Supernatural Renewal

I will start by saying I am sorry for possibly coming off a bit critical with things here.  I am realizing that I was forgetting who is really in charge here, and it’s not me or anyone other than God Himself and that I came here to share the love God has shown me.  Giving God thanks for helping me with my attitude knowing He will use my gifts for His glory.

On Sunday we took about 18 kids to church then drove to a favorite swimming hole were we picked up a 9 yr. old boy, Josway.  We brought him back to stay at House of Hope so he can go to school, he will be starting first grade.


Cooling off

fullsizerender 3

Parents saying good bye

fullsizerender 4

My best helper Arnold


Day one, done.

Today, Monday, I got busy with a project turning a pile of steel, bag of connectors and bolts,  a small handwritten diagram and two photos into a playground set for the school children.  Enjoying showing the boys how to work hard and have fun doing it.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.


8 thoughts on “Supernatural Renewal

  1. Thank you, loved seeing a few familiar faces. What about Yoneeda, still there?

    The more extreme the circumstances, the more likely you are to see God’s power and glory at work in the situation. Dear Lord show your power at HOH.

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  2. Sometimes I can’t find the words to express how much I admire how the Lord works through you to spread His word through action, love and patience. Keeping you, Lisa and all those kiddos in my thoughts and prayers.

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  3. Wishing you a good day and missing you and Lisa. The swimming outing looks so pleasant. We are scheduled for freezing rain this afternoon through Thursday a.m. Driving may be treacherous.

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