When God Calls You

Hello out there.

I am letting you, “the faithful” know that Randy and I are doing well.  We both were able to sleep a few hours on the plane and this is what I saw when my eyes opened.  So far this has been the easiest trip ever to this point.  There has not been much in the way of crowds (seeing that this is Memorial Day weekend), we rested on the plane, our arrival gate at Houston was our departure gate for San Pedro, all items are still in all of the bags, we landed in La Ceiba at 3:30 pm, checked into a room, set A/C to “HIGH” and were able to get across town to Ferrecosa (the construction supply store) by 4:27 pm – they close at 4:30 pm.  Thankfully, I was able to run through purchase orders and material lists, confirming the items sent and agreed on the amount owed for the remainder of items previously ordered – all within $5 USD.  Thank you LORD for travel blessings on day one!

As I continue to look at the amazing amount of work that has been done and all that still needs to be accomplished with this vision, I am encouraged by the simplest of things, like this mornings devotion speaking on:

Isaiah 48:15 “I, even I, have spoken; Yes, I have called him, I have brought him, and his way will prosper.”

This verse reminds me that when God decides to use you, He will make things happen.  I am resting in God and His faithfulness.  As we get further into this trip I pray that this experience blesses Randy richly, that our faith in our Heavenly Father continues to strengthen, and that He, is seen clearly at work within this mission.  To God be the glory. This God given vision Lisa and I share has brought some hesitation and a little fear our way, but as we continue to walk by faith in the presence of Him who called us, I am full of sweet joy!

I pray for God’s tender mercies to continue to light our way; for safety for Randy and me and for peace and comfort to be washed over our loving wives while we are away; for a cohesiveness with all the crew – I pray Lord, for fresh clean plentiful water to be reached; for healing over Pastor Roberto and his injured ankle; for blessings upon Pastor Ludy as he continues to disciple the work crewmen.  I pray for God to show Himself to the boys that will be reached at this home and for a softening of their hearts; and I pray for blessings over “Instituto Vida Abundante” for all of their sacrifice.  And Lord, I humbly ask that you go before us to prepare the people we will come in contact with, giving us your words to share and your loving attitude towards all.

I want to share a few more pics but understand three planes and 14 hours of travel you can probably guess what the pictures will be.  I have captioned them for your enjoyment.

Thank you for reading ~ Mike

4 thoughts on “When God Calls You

  1. Thank you for taking the time to share, you are a great writer we really appreciate getting to go along with you and being able to specifically hold you up in prayer.


  2. Mike, your writing is so from the heart. It encourages me in my life also. To see Our Lord go before you with His timely word what a beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing the prayer.


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