Well if one has to travel mass distance this is the kind of travel day we all hope for, uneventful.  I did sit across from Brock Huard on the plane from Seattle to Houston,  and I was dieing to ask him if “he was a good person” LOL, but he mostly kept his hoodie pulled way down over his eyes the whole flight; I think he was trying to get some sleep.  As we were getting ready to disembark I was able to ask if he perhaps was traveling to announce a bowl game?  Sure enough he is covering the Sugar Bowl then proceeded to ask where we were going so I was able to quickly share how God has put it on our hearts to go and share His word and serve in an orphanage in Puerto Limpera.  Brock told me how he had a friend who also did that sort of thing and couldn’t understand how we can do it – having to put up with the conditions (weather, food, etc.) I then told him how Lisa and I feel every bit as blessed as we hope they feel blessed by our serving them and sharing in God’s love for them.  This timely experience, along with part of today’s reading about the “futility of fame and fortune” has once again affirmed God’s truths Ps. 39:7 “And so, Lord, where do I put my hope?  My only hope is in you.” I have to say going on a trip with a loving, helping purpose in mind can be more satisfying and rewarding for me than most any other kind of trip.

Just a quick recap, from midnight on Monday to 4pm today we caught three planes  3080 miles in the air, 2995 miles of that was traveled at 35000′ and as smooth a ride you could ever ask for, we arrived safely and just finished having some great ceviche at our hotel.  Lisa is already asleep as it is very difficult to sleep on the plane or in an airport.  Big day tomorrow, we catch a morning flight and need to be at airport before 5am.  That should put us at Casa de Esperanza around 7:30 am.  Very excited to see everyone again we were last there in February ’15.

i have one more thing to share.  Someone very close to me shared a great word with me today,  Psalms 40:1-11.   As I looked at and read over these verses they spoke to me in a way that washed over me a feeling of gratitude and a feeling of being chosen by Him, and for Him.

Prayer requests, Asking for God to go before us make the way ready, soften hearts and to give us the words to build up and strengthen those who’s paths we cross. Amen.

Thanks again for reading and prayer. God Bless



In the Hood

I’m certain we all had beautiful moments with our loved ones this past week, and hoping you were able to reflect on some of the things that make you thankful.

Lisa, Taylor and I just got home from five wonderful days at Hood River, OR and a house plum full of extended family (30 total for 2 nights) Lots of eating, playing of cards, visiting and catching up, also several of us were able to get out and up the mountain for some boarding!  What a blast!

Our visit ended with church service and lunch.  I found God’s timing and His message per usual, spot on.  Basically, in so many words the pastor was sharing how we all try to gain happiness and gratification for ourselves in worldly things, and how the happiness and gratification that may come from worldly things are all temporary, also that the real change we often desire in life can only come from God, as He is the giver and sustainer of all creation.  We are told that, “…all things were created by Him, and for Him:”  Colossians 1:16 pastor then said how it would be better for us to think of “how we can fit into God’s plan” instead of thinking how we can “make God fit into our plans.” And isn’t that perfect timing as Lisa and I organize our packing and go over our inventory of things that will be needed on this trip and trying to make it all fit within two carry-ons and one check-in each. No problem 😅


The prophet Isaiah chapter 53 verse 5 sums it up. Some 700 years before the birth of Christ.

“But He was wounded for our transgressions,  He was bruised for our iniquities,  The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,  And by His stripes we are healed.”

Grateful for a loving God, our God is quick to forgive and full of mercy.  As we celebrate this day I pray we all take time to reflect on what is the reason for this Holiday.  To ask Jesus into our lives and to receive what only believing and trusting in Him can give us,  true happiness and eternal life!  Merry Christmas everyone, thank you for reading.


Ok, so today was a travel day for Lisa, Taylor and myself.  We had every intention of being on the road by noon, usually we can make the drive to Hood River in under 4 hours.  Today however, we had the truck loaded and gassed up ready for the open road at 2pm hoping to make it past Tacoma by rush hour.  When we got about 4 blocks from home Lisa says, “Oh shoot! I forgot the stuff to make asparagus cream cheese ham rolls.” I immediately replied, “We got to turn around, those are too good to not bring.”  Then Lisa asks if I had remembered to pack the roaster for the turkey?  Well, good thing we needed to go back home for forgotten foods because I would have been in a serious bind without a roaster to cook the bird in. LOL.  As we are making our way back to get on the highway we realize there is one more stop needed, just a quick Costco stop for pretzel buns, then a quick bathroom stop and we are on I-5 Southbound just in time for a very wet and rainy rush hour commute.  I can be as guilty as the next guy, but I really don’t understand why everybody on the freeway needs to be in front  of the guy that’s in front of him?  I need to remember that even with all our planning and best intentions there is always something bigger at work in our life and simply realizing that helps  remove a lot of stress.  In the end, there is no one I’d rather be in the truck with for 5 1/2 hours than my two girls, and we arrived safely, none the worse for wear.  Thanking God for teaching me patience one trip at a time and allowing me to find peace in knowing His timing is perfect.