Ready For The Plunge?

Today I needed to be up by six and make sure everything was unlocked so the house could start the day.  Some started with chores of doing their laundry while others began cooking breakfast.  Lisa began her day helping Dr. Maryann add fiberglass to the cast applied the other day because it was in need of some reinforcement.

I, on the other hand decided it was necessary to make more funds available which meant going to bank, what a nightmare! Got there about 9:30a and walked out about 1:30p, I waited in line for roughly 4 hours and it takes them about 40 seconds to count you your cash.  I don’t get it? Anyhow, I went through the experience joyfully and when I got back to HOH they had lunch ready and served.


Miskito Fish Soup

After the long wait at the bank and 85 degree weather I did not have much of an appetite and luckily for me the kids were loaded and waiting for me to go swimming.  Off we went, to by far my favorite swimming hole yet, a place called Marcone.  Beautiful clear, deep, not quite a river, but bigger than a creek, and not far from where they bottle the drinking water,  sure it’s filtered and purified but this is the source.



I want you all to know Lisa and I are very much getting into our groove here, and are being blessed beyond what we’d ever imagined by pouring into these kids; they are so easy to love.  Life might be harder here but it feels more relationship oriented, less about me or us and more about them.  Praying this night for God’s will and guidance to continue directing this time here with everyone and joyfully seeking how to best emulate He that sent us.

Just a closing note: The other day Lisa and I got to visit with Miguel and meet with his parents and brother.  Miguel is one of the students we have been sponsoring who attends “Instituto Viva Abudante” (IVA).  They are very  sweet, humble people.


Mike, Miguel, Dad Hector, brother Kevin, Mom Felicita (runs the Kids Against Hunger Program here at House of Hope), Lisa.

We thank you for praying us and this community up!  Please keep it coming, it feels great🤗 We love you, God bless you.

5 thoughts on “Ready For The Plunge?

  1. Thanks Mike for these updates …I didn’t know Miguels mom ran the feeding program there. In the 5 yrs we have gone so much has happened Amazing! We will all have to go swimming in this pool it looks so refreshing I know you appreciate it!


  2. I am awe struck every time I read your Blog, sometimes I simply have no words…only tears of joy and pride that you have been chosen to do His works and however hard it may be at times, I am also positive the joy you reap from it is far greater. Such a positive impact you are making in the lives of these people, on a daily basis. God Bless and keep you both and may HE return you safely home when your time there is done. I look forward to your emails daily. I love you both so much!! Sending prayers every day.


  3. With all your other activities, we don’t know how you find time to do your blog, but we look forward to each new posting. We enjoy participating in your adventures, seeing the pictures, and knowing that God is there with you and the children, building His kingdom. May He keep all of you safe and continue to bless you and guide you.


  4. So wonderful to see and hear your news. You look a bit tired but HAPPY! What a blessing you are to HOH and the kids. You give so much of yourselves, but I know you get a lot back. Know that I think of you daily and look forward to your news, thank you for sharing with all of us and being such special people.


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