Fellowship a must…

First thing this morning, we were on the phone talking to different folk about our options. I decided to go with a rebuilt motor from Irbit Motorworks of America, hoping the American rebuild would get better reliability than any of the others options. As I understand it, Irbit is the Ural Headquarters located in Kirkland, WA. I briefly shared with them of our ministry “Casa Del Camino” and how I felt the Ural would be an asset to us on the mission field, but that my motor had a catastrophic failure 600 miles into a 4000 mile trip. They seemed excited and willing to help, saying they would put this issue on the “front burner” 12 hours later I have no idea what that meant, as I have no clue as to what was done today. The motorsports store that has my bike also was told by me, to go ahead and order the motor so that we are not wasting anymore time than needed because the motor needed to be delivered from the great NW. I was told they would call me back and let me know what had been accomplished at the end of day. Twelve hours later I do not know anymore than I did this morning. Super frustrating as I like things to be done professionally and in a timely manner. Not saying it wasn’t handled but if anything was done it wasn’t communicated to me.

This whole experience has left me feeling completely drained, but then something wonderful happened. Our friend Mateo had looked up a Calvary Chappel near us, someplace for us to get some fellowship and what an incredible blessing it was to worship with this congregation. They also asked us to come up to the front and share a little of our ministry and if they might pray over our journey and ministries after. I didn’t realize how tired and dry I was feeling until we got to fellowship and worship with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Feeling renewed and strengthened and encouraged by pastor Joshua and his flock. God is so good! Thank you Calvary Chappel Newcastle, CA.

You are a blessing

3 thoughts on “Fellowship a must…

  1. Brother Mike,
    I am sorry to hear of the rough start of your journey and I will hold you in my prayers. While I miss having you and Lisa in my life we will always be connected through our love of the Lord, for He has made us family and since we are brothers please let me know how I can help you on this trip.
    Michael Newman


  2. Our God is faithful, when we say here I am Lord do with me what you will…. we don’t often think of the waiting …holding pattern that shapes and molds us a lot through it. Moments of refreshing comes a new day dawns we go again! Not our timing but his this sure weaves through all of our circumstances on this earth.. I’m praying for you guys too!!


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