Little Man, Big Stick

Finished the playground project today after  three days work, all the pieces found a place and there wasn’t any bolts left over!  Success!

Thank you Lord for your guiding hand.image.jpg

Picture from left:  Marco, Mike, Arnold, Eriess, New House Director Stephen (wife Lauren took picture), Tony and Osiris (“El Hefy” the owner Tom’s, right-hand man).



Pic of Estabon for Naomi


Pic of Yanira for Naomi


This is a picture of Lisa’s newest joy, Noah.  He was born in the hospital on December 14th and the Mom snuck away shortly after, so the hospital brought him to House of Hope last night.  Lauren got to name him, one of the perks of being a director I suppose.  So that makes eight babies for the single nanny that works here to feed, clean and nurture each day,  that’s not including the Grandma here taking care of her grandson or the other three single Moms and their babies.

Praying for the kids here to know the love of Christ.

Thank you for your thoughts, encouraging comments and prayers.  God bless you all this night.

With Love,  Mike and Lisa





3 thoughts on “Little Man, Big Stick

  1. I get really teary looking at the pics and reading your blog, Michael. I am so blessed to have a son and daughter in law with such huge hearts and doing God’s work. I love you and know that He is guiding you and giving you strength to continue. Such a humble act of love, Mike. Keep up the good work. Prayers always coming your way.


  2. More great pictures! Beautiful children! We continue to pray that each of them will receive Jesus as savior and Lord and that God will supply you and Lisa and all the staff members with abundant wisdom and grace for each new day. We also are praying for the aunt who was turned away. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to welcome her back before you leave. God is so good, so gracious.

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