Amazing Grace

Feeling renewed, health improving, heading north in less than 12 hours.  Seems like we were just leaving Seattle, 29 days has flown by.  Lisa and I are both missing La Moskitia, the beach is nice, no doubt, but the faces and people of Puerto Limpera will continue to be on our minds and hearts until we return.  We are feeling God pulling us to this area, not completely sure how this will all play out but my monies on God, When God says yes.  Nobody can say no.

The last few days have been nice, (other than some minimal health issues) mostly hanging out at beaches, talking about furthering our ideas and what that would look like.  We don’t like to make rigid plans for any of our trips other than departure and arrival dates, our time is spent waiting to see how God will workout our days.  With the end to this trip He has once again shown us His faithfulness by bringing a couple new friends, brothers in Christ, one, who’s named Pastor and also happens to be a Apolstolic-Pentecostal pastor who loves The Lord.  Pastor and his friend Edson, who is a local islander who recently came to Christ, took us around the island showing us the different areas and also volunteered to be our chauffeur if we needed transportation.  Pastor brought us his homemade salsa today, we enjoyed it with chips and cold cokes on the beach.  Here are just a few pics around the island.

Thanking God for His fulness.  “And of His fulness have all we received.”  John 1:16   

Stepping out in faith, knowing God loves to honor our faith. Looking for Him to show us our way back.imageimage

Thank you for your prayers, comments and for reading my posts, I have to say I will also miss writing as it helps me to look a bit closer for how God is guiding my steps.  A Brother in Christ, Mike.


A Rough Couple Days

Not certain of how soon we will return always makes it sad to say goodbye.  Trying to show our love for the kids, then turn around and leave, going back to our lap of luxury (comparatively  speaking) has got my entire system in a malfunction.  Last night, a sleepless night, was the worse night of the trip for Lisa and myself – Lisa experienced tormenting dreams of neglected babies while I am battling nausea and diarrhea (thank you Pat for the precautionary medications.)  Don’t worry kids, a little case of parasites won’t keep me from returning.

On the last night while we were walking back from our swim in the lagoon, it was just about dark when we came upon a much older woman gathering firewood, and Marco explained to Lisa how there are many older people who will go without eating because they are too tired to gather firewood.  Lisa came up with a great ministry idea for the kids, for them to contribute their time and efforts gathering wood for the elderly.  This would not only give the kids a chance to socialize with some of the oldest in the community, but to help give them a connection to the Miskito past that would in return help the kids feel needed and of value.  The image of that woman is etched in my mind; how I wish I’d had the intuitiveness to ask for a photo, or better yet have helped her finish her task of gathering wood.  The need in La Moskitia is great, and the realization of, “we can’t help them all”, only confirms for us the need for family structured, Christ-centered housing for seventh thru twelfth grade boys, roughly ages 13 yrs. to 19yrs old, leading them by example and in our faith in Jesus.  Not completely certain what the next step will be for us other than waiting for the correct doors to be opened, keeping in mind Who’s plan it is and Who’s timing is perfect.

One other note tonight, one of the little boys 15 mo. old Roy and Mom Maritza scheduled to be flying to Tegucigalpa, Honduras Monday morning for a skin graph on his head and breathing  issues.


Please lift up little Roy and Mom Maritza in your prayers as they are in great need.

Looking ahead for The Lords loving kindness to restore my health and a sound nights sleep for us all.

Thank you all for your faithfulness in prayer.

Love Abounds

Awoke this morning to a perfect sunrise.  How fitting as “Mama Mereki” was scheduled to arrive around 7:00 am.


The planet (above right of center) was amazingly bright, must be Mars or Venus but I’m guessing

Katrina’s plane was on time along with the crowds to greet her.  She is definitely loved and missed by these Hondurans, having done so much for the people here has elevated her to rock star status.

After meeting Katrina we made one last attemp to help out around HOH by moving approx. 75 boxes of food for the Kids Against Hunger program, then removed all the gorilla racks to make more room for boxes.  This is the emptiest we have seen this container as the shipping has haunted do to a Port conflict I believe.  For any of you thinking this is too rough of a place, take notice of ol’JW lending a helping hand by pulling nails at 89 years young.

Speaking about a rough place, and there is more than enough sorrow around here and could have easily have focused on all the need, but I have been conscious to not  share morbid or graphic pics, things that simply do not glorify God as I write this I figured I could share one example of the simplicity or how primitive life is here.  Only one example of what Tom Brian DDS is asked to help with.

Finished the day by walking about three miles to the Lagoon for a cool dip then got home around 6 pm and treated kids to another pizza party and got to start it by explaining how we came here for more than to give clothes away, or to give out monies, or throw a pizza party, but to tell them how much God loves us and how He desires a personal relationship with each one of us, it doesn’t matter where your at in your life, if you sincerely seek Him and invite Him into your life as Lord and Savior He will show Himself to you and that it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect because we are all sinners, so long as you are consistantly growing in faith and likeness of Jesus.  Then handed out a small wooden cross necklace (thank you Bryan) explaining how that is the most important, life changing thing anyone could ever give them.

The Cherry On Top

Lisa and I feel very blessed by the children here at House of Hope. After getting to spend another month with them the unique personalities really begin to become apparent or I should say I begin to feel like a parent, and really love each one of them for the special being God created them to be.


“Tuktuk” Miskito for little man Lucas, and Kayla.  A couple precious gems around HOH.


JW getting in on some of the fun in the guest house with (from the left) Nicolas, Marie Elena, Maicol, JW, and Yosky.

Today was very chill, talking, joking, laughing, just hung out with the kids playing basketball, throwing frisbee, pitching rocks, listening to praise music (they really like it), chasing kids on and around the new play set at the school (they are way too fast for this ol’guy), played some cards, not sure what kind of game it was, kind of like a free for all until you get 3 pairs?  All that and we managed to get one small project done as well; varnishing the outdoor lunch table at the school.

There was quite a bit of stuff going on in the HOH yard today as Habitat for Humanity was here building the doors and windows for the Habitat homes. Over the past five years, 100 Habitat homes have been built for people in Puerto Lempira.




Habitat father/son team working in front of guest house, upper far end of house is the room Lisa and I called home for the last 4 weeks.

Lisa still doing much of the same, she had Noah sleep in our room last night as he was not feeling well, seemed a bit weird for me to hear a baby squeeking and fussing around but Lisa sure plays the nurturing Mother role well.  She was up around 5:15 and got ready in the dark cause the electric doesn’t come on till around 9 to noon, then again from 6-1? It varies. Lisa and Thelma, took Noah to Hospital because of diarrhea he’s had for 4 days or so,  they waited in three different lines for 5 hours (worse than el banco) and yep he’s got bacteria – not sure who doesn’t but they sent him home with some antibiotics.


Noah looking bright eyed tonight, amazing the change you see in a baby in a month.  Lisa will be having a hard time walking away from this one.


Lisa getting the spa treatment from some of the girls helping her with her hair… Bonita.

Thanking Our Heavenly Father for His grace He gives to me, continuing to change my desires, growing closer to Him, for this past month to love and be loved, giving God the glory knowing it is only through Him that any of this was and is possible.

Prison Ministries

I had asked Roger about the guys at the prison when we got into Puerto Lempira this time, and told him that I would like to continue the ministry that I had the privilege of taking part in on our last visit.  It was five days a week for the four weeks while we were here.  He let me know it had been several months since he had been there, with Katrina’s medical issues and trying to build the new house, he was overwhelmed.  So when he contacted me about going to see the guys today I was happy for us all, knowing  its a win/win for everyone involved in fulfilling Gods Kingdom.  Roger, Clayton and I greeted everyone and invited them to share in The Word (some 50-75 prisoners). As we begun to worship we had 6 or 7 joining us, we asked them if there was any certain topic or book they would like to read and discuss?  From there things got very clear to me that God had known ahead of time that I would go to the prison and what we were going to read and what we needed to hear, as the guys reminded Roger, the last time he was there they read Ephesians 5:8-14.  And as I begun to open my bible to Ephesians 5:15-21, that would  be the exact page Of my book mark!  It gave me goosebumps, and how it led into Ephesians 5:20 “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father”  which gave Roger a little reminder on how he fell short on the way he handled the news of Katrina’s tumor, and how it caused him to wrestle with the reasons behind such a thing.  “Giving thanks always for all things” made me thinking, always, all things?  The good, the bad and the ugly?  They asked, even bad things?  I wondered about how many of the guys were seeking God before they landed in prison?  So Roger asked, and all replied not one of them had been seeking Our Lord before their troubles.  That was a powerful thing to consider, life free and dead, or behind bars and alive in Christ?  Realizing I had my own struggles that brought me to the foot of the cross, grateful it wasn’t prison or worse.

This morning we started out by figuring out the layout for a new dog run where the guard dogs will live.  Currently the sole watchdog “Deablitto” is in a small 4’x 4′ dog house for 16 hours a day, let out to patrol between 10pm and 6am.  Things are improving around here for Deablitto as he is now getting dog food instead of beans and rice. LOL. And that may be due to the fact there will be two more guard dogs soon to help patrol the school yard as well.  It’s a brother, sister duo, Principe and Pepper.


Príncipe, little smaller than his sister but way cuter. Making me miss my dog.

After the rather short planning lesson we (Clayton, Lisa and myself ) spent the day volunteering at Alex and Laura’s (IVA).  Lisa spent her time organizing the schools bodega where students buy school supplies/materials by a merit system; while Clayton and I painted the newly finished 9th grade building project that will house this years ninth grade classes, Followed by next years 10th grade building.  I say painted but it was more of a really runny concrete said to somewhat seal the block so the paint doesn’t soak in as much.  We didn’t get it completely finished but rather a good jump on it.


Alex in orange, son Aden behind ladder and Clayton forefront.

Today has been a busy day with some nice surprises.  One of the boys Lisa and I had tried to have come live with us to put through school (Jerbin), showed up at the IVA gate with Marco, and that made me very happy to see him.


Jerbin still wearing shoes we sent down with Denise 😀

When we arrived here and I was told Jerbin had been kicked out for smoking, I was quite upset and let Osiris know how I felt.  Osiris had found Jerbin and brought him over to see me today and has planned a meeting with Steven, Tom, Osiris, Jerbin, Jerbins Mom and myself to discuss the possibilities of him coming back to the House of Hope mostly for the benefit of schooling that he would only receive if he lived here at House of Hope.


Boys playing a game of marbles before dinner.

Giving thanks to God for bringing Clayton on to help this last week?  Thanking God for allowing me to feel His presence and for giving me the experiences the day brought.  Praying for Jerbin to be joined with House of Hope, to be shown the grace and mercy we all receive so frequently by our loving Father.  Praying for these kids here as our time draws near,  knowing they are loved by God and us alike, praying for their safety and for healthy development over this new year.  Giving thanks to God for drawing the men in prison closer to Himself, praying for prayers to be answered so they may give God the Glory, and to see God at work in their life. Asking for God to continue quickening our souls that we may become the ministry He intended us to be from the beginning.  Lifting up the other ministries here in Honduras, that they are able to do God’s will and with the joy only He can provide.  Also praying for our daughter Taylor as she continues to apply for Child Life positions, knowing God has the perfect job for her already picked out.

Thank you for reading and especially for praying.

Rainbow Over Casa Esperanza


Sun had been out all day today, then after we had finish our project today God gave us A display of His approval in a beautiful rainbow, clear across the dry sky!

Since the first time we came through House of Hope the play set in their yard was missing a section of tube connecting the two platforms.  Well Tom had found and shipped down a tube that could be installed, but it was a couple feet too long, meaning in order to make it work someone had to dig up one of the platforms and relocate.  Did I mention it appeared to have been installed by some gringos because it was completely over built?  It looked to me as if each of the four post had a complete 80# bag of concrete used to reinforce.  After several blister breaking hours Clayton and I had won the battle, the ground finally lost its grip on the play set.  We were able to give the play set new life, and the kids loved it.


Eriess, got the first test drive!

Lisa has been doing an amazing job with these babies.  Malnurished babies don’t look like babies at all, something between really old person and alien. (One reason why I didn’t show any pics.) That is why I am so excited about the results she has been getting with all the babies, they are eating, will look at you when you talk to them, no more clenched fists and they are not always crying.  It is when I see things like this that makes me want to ask God why we never got a child of our own, and then, God’s desire for our lives began to come into focus as we continue to build realationships with all of these kids that don’t have parents to love and care for them.  Certain that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of the plans He has in store for us, I am feeling a bit squeamish.  I am sharing a picture of Abram (well at least for the first week that’s how we knew him) then we learned his real name is Abraham, LOL. who is turning one year old tomorrow and is just now holding his head up.  Lisa began to feed him, Ready to Use Theropedic Food (RUTF) and apple sauce, he was only eating formula as he was malnourished until now.


A La Moskitia Abram that became Abraham


Grateful for the Love of Jesus!

The Path Less Traveled

Everything is fine here, sorry if I worried anyone for us being MIA a couple days, we just ran out of Internet.  Saturday was a nice day, Lisa and I got to hang out together and do some shopping for baby items and other kids clothes.  Tom, the house founder flew in Sat. morning with his 88 yr old uncle (JW) and a younger 23 yr.old second cousin (Clayton).  Clayton just graduated college with a construction management degree.  This is his first trip down here and I’m quite certain he will find out he could put that education to good use around these parts.

(Thought I’d include some of what we saw as we walked around town on Saturday. Pictures of a couple narco houses, I’d really like to know what it’s like behind those walls? Probably just another shack! LOL. and the average house.)


(Pics above: The Butcher, Utility poles, and Moravian Church.)

Sunday we went to church with several of the kids and then we were invited to Doctor Marianne’s house for lunch where she feeds around 90 neighboring kids each day.  Kids that live around her that most likely would go without eating if it wasn’t for her generosity, the only condition being they must be in school.

(Top left, Tom Brian, right Clayton and Grandad JW, bottom me and Marianne in front of her 50′ river boat “Miss Eva” named after a lot of the kids she looks afters-Grandmother.)




My best friend and beautiful wife Lisa and I enjoying our time here in Honduras. Regardless of my expression, total concentration on what button you push for a selfie LOL

After a wonderful lunch at Marianne’s house we took the kids to our favorite swimming hole, Marcone.image

When we got back to House of Hope, the girl we sponsor at IVA was there to see us, so we got to visit with her (Deneve).  She is a super sweet girl and is starting ninth grade this year.  Here is a pic.image

Today, Monday the 18th a medical team flew in this morning and will be heading out first light on Tuesday, to the village of Tiki Raya and one other village for a six day trip.

On, Monday, after we got the Habitat truck loaded with all the materials, William, Clayton, Marco, Tony and I headed out to put a roof on a house for a single Mom who’s house had burnt down a week ago. William had laid the foundation and set all the block for this house in five days. And we had a roof on it within 5 hours.

We ended Monday evening by having dinner with Alex and Laura Waits, founders of IVA school and Steven and Lauren new directors of Casa Esparanza.  Lisa and I got to talk with them about the big idea we are slowly developing and to see what they thought about it.  We are considering what a Christ centered family oriented boarding home for some of the kids at IVA, who don’t have Moms, Dads or any other family to give them parental guidance and a safe place to live while getting their education.  Yes, there will be a lot to discuss and many questions that need to be asked and still this is the area of need that we have become aware of and that is growing in our hearts to fill.

Thankful for this night and the cool breeze that goes along with it, thanking God for our health and the safety He has provided while we have been here in Honduras, praying for Him to continue surrounding us with Godly people that speak into our lives.  I am praying for wisdom and the ability to honor God in everything I do and say.  I am also praying for each one of you as you are lifting us up in prayer that our lives be pleasing to God and for each of us to seek His will to the best of our ability, loving Him most for doing it all, for us.


The Difference A Day Makes

The rain has gone and the sun has come!  It was a scorcher today must have been near 90 degrees.  I agreed to be ready for an 8am pickup, and that came and went.  At 10:30 am we,(Marco and I) were picked up, and I admit I was feeling a little anxious knowing this would be my last day on this project and wanting to bring this stage of building to completion.  Well, as God would have it, by 3 pm we had used all the board lumber they had for the job, plus a few pieces that needed to be ripped about 2 1/2″ to fill the peak.  They will need to do that without me cause the “planta” (we call it a generator) quit working cause it needed gas and oil, maybe the guys shouldn’t have been running it most the day to play music?  (Below: Pictures of Marco pulling 20′ boards onto roof and placing them, Marco doing his fair share of cutting boards and the material down in place.  Got to say Marco is showing promise with his work ethic, not bad at all for 14 yrs old 👍🏻)

imageNear I could figure they needed another 120 pieces to finish the hips on the roof.  Well there is no going to Lowes or Home Depot for the material; you order it from Cieba and they put it on a boat and you can pick it up on the dock in about three weeks time.  Welcome to La Moskitia!  No wonder the homes take so long to build around here, either you’re waiting for monies to fund your project or your waiting for materials for your project.  But hey, when it’s done, there’s no house payment, that’s the cool part about it.

Lisa is doing fine, loving these babies.  I’m including a pic of one of her favorites, Noah. He’s about a month old.  A month old and looking like he’s ready for the “fist bump” these babies are tough.image

Yesterday I was feeling a bit anxious about knowing a definite or clear path God wants us to follow.  This morning I awoke to what I thought was a very timely devotional,

Jeremiah 29:7  “If things go well for Babylon, things will go well for you.”

Explaining while we may be waiting for God to do something in our lives, we are not to sit idle, we are to be proactive and start doing good for others, helping others to succeed.  If they do well, you prosper too.  Giving God the glory.

Assured today that even though there may be moments of feeling like your doing thankless work, God knew from the beginning how many days I would give to a project and had just the right amount of wood there to fulfill His plan for me this week.

Thanking God for His faithfulness.  Praying for these kids to know the love of Christ.  Please continue praying for God’s plan for us to be achieved.

When It Rains It Pours!

Trying to get Katrina’s place dried in but the heavy rains today did nothing to help that matter.  Tomorrow will be a weeks worth of work over at the new house and that means I’ve been away from the kids a lot, so today I thought I’d have Marco come spend some time on the job with me.  Had him make a few cuts with the hand saw, then let him drive some nails.  Marco thinks he did a better job than I’ve done as he pointed out my black fingernail from smacking it with the hammer.  He was very good at carefully starting the nail and then removing his entire hand out of dangers way and, drove the nails in straight; I was impressed.  Pictures of Marco in action and us taking cover, hanging out in the rafters through the heaviest rains (we still got wet, but it’s a hot wet. LOL)

Below are pics of Fransua, a 16 year old Nicaraguan Miskito that grew up in the jungle and saw a light bulb for the first time 8 months ago.  He is plaining the wood with his machete, what a versatile tool. (Would be my choice for a single item to take on survivor for sure).  Fransua is working to be fed.  I can’t imagine working all day for your meals only.  We can’t get people to work, and these people will work just for their food.  Americans sure are soft.

I feel as though we just got here, feeling a bit sad as we end this week, realizing we only have about eight days left in La Moskitia.  I’m not sure how much time would be enough time here?  Waiting patiently for God’s timing.  Desiring more than roofs and playgrounds, only time will tell…

Yapia Awarca, which is “time for sleep” in Miskito. And,

Diwan Yamni Mammumbia, meaning “God bless you” in Miskito.


Wishing I Had The Vision Of A Praying Mantis

This little insect is only about three inches long but has incredible vision!  It is the only insect that can turn it’s head 180 degrees and can detect movement at sixty feet.  We may not have that kind of vision, and it doesn’t bother me because I know things that are impossible with man are possible with God.  We are putting together some really big ideas that could only be accomplished with, through and by God’s good grace.  Knowing God honors our faith, we continue to pray for His leading and for our understanding of His will for us.

It is still a labor of love for me working on Roger and Katrina’s roof, making progress but this project is cutting into my time with the boys here at HOH because I leave around 8am and usually get back around 6 pm.  I also have a few other items on my plate and our time here is shortening so my time management skills will come into play shortly.  Win, loose or draw I will need to be off their roof by the end of this week and use my last week here for two small projects and spending quality time with the kids. Kids are the same everywhere, they can never have enough attention.

Really more of the same around House of Hope, although some more familiar faces are starting to show up.  This pic is of Maicol, Marie Elena, Romel, Marie Antonia. The twins are 8yrs. old.image

This is a pic of Glaicy 17 yrs. old and speaks English very well.image.jpg

Lisa was out for a walk when she got these nice shots of a family of children out scavenging for firewood most likely to cook with.

So far we’ve been here 14 days and giving thanks to God for our good health, eating what we’re served and so far so good, no  amoebas or any number of other things that would dampen our time here.  Thanking God for all the countless, precious smiles we receive each day from people we encounter, and the joy that can be seen in the lives of these friends that have so very little, compared to even the poorest of the poor at home.

Thank you all for your prayerful support and your encouraging comments.  We miss you all, and my dog too.