Blessed To Be A Blessing.

View from the  water tower

God has promised to bless His people abundantly.

(Zechariah 8:13)  The LORD of hosts says, “I will save you, and you shall be a blessing.” Even though these words were written to the nation of Israel, we can be certain it applies to ALL of His people. We can be encouraged by this promise and as we call upon the Lord to help us in our present difficulties, we can be grateful His promise doesn’t depend on us, but on Him. Realizing that I, being chosen, have been blessed with salvation, a free gift of God. That knowledge of truth has set me free! I am filled with joy and love for our mighty creator. Needing to keep everything in the correct perspective, God is sovereign. Our Heavenly Father knows what is best for each of us, what obstacles or difficulties we may face is exactly what we need, when we need it. Taking the time to patiently sit with God, being in the word and listening quietly to His spirit that is in us, is what I must to do to get a grip on things.  We are also told in (Zechariah 8:13) “Fear not, but let your hands be strong.” Telling us that our help in building His Kingdom on earth will be difficult, though I hear God telling me to Be Strong! Do Not Fear!  

Progress on Casa Del Camino is going as hoped, besides a little difficulty in finding a good source of fresh water. With seven days left before I return stateside, we are certainly looking to our Lord and calling on His promise to bless abundantly. Lisa shared with me the other day how she had been reading (Gen. 26) about Issac, son of Abraham and how God told Issac to go to a land He would show him, God promised him He would be with him and to bless him- giving him and his offspring lands and multiplying Issac’s offspring as the “stars of heaven.”  Issac did what the Lord asked of him and in this chapter Issac digs multiple wells!!!  There are disputes with others over the possession of the wells, and he leaves several to dig more. Despite the disputes, he ultimately is successful and builds an alter and calls upon the name of the Lord.  He names the well his servants dug “Shib’ah” which resembles the Hebrew word meaning “oath” and the name of the city to this day is Beersheba.  Lisa shared with me that she couldn’t help but think the Lord had her read that to let us know the well digging on the property will ultimately be successful. Grateful for the gift and blessing of my wife and best friend. Thankful for her uplifting thoughts.

To tell you where we are with the property…Relationships with the men are growing strong. Saturday, we will remove all remaining concrete forms on the bathroom well tower, today (Thursday Feb. 16) I installed the bathroom water pipes, and the garbage burn pit has been mostly completed other than the hinged lid to keep rain waters out.  We have made 15 of the rebar skeletons for the house columns and I had 23 more coconut trees planted.  Tomorrow we will begin work on the “pila” (clothes washing station), bathroom drains – shower, sink, toilet and begin digging footings for columns. Yes, the well guy will be back to either try again to break through rock at first location or try another new location as second location was 75′ of clay (not conducive of water collection).  Also I will start work on another blog with pictures of the work. I am including a few pics of the areas around Puerto Lempira for your enjoyment.

Still morning, sure to be a hot one!

Wild horses

Tuk tuk (little man in Miskito) and Jefferson, right

Chuck and Mike -two up carrying 8-20′ tubes

La Moskitias finest

Sand and rock piles for mixing concrete delivered by dug out (boat)

Jerbin and Marco sleeping in Sunday morning

Supply chain

Everything and everyone is asleep, true tranquility.

In closing I would like to state that God’s blessings come with a responsibility.  They require a response of committing ourselves to helping build His Kingdom – either “going” or “sending” and always “evangelizing,” loving what God loves and turning from what He doesn’t; and helping people to find God, pointing them to our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

Please join me in prayer for God’s will to be done in regards to the well for Casa Del Camino in the next several days. Praying also for all those who are praying with and for us and for you who are supplying prayerfully and financially as the Lord provides.  Lisa, myself, the men employed, the boys God has chosen for the blessings Casa Del Camino will provide, we all Thank You, and this could not be done without all of you joining us in this mission. May you also be blessed abundantly!

Your Brother in Christ,


6 thoughts on “Blessed To Be A Blessing.

  1. Thanks Mike for the blog! I’m so grateful to see how this ministry is progressing! Our Lord stretches us and builds our faith through all our tests and trials. Your friend and sister in Christ Denise


  2. Mike, I just now read your blog and feel so blessed to be even a small part of your ministry. Your writings are so interesting and your enthusiasm for the work there is so evident. The pictures you included are amazing! Will continue to pray for the wells and the clean water that will eventually be found! Linda


    • Hi Linda, I don’t reply to the comment section usually but would like y’all to know that I find your comments very uplifting, as it is somewhat lonely here as I do not yet speak the language and am without my best half. So thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is helpful in many ways.
      In Him,


  3. We love your pictures. UNcle dick cracked up with the pipe you are carrying on the motorcycle. LOve and prayers. It is the water and you will get it! UNcle Dick and Aunt Helen. We expect coconuts from those trees!


  4. I am so happy that you remain in God and His word remains in you. This will be done, Mike… reminds me of a scripture, I recently read, Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”
    Jesus doesn’t tell us how long it will take to receive whatever we were praying for but that we simply have to believe it’s been answered. This is assuming that the prayer is for the glory of God, and we know this to be true, Mike. All your prayers will be answered because when a need arises, our Master looks for a clean, available vessel and He found that in you and Lisa. I pray for you and the people there…I pray for clean water, but most of all Mike, I pray for the glory which God destined you to experience and enjoy.
    I love you….and I am following your Journey


  5. Love this writing – so inspirational. Thanks for helping to fill my spiritual tank. And the pictures of Puerto Lempira are gorgeous! Praying for the well and for God to be glorified. I get to see you in a week! SO excited.


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