I really enjoy this time of year, from Thanksgiving through New Years.  Even when I am surrounded by family and loved ones I find myself reminiscing and reflecting back on times spent while I was growing up.  Times were different back then as was I, maybe it was because I showed little, if any interest in thinking about eternity or hearing of an all knowing God.  Even so there is not a conversation I’d rather have with anyone than the question “are you a good person?” Or “do you know where you are going when you die?”  Today I know how very blessed I am to have had someone come into my life and that loved me enough to ask me those very questions.  The conversations that followed changed my life. The next couple days can be full of shopping, wrapping, packing, planning, traveling, cooking and comradery, it can all be important, but none of it could ever take the place of sharing of ones faith in love and kindness especially this time of year.

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