Oh What A Feeling!

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I wonder how many get to really experience this feeling? The feeling of how great it is to be alive!  As we sit confined in this small twin prop airplane being bounced around like a little baby on his daddy’s knee, I feel tremendously grateful for God’s provisions in my life, knowing my heavenly Father has me; humbled to know He is willing and able to use me, and that He is allowing us to reach out and do something bigger than we ever could have imagined, or even thought to accomplish without His dream.

After catching a red eye Tuesday night that left around 10:30 pm out of Portland, Patrick, my brother-in-law who I’m traveling with, and I gained three hours as we landed in Atlanta, Georgia at 6am Wednesday, August 17th.  After we exited the “A” terminal, we made our way completely across the airport to the “F” terminal where we waited to catch plane number two to San Pedro Sula, Honduras that was scheduled to leave at 9am.  No sooner had we got our “Pouch Couches” imageset up for a little slumber and we started to watch CNN coverage of our most embarrassing political situation, we were told they changed our gate to the “E” gates!  So, we packed up again and made our way to our new fully crowded departure gate (where there was no chance to break out the Pouch Couches).  We eventually got to San Pedro Sula at 11:30am as we lost an hour on the 3-1/2 hour flight; thankfully  we were able to get a little shut eye on that flight.  As we made it through customs and got our 4 items checked onto plane number three to La Ceiba,  again we had to go through security screening, and without fail they decided to tear apart my back pack (that’s two for two).  15 minutes later I was able to call “el Hefy” over and after much petitioning to keep my bar of soap, he finally gave in, allowed me to keep my soap and let me go.  Feeling a little sleepless in San Pedro Sula Pat and I spent the next hour or so, running around the terminal thinking we were missing our flight and trying to figure out what time it was, all because the time on our phones “couldn’t be correct” – there was no way it was only 12:30pm as they read-and with 32 hours and little sleep, we felt like it had to be 3 pm (our flight departure time).  Well, 3pm came and went, and our flight was late. I had intended on buying materials once we arrived in Ceiba so that they could be shipped to Puerto Lempira due to expense and availability.  Thankfully it was a short 30 minute flight to Ceiba and we landed around 4:20pm.  We stay at the Pico Bonita Hotel; it is very close to the airport as we need to be back there by 5am Thursday morning (August 18th) for the fourth and final flight to get to Puerto Lempira.

Once we checked into our hotel room in La Ceiba, we called our friend Matt who lives in Ceiba and I asked if he might be able to help me with another purchase from the same company we bought the galvanized poles from.  Matt said he could meet us there since it was close to his house, but with traffic we would be hard pressed to make it before they closed at 5pm.  We grabbed a taxi and explained that we needed to go “rapido” to the construction store. The store was beginning to close as we pulled up along with our friend, Matt.  Long story short, I was able to negotiate a great deal on the price of the razor wire because of the amount we were buying – 100 rolls.  I was also able to get acquainted with the purchasing manager well enough that he is now going to let me do transactions via email for materials that they will then ship to our property!  Unheard of!  God is good.  As we left the construction store Matt suggested we try and run by  Pintura Americana, the paint store, that also just so happens to close at 5pm.  As we pulled up, we noticed a guard holding a shot gun behind a half closed gate, in front of a locked door with a “Closed” sign hanging on it.  We all exited the car and the three of us went to the door where Matt calmly explained that the gringos had to catch a flight to Puerto Lempira manyana and we wanted to buy some supplies.  The guard then disappeared, and a woman came to let us in!  We were able to purchase 5 gallons of epoxy paint needed for the property gates and for the container!  Can you believe it?!  God is great! Always going before us and preparing a way. Although I am quite exhausted as this day seems like it is never-ending, I am filled with awe and gratitude for the time God continues to multiply for a guy like me.  Thank You, God. Hour 42 on maybe 2 hours sleep. Goodnight.

Today, Thursday August 18th, started with a 4am wake up call and we were at the airport by 4:45am.  Our plane had a 6am scheduled departure, but as you are probably realizing (I know I am), Honduran time is a bit more casual than back home.  We took off around 6:30am and we landed in PL at 8am; even better everything made it with us, bicycle, tools and all – Praise God!  Pat and I were met at the airport by our friends Alex and Osiris. Alex then drove us to where I usually stay, and we discovered that there was no room at the Inn! For some reason the military was taking up all the rooms. We were able to find another hotel, perhaps a bit nicer but more expensive at $45 a night double occupancy.  However, I’m getting fairly good at making deals and was able to negotiate a rate of $30 a night, and that includes a/c and a pool.  By 9am we were on the bicycles heading to Red Sea Ministry property, about a three mile ride from town. The weather today was what I call, “rolling sweat” 85 degrees, 90 percent humidity.  As we arrived at the property we noticed Osiris was there at the gate waiting with the man who will drill our well.  We talked price and came to an agreement within minutes.  We then firmed up my idea to have Osiris tackle the septic system and saw that we also had a need to bring in some fill dirt to level out the low lying areas – with hopes of the Mayor helping us out. Seeing that the mayor offered  to help us develop this land initially, and keeping in mind that we could not have purchased this land without his help, I hold high hopes for his assistance.  Not to mention, the mayor is the one with a large dump truck and a front end loader.  God will guide.

As Pat and I walked the property for the first time since March, we were impressed with the work being done by our five full time workers.

I thought I would include a picture of the properties first dwelling, our night watchie shelter.  Pictures do Not do it justice.imageAll of the materials needed to finish the fence are in transit to the property, and with the fence nearing completion we will begin the septic system next.  God is transforming this place right before my eyes – very similar to His transforming powers in my life that I have expressed during this labor of love, that will in turn eventually have transformative afffects on the children that will call this place home.

Once again I am giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for this land and for the people here who will grow in their faith by being a part of this mission.  I am also thanking God for His unwavering grace.  I’m asking for prayers over this property, and over all the men and their families who are involved, that they too will be blessed by this project.  Also patience for Lisa and I as this building project continues- realizing God’s timing is perfect.  Praying for our Lord’s continued provisions that allows us to steadily continue to move towards completion and giving Him thanks for what He accomplished on the cross for all of us, knowing that without Him we can do nothing.

Thank you for reading.

May God bless you.

7 thoughts on “Oh What A Feeling!

  1. I am feeling so much more blessed by being able to walk your journey with you through your words. You are on an amazing walk , Mike. I am excited to watch this all unfold. It looks amazing already! I love you and God Bless


  2. Great reading and I love seeing the pictures. The guys have certainly been working hard! I came across this verse – it is the one Psalm written by Moses: “Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!” Psalm 90:17 Amen!
    ~I love you~


  3. Mike, thank you for letting us be part of this inspiring adventure. As we read your blog and and see your pictures and pray for God’s guidance and protection for you and all the people involved, we are with you in spirit, watching God’s hand move. He is so good. He is beyond amazing. In Him all things are possible. May He bless you and Pat and all your crew with wisdom and strength, may He open the hearts of those around you to see the vision and to join with you in building this sanctified place of safety and growth for bringing children (small and large) into His kingdom. Through them may He change the world for Christ. God bless you and keep you. Love, Art and Gloria
    When you are in Christ, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it.'” Isaiah 30:21


  4. Impressed with everything! Way to go. the Atlanta Airport can be something else. We were there a year ago and almost missed our flight. We were also sitting at the wrong gate. Watch their numbers with letters behind them!
    Take care you two and be safe. Love, Aunt Helen


  5. I am truly blessed to have you as as a son and the opportunity to experience this journey, with you,through your words.
    Such a amazing way to serve the Lord. It looks beautiful already and I am excited to watch it unfold. My love,prayers and support are always with you. God Bless!


  6. I am feeling so blessed today,simply for having you as my son and having the opportunity to experience this wonderful and awe inspiring journey, through your words.My love and prayers are always with you! God Bless


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