Ok, so today was a travel day for Lisa, Taylor and myself.  We had every intention of being on the road by noon, usually we can make the drive to Hood River in under 4 hours.  Today however, we had the truck loaded and gassed up ready for the open road at 2pm hoping to make it past Tacoma by rush hour.  When we got about 4 blocks from home Lisa says, “Oh shoot! I forgot the stuff to make asparagus cream cheese ham rolls.” I immediately replied, “We got to turn around, those are too good to not bring.”  Then Lisa asks if I had remembered to pack the roaster for the turkey?  Well, good thing we needed to go back home for forgotten foods because I would have been in a serious bind without a roaster to cook the bird in. LOL.  As we are making our way back to get on the highway we realize there is one more stop needed, just a quick Costco stop for pretzel buns, then a quick bathroom stop and we are on I-5 Southbound just in time for a very wet and rainy rush hour commute.  I can be as guilty as the next guy, but I really don’t understand why everybody on the freeway needs to be in front  of the guy that’s in front of him?  I need to remember that even with all our planning and best intentions there is always something bigger at work in our life and simply realizing that helps  remove a lot of stress.  In the end, there is no one I’d rather be in the truck with for 5 1/2 hours than my two girls, and we arrived safely, none the worse for wear.  Thanking God for teaching me patience one trip at a time and allowing me to find peace in knowing His timing is perfect.

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