfunctional boys; loving them, encouraging them, providing for them, having fun with them – yet trying to reach them in a way that will help them to grow up healthy and strong physically, mentally and most importantly, spiritually.  It reminds me of just how difficult the teen years can be especially for kids that may not have had a typically “good” childhood.  All of this and…the language barrier, I am challenged at every turn.


From Left: Arnold, Jerbin, Mike and Marco 

Following God’s lead without truly knowing where or what He’s asking has become more of me just making myself available.   Many times I feel totally inadequate as a representative or witness for the Lord; and yet I find myself praying for people I don’t know.

Or, like today for instance when we do the usual topical Scripture study at the prison, with friends Pastor Ludy and Mateo, who are so much more well read and knowledgeable of Scripture than me.  Still, I feel the desire to share what I do know, and I’m blown away by the fact that God has used me to play a part in His master plan by getting Pastor Ludy involved in prison ministry – it’s just cool!


At Puerto Lempira Prison today (2.22.18) with Mateo and Pastor Ludy

The issue of waiting for God’s timing without knowing when it will come has been another ongoing theme this trip.  Mostly having to do with materials but, I do know this, “Miskito time” is totally different from “Millitar (military) time.”  I’m getting mucho practice in patience.

Well water.  Expecting the miracle without knowing how God will provide.  I have a big expectation that our well will test clean after it has tested positive for chloroform.  I’m praying for this daily.  Since the test came back positive for chloroform we did a little research and discovered that some wells that test dirty need to be shocked with bleach to remove contaminates.  While a little chloroform is not dangerous because we already have that in our systems, I don’t know what level our well is at since the test doesn’t tell me that.  And because our water in the States is treated, there is zero chloroform so our prayer for this well here too is the same.  When we did the shock treatment the water went from totally clear to slightly cloudy, and is now getting clearer with the more water that is pumped out.  We have pumped roughly 6000 gal. since.  Please pray for the water to be clean.  

Death.  With all the death involved on this trip, understanding God’s purpose without understanding the circumstances has been a challenge as I try my best to pray for those involved in the suffering.  Especially when the lost one didn’t have a relationship with God.  I’m planting seeds of love and at every opportunity sharing Jesus and the truth of an all-faithful, Almighty, All loving God – an important step in true healing for those who are suffering. Please pray that seeds planted will sprout in fertile soil, grow and produce a fertile crop a hundred times as much as has been planted.

Values.  I have noticed the high value placed on relationships here as compared to the “high-value” placed on things or time, in general back home.  People here love to stop and talk.  You just don’t see everybody running around in a big hurry to get somewhere.  Lisa and I are both very excited to get into language school.   That’s another miracle we are looking forward to – being able to communicate in their native language of Miskito. Please pray that we would learn the language thoroughly and quickly.  


Lucas – fearless on the roof

Other news to share: Casa Del Camino is progressing nicely as all of the roof beams are up and cut to length, fascia boards have been installed, and we are running the first course of 1”x12”x16’ boards.  The security gate on the battery bank has been installed, decorator block has been put into the window openings in the water tower bathroom, solar panels for the new 24v solar deep well pump and mounting bracket have been made, along with the fence surrounding the panels and well is also going up. 


Front Porch Roof Beams




Looking out the front door from the entry way

Please continue to pray for the people of Puerto Lempira,  for our fellow missionaries serving here and especially for softening of the hearts of our boys.  Pray for clear communication with all, for blessings and safety on the work crew and their families, for the growth of Pastor Ludy’s church, and also for safety and peace over my beautiful wife until I return, and for my continued renewal of strength needed on a minute to minute basis.

A HUGE thank you for all you continue to do in helping provide for this ministry, with prayer support and for your financial donations.  And thank you Jesus for your Holy Spirit, for your grace, for your love and for your guidance in every step of this journey.

To God be the Glory,


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Life/Death In The Balance

…Grace to you and peace from our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Thessalonians 1:1)

And as I am learning, grace is always first, as there is no peace without God’s grace.

A certainty here in La Moskitia, is that life is hard and death is certain. On our last trip one of the work crew, Herman lost two of his brothers suddenly within a couple days of one another.  This trip, Rudy, another of our crew, lost his mother unexpectedly last Friday afternoon, after one day in the hospital.  Saturday we called it a short day as to support and help Rudy build his mother’s burial vault.

Everyone is buried above ground here, I believe due to the fact that the water table is so high.  This probably goes without saying, but La Moskitia is not the place for urgent care.  If that wasn’t enough, today when we came back into town, we were met by crowds of folks gathered around with news that one of the water taxis, (a 25’ boat with a 200hp motor) that was carrying 24 people (safely made to carry only 12 people), combined with the high winds capsized the boat.  Several people lost there lives, six others hospitalized. Prayers for all the families involved are needed as most do not know the Lord.977FEE19-DB40-4AC8-815F-2242B6605702

3916804C-3A82-4C2B-AB68-388B9AB543D5On a way more positive note, I am loving the time with the boys even though it can be draining occasionally.  I laugh because we are only talking about three boys here at the moment, so we will definitely have our hands full at Casa Del Camino with 8+ boys.  They are such a joy to be around – full of life, even as difficult as it is here – and we pray for their hearts to be opened to the beautiful truth of Jesus. Amen.   E2DD61CA-E8B9-4C26-8FF0-E5A06F0EDB97(Isaiah 40:28-29) Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the weak, And to those who have no might He increases strength.

I see God teaching me that I must renew my strength, daily, and I’m not talking about pushups or pull-ups. I need to remain focused on the battle and the fact that it’s a battle that has already been won!  I realize that even in my strength I am weak.  I can’t control most things, only the direction in which I look to be renewed.  And while I feel the spiritual battle intensifying with each step we are taking, it is good to know that these intermediate struggles are nothing compared to the vastness of God’s purposes.

As we continue taking the steps of faith God places before us – the uncontrollable logistics of material delivery from the mainland, and the language barrier (the bilingual manager at the construction supply store is no longer employed), limited cargo space for material delivery with a “first come first serve” mentality of the shipping company, and a material supplier that has a bigger supply of excuses for not making the boat than they have of product, even the delivery of the local woods have been frustrated by all the heavy evening rains producing impassable mountain roads for the heavily loaded timber truck, the frustrating fact that we have been unable to find any dry wood to use as our material while what we do have is drying under the house, the well water although looks very clear tested positive for bacteria, or the fact that the table saw that we delivered this trip was over-worked within a couple days and melted down the motor windings, and our DeWalt worm saw that has been reliable since day one of this project has stopped working due to what I’m hoping is a simple switch fix (of course there isn’t a DeWalt dealer this side of the Rio Plantano Biosphere), the issue with my iPhone and iPad being temporarily stolen before being retrieved – are just a few of the challenges being prayerfully handed over to the Lord, because I am certain His plans and reasonings are far better than any I might have had!

I’m grateful for His faithfulness in allowing me to continue to grow spiritually and for His indwelling Spirit.  Although we are waiting delivery of plaster for walls, more cement, rebar, plumbing, roof vapor barrier, and while much of the wood needed has been delivered (though freshly cut, needs to dry), we were able to purchase a back up saw here and have made contact with the Latin America DeWalt repair shop in La Ceiba to avoid possibly having to return parts to the States.

The new solar well pump we brought down this trip is incredible! And we added a couple gallons of bleach to the well to see if we can shock it clean. We will continue to pump water out of well because they say the well gets cleaner the more water it passes, and I have one more bacteria test to perform before I leave. The guys are making good progress on finishing the window and door openings and will begin plastering walls after that.

Giving praise to God for bringing Pastor Ludy and his Miskito church to the property last Sunday for a baptism service.  Three ladies were scheduled to be baptized and it turned into 6 girls and three boys!  I’m sure the enemy wasn’t happy about that. (This was the third baptism service that has been held at Casa Del Camino property).

Thank you for your prayers, not sure where I’d be without them. I had kind of started thinking this mission was untouchable for Spiritual warfare, I was wrong. Game on!


DC4C2582-E96A-4E54-9C3E-3A8CB8E9D463Psalms 4:8  “I will both lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, LORD, make me live in safety.”

Resting in His Peace,


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Reinforcements Required

Tuesday morning 5:30 we woke without the alarm going off, but soon after, everyone on the top floor of the hotel was being woken because of two missing phones and one jacked iPad. Let me set this up for you…

Lisa and I in one bed, three boys in the other, the room was feeling a bit stuffy so, as I often do, decided to leave the door open. After all, the hotel is gated with a watchie, and I had never felt un-safe here before. Obviously we all slept well because in the middle of the night someone came into our room and had helped themselves to Arnold’s phone, my phone and my iPad. I immediately went to the watchie to let him know I was upset about this news.  He let me know there was only one other room occupied upstairs other than the two our team had and it just so happened to be the room right next to ours.  As it was further investigated, the man in said room had paid three girls to come to his room and apparently as they left, they couldn’t help but notice the electronics.

Giving credit where credit is due, Apple products rock! Find my iPhone alone, makes the apple product a very good deal.

The police were contacted and I had little hope of finding any real help. But to my pleasure these fine, professional men in uniform, donning bullet proof vest and packing M-16’s arrived in their four wheel drive commando rig looking ready for the task and more than prepared to retrieve my belongings.  Without any real good-byes with my wife, Pat and Paul (they were catching a flight out in a couple of hours), I jumped into action with the boys in blue.

After a ten block ride it looked as if we had closed in on the beacon. The officers surrounded all corners of the shack structure and started knocking on doors.  Soon after this, the girls that were at the hotel the night before were ID’d by the hotel’s watchie (who also came along) and soon after that, the iPad was returned.  Then I let the police know it wasn’t only the iPad we were locating but my iPhone as well. Shortly after that my iPhone was retrieved.  Arnold’s little track phone wouldn’t be so fortunate, as it was unable to be retrieved.  Sorry Arnold.

The police asked me if I would like to press charges and told me if so they would need to keep the items until the girls were charged.  After thinking about how good and full of grace God has been to me, I told the police I would just like to pray for the girls.  And so they brought them out to me and I laid hands on them, lifting them and the man at the hotel – my neighbors – to our Lord, giving the situation to the one who really knows what is best for each of us.

On the way back to the hotel I asked the police if they would take me to the airstrip where me wife was getting ready to leave so I could return her phone which did the tracking and get a proper good-bye – which they did gladly.  All that excitement before most of us have had a chance to drink one cup of coffee. Nothing but my highest regards for these guys – a job well done. Bravo officers!

After Lisa, Pat and Paul were safely on the plane I headed back to the hotel to get my bike and to sadly watch the plane fly off over the lagoon, (my lonely moment).  I then headed off to help our friend Mateo and Oriellio frame up Pastor Ludy’s new house floor.   I did this same work also on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was so nice to work along side these two guys again as they were the ones I helped build five new church buildings with in remote La Moskitia beginning back in September 2012. 1A2A83A8-2F9B-425D-A53B-02FCDB7EF50F

9477A725-2FA5-4A44-9352-F1621DAE6E745E194D6C-5474-48F2-BA13-530CB7D572BAThe boys have had a great couple days start to this school year.  They all seem excited and happy and really it has not been too bad to get up by 4:00AM as they need be at school for breakfast by 6 and it’s an hours walk from the hotel. I have to say they are starting out strong, washing their clothes every night and doing homework.E2DD61CA-E8B9-4C26-8FF0-E5A06F0EDB97

Today, (Thursday) was a good day.  The new solar pump is up and running and with full sun the last couple days we have filled both tanks – 600L and 2500L.  I will be getting a fresh sample for another water test tomorrow.  Please pray that our well water will be free of ALL contaminates.

GREAT NEWS!!!  We have received all but 74 of the 400 1”x12”x16’s and we also received the remaining 15 – 4”x6”x25’ beams.  I am praying this wood will dry quickly so that we can begin placing them on the roof.

On the down side I’m praying that the new table saw I brought down is not ruined, as we got it quite hot fighting each other trying to rip one of the 25’ 4”x6”s. Once the saw was shut down it wouldn’t turn back on?  Maybe a circuit breaker of some sort?  Also, I was prepared to share some reading of Galatians with the guys in the prison this afternoon, but Ludy was tending to Mateo and Oriellio and Walter was out with a team translating so I was unable to share with the prison men without a translator.29C5CDD4-40C5-4BCA-BC2B-6682F14FD3662204E1AB-1B3B-41DA-ADFC-85B31ABEE740

63CB671B-7857-486D-9E84-894E2CA10D8FA67D4D04-5B72-4EC8-9F71-2DA461E59C07God is alive and well, and I can see Him at work everywhere I look! I’ll reflect more in the next couple days but wanted to catch y’all up a bit, just trying to hold on it’s gonna get busy starting manyana!

Welcome to La Moskitia! Two steps forward three steps back? Thank you for your prayers, not sure I could do this without them. I love you and God bless you!

Miskito Mike

Mike and Lisa at Action International

Raising The Roof!

Hello everyone, God is good. Everything is fine here. I will do my best to write more often in the coming weeks.911518D6-5A66-4645-9002-0613761673D6.jpeg

We got into Puerto Lempira on Saturday a week ago, after checking into the hotel, we spent the day visiting the property and then some time catching up with Alex and Laura at IVA. When we arrived back at hotel Yu Baiwan we were greeted by one of our boys, Arnold (a very street savy 15 year old that we’ve known since he lived at House of Hope when he was 9 yrs old) not really quite sure how he knew we were coming but they seem to always know when I’m coming to town. He’s still with us.

Sunday was spent visiting places like Mama Tara’s orphanage, our freind Walter, House of Hope orphanage and then ended the afternoon with Pastor Ludy and his home church. We then went to Ludy’s new property where he is building his family home and church to do some prayer walking. When we arrived back at hotel Yu Baiwan we were greeted by two of our other boys, Marco and Jerbin. Marco has been doing amazingly well after his first year at IVA and will be starting his second year at IVA next week February 7th. Arnold and Jerbin have been accepted into the IVA program and will be starting 7th grade this year as well. The three amigos have been with us night and day – these boys are a big part of why we felt lead to build Casa Del Camino, a place for these boys to feel loved, and encouraged to have a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and savior, as the one true authority in life.65FD5613-01C6-4D86-A5C6-1494C95A2D75

2D2343C7-BE69-4F63-AFA3-578D7485E38D1783DD09-6ECF-42AC-960B-A2139D75189B0BF06138-951E-4708-A7CB-DE93A8CD0A99178E5E5C-1B83-4B4A-8018-D11B85A670B8Monday morning we all got up and ready to spend the day at the property working. Alex has been very accommodating and gracious, picking us up every morning and delivering us back to the hotel every night. Our days are spent at the property 6:30-4pm.

The work has gone as well as could be expected in La Moskitia, with the typical setbacks like materials not being delivered as scheduled or the fact that not all the wood beams have been delivered as promised and some that were, needed extra milling, as they had begun to be chewed by termites. (Simple fix with a good table saw and some termite killer).

Most all the roof beams are in place now, waiting on the remaining 15 – 4”x6”x25’. We are also expectantly awaiting the delivery of 400 – 1”x12”x16’ tablas (boards) that go on top of the beams. Going to property tomorrow in hopes of them being delivered tonight or mid morning as they will all need to be set out to dry under the home for about 5 days before being ripped into straight 12” boards.  Many have live edges and are greater than 12”.

The guys are working the last top part of the walls in the bathrooms and the others are finishing the window openings in preparation to receive windows. One good note, all the roofing tin and 100 of the 300 bags of cement were delivered to our container Thursday afternoon.

There is still much work to be done but at this exact time last year we were forming the top section of the water tower, mind blown! All praise and glory be to God. img_0917

We have also been blessed with a crazy good cook that has been preparing the team lunch everyday. I am fairly certain Casa Del Camino has found its first cook.  She also has a sister that will help in any scheduling problems as they both cook well.

Thursday, Patrick, Paul and I left the property early so we could visit the prison by 3 pm. We usually have pastor Ludy go with us to share.  Please pray for Ludy as he just lost his brother and needed to travel to be with his family during this difficult time. We asked our local Miskito freind Walter to please come and help translate, which he graciously did. Thank you Lord. We went around and greeted all the prisoners and asked for them to come and hear Paul’s word in the book of Galatians. About 20 men showed up for chapter 1 and we will try and finish a quick study of Galatians in the next several weeks. Please pray for me to be full of the Spirit and to share God’s word clearly.

Something else, Lisa had a short bout with some kind of virus or demon as she was bedridden for about 24 hours saying it felt like someone had taken a baseball bat to her body. Thanking God for brother-in-laws who happen to be doctors! His support in many ways of this ministry is also appreciated and grateful for his participation on this trip. Lisa is at 100% now so no worries.

Our friend Paul has also been a true blessing and a delight to travel with.  His expertise in all forms of construction has lightened the load dramatically and the kids and work crew have been blessed by his freindship and are enjoying his presence as well. 3894E831-0830-4E9E-9CCB-C57DD53F3368BAF40012-DC67-4DD2-AF63-5628BD49D70F2B1D2ED7-8205-4DBD-B6DD-F88C48D922D0

427FD1BF-DF75-4E45-95DB-642A276CAA478658E695-BE6C-411E-AD3A-A75E26DBF9EA800772D9-1A2C-4BD9-BAAF-3D4043663104I think this could be one of the hardest things in ministry, is leaving the relationships behind that you have built and shared with others.  We think at first we are going somewhere to do something to help someone else in need, but really it’s the work God does in us through our contact with others that changes us and allows us to see, we are the ones who are being blessed.

Wishing you all to have a chance to feel the power of God working in your life, I pray for us all to boldly share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to continue to walk closely with Him.

Saved by Grace,