Using What He Gave Me

Today was much like yesterday, much of it spent away from HOH but I took several boys with me to do another roof with William.

I realize construction pics are kinda boring so I’m including a couple pics of the kids around the zone.  Kids thinking getting a roof put on their new house is pretty great (top photo), one of the boys filling the inside of house with dirt one shovel full at a time (left photo), then they pour concrete and that gives them a couple extra feet. (Note: Most houses in this area are built on post due to being a flood zone).  And the cutest little boy I have ever seen (right photo)!

Lisa spent her day feeding babies, changing dirty diapers and spending time with the young girls here, who are taking quite a liking to her.  Today, Lisa also went into town and got the kids a couple bootleg movies (that’s all they have around here) in espanol.

We also volunteered to run the house this evening to give Steven and Lauren a break, and they decided to get a room in town.  Hoping they are having a relaxing and enjoyable night on the town together.

Our friend Osiris came over with his family and brought a dinner to share with Lisa and me tonight while kids were watching a movie.  We really enjoyed sharing time with them.

Not really sure where the time goes around here but the days seem to go by very quickly.  imageThought I’d include a map of Honduras.  We are in Puerto Lempira in the far eastern part. Only way in is by boat or plane.

Looking forward to taking kids swimming tomorrow.  Thanking God for this beautiful night sky.  And for the incredible woman He brought me for a wife.

Thank you all again for your continued prayers.  Praying for solid rest tonight, wisdom  for tomorrow and these kids to continue growing in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

One thought on “Using What He Gave Me

  1. Don and I enjoyed the blog. The map is excellent. It really provides a good perspective of the location of the various cities. We are continuing to pray for you. Lots of love


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