Be silent before the Lord, and wait expectantly for him. (Psalms 37:7)

This trip has been a challenging one on many levels.  At the same time, I have continued to feel so very blessed that our Lord continues to show me His faithfulness in all things.

I am aware of my commitment to serve the people of La Moskitia, and am feeling more surrendered to God’s will with every passing day.  I feel as though our Lord May be using Lisa and me to help to fill the hole – the hole left by the loss of Mama Miriki’s life of service to these people.  Surely we could never take her or her family’s place but I’m confident God is using us that we might be a reflection of His guiding light in the lives of the lost – people who need Jesus here in this remote corner of our world.

I am finding opportunities daily to point others to Jesus, and at the same time I am being stretched beyond my comfort zone, challenged to handle situations with my beloved dysfunctional boys; loving them, encouraging them, providing for them, having fun with them – yet trying to reach them in a way that will help them to grow up healthy and strong physically, mentally and most importantly, spiritually.  It reminds me of just how difficult the teen years can be especially for kids that may not have had a typically “good” childhood.  All of this and…the language barrier, I am challenged at every turn.


From Left: Arnold, Jerbin, Mike and Marco 

Following God’s lead without truly knowing where or what He’s asking has become more of me just making myself available.   Many times I feel totally inadequate as a representative or witness for the Lord; and yet I find myself praying for people I don’t know.

Or, like today for instance when we do the usual topical Scripture study at the prison, with friends Pastor Ludy and Mateo, who are so much more well read and knowledgeable of Scripture than me.  Still, I feel the desire to share what I do know, and I’m blown away by the fact that God has used me to play a part in His master plan by getting Pastor Ludy involved in prison ministry – it’s just cool!


At Puerto Lempira Prison today (2.22.18) with Mateo and Pastor Ludy

The issue of waiting for God’s timing without knowing when it will come has been another ongoing theme this trip.  Mostly having to do with materials but, I do know this, “Miskito time” is totally different from “Millitar (military) time.”  I’m getting mucho practice in patience.

Well water.  Expecting the miracle without knowing how God will provide.  I have a big expectation that our well will test clean after it has tested positive for chloroform.  I’m praying for this daily.  Since the test came back positive for chloroform we did a little research and discovered that some wells that test dirty need to be shocked with bleach to remove contaminates.  While a little chloroform is not dangerous because we already have that in our systems, I don’t know what level our well is at since the test doesn’t tell me that.  And because our water in the States is treated, there is zero chloroform so our prayer for this well here too is the same.  When we did the shock treatment the water went from totally clear to slightly cloudy, and is now getting clearer with the more water that is pumped out.  We have pumped roughly 6000 gal. since.  Please pray for the water to be clean.  

Death.  With all the death involved on this trip, understanding God’s purpose without understanding the circumstances has been a challenge as I try my best to pray for those involved in the suffering.  Especially when the lost one didn’t have a relationship with God.  I’m planting seeds of love and at every opportunity sharing Jesus and the truth of an all-faithful, Almighty, All loving God – an important step in true healing for those who are suffering. Please pray that seeds planted will sprout in fertile soil, grow and produce a fertile crop a hundred times as much as has been planted.

Values.  I have noticed the high value placed on relationships here as compared to the “high-value” placed on things or time, in general back home.  People here love to stop and talk.  You just don’t see everybody running around in a big hurry to get somewhere.  Lisa and I are both very excited to get into language school.   That’s another miracle we are looking forward to – being able to communicate in their native language of Miskito. Please pray that we would learn the language thoroughly and quickly.  


Lucas – fearless on the roof

Other news to share: Casa Del Camino is progressing nicely as all of the roof beams are up and cut to length, fascia boards have been installed, and we are running the first course of 1”x12”x16’ boards.  The security gate on the battery bank has been installed, decorator block has been put into the window openings in the water tower bathroom, solar panels for the new 24v solar deep well pump and mounting bracket have been made, along with the fence surrounding the panels and well is also going up. 


Front Porch Roof Beams




Looking out the front door from the entry way

Please continue to pray for the people of Puerto Lempira,  for our fellow missionaries serving here and especially for softening of the hearts of our boys.  Pray for clear communication with all, for blessings and safety on the work crew and their families, for the growth of Pastor Ludy’s church, and also for safety and peace over my beautiful wife until I return, and for my continued renewal of strength needed on a minute to minute basis.

A HUGE thank you for all you continue to do in helping provide for this ministry, with prayer support and for your financial donations.  And thank you Jesus for your Holy Spirit, for your grace, for your love and for your guidance in every step of this journey.

To God be the Glory,


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