Pictures Worth A Thousand words

 Featured pic is Lisa and Maicol at the lagoon.  Yep, another Michael they just spell their names different.  Maicol is eight years old, and a true orphan.  

We are told how important and powerful prayer is, I’m writing to let you all know this place needs prayed up!  We are seeing lives in the balance so many malnourished babies, many don’t make it to their first birthday, abandoned kids and lack of men for role models is a big issue.  God must have us here preparing us, giving us experience and letting us learn.  It is hard not to come into this type of situation and just want to be full of love and grace but once again today we discover an aunt that was taking care of her 6 mo. old nephew and was not giving him the cereal additive in his milk so she could eat it, then filled her backpack full of his baby belongings (bottles, blankets etc.) and threw them over the fence to a guy.  Seeing that she is 3 mo. pregnant she was most likely trying to get stuff for when she has her baby.  We don’t know.  Anyway, the people in charge kicked her out when they caught this going on.  Couple hours later the aunt came back and returned the items, said she would not do it again and asked if she may come back in.  They thanked her for returning the things then told her “she was not welcome here.”  Knowing its not my place, still I could not keep quite and told him this was yet another good time to show some grace.  Nothin doing.  I can see how one could get tired of people taking, and I’m thinking this place is in the business of giving.  So what gives??  Gods doing a number on me, even though I’ve been one of the major receivers of grace in my life time I have never been quick to dole it out.  I feel that is about to change.  So apparently I’m in the right place because Gracious Los Dios is running low on grace.  First world problems sure do seem petty.


Nicholas and his sister Yohida


Is that an Iphone?


Marco, Mike, Eiriss and brother Arnold, Tony

 Loving these kids and giving thanks to God.
Just an FYI, had to figure out how to get internet out here, got a Honduran SIM card with the Internet access.  Technology is amazing! How did we ever live without wifi?

Thank you for your prayers and your time.  Im feeling it and I love you all.


Mike and Lisa

3 thoughts on “Pictures Worth A Thousand words

  1. Mike and Lisa, thank you for the update and the pictures. Technology is amazing! God bless all those precious children, and may He give you a double portion of grace and wisdom.

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  2. I love reading Mike’s perspective on our time here; and I also love reading everyone’s encouraging comments and thoughts. We love each of you and we also know that your prayers are essential to our time here – THANK YOU! 🙏


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