Nothing Like Honduran Lumber

We went to the airport first thing this morning to greet Alex and Laura Waits, the missionary family that founded IVA. Lisa and I are excited to talk with them about other possible needs that could be filled and would compliment the amazing work they have been doing here in La Moskitia.  Picture of first light this morning, about 5:30.image

After we said “hi” to Alex and kids at the airport (Laura had to take later flight all seats were booked on first flight stemming from bad weather leaving Texas), Osiris took us to get our tickets to Roatan for a couple days of relaxation before we leave for home.  Then we stopped by his Mother and sister’s home’s that he built, and he introduced us.  image

We are enjoying our time here. Lisa gets to play Mom between four newborns, three born in the month of December.  This is another new addition to HOH, pic of Makala.

imageTrying to make a difference one baby at a time, feeding, changing diapers, bathing, holding and talking to them. She couldn’t be happier, unless we could be the Mom and Dad for these little ones.   And I am enjoying being a helping hand on some building projects.  I started work on Katrina’s new house roof, the project is a long way from being finished but it would be nice to have a roof on it before she gets here next Friday.  Katrina has been in Florida since her operation and has been receiving her chemotherapy treatments there as well.  She will be flying back to Honduras where she will be living for the next four months before her treatment continues.  In the last two days I’ve spent 18+ hours on the roof laying down tongue and groove boards, tonight we finished one of the big sides and started the first run of boards around the other three sides. (Large pic is of early goings; top right pic of finished portion of roof; bottom right picture of Roger, Katrina’s husband and one of their sons Booboo)

My sister in-law whom I love, respect and consider to be one of the most Godly women I know, shared some good words with me today, “that this is an adventure to be enjoyed, one that when growing closer to God, I am losing myself in Him, and by doing that, I actually discover the person He created me to be” I think that is some great wisdom she shared with me today and felt it worthy for all to consider.

Lisa and I are feeling led to live for Christ and we are asking for wisdom and prayers for understanding, a clear path for us to take and for the needed doors to be opened.  Giving thanks for the abilities God’s given me to help others, and for my best friend and partner in this adventure!

3 thoughts on “Nothing Like Honduran Lumber

  1. Brother, I see you two in total joy as you serve for our Lord and Savior. I am in great joy for you two as The Lord opens more doors for his Kingdom though the service you do.. I know in my heart that some day you will be serving him in all you do in life.. God Bless🙏🙏🙏👆👆👆


  2. Mike, I can tell by your writings that you are coming closer to God every moment and becoming more as He wishes you to be. You were called to do His works Mike and in doing so, you are experiencing more humility and giving more of yourself. Continue your work, as you trust in Him and follow His direction Mike. I am so happy for the path you have chosen and continue to follow. You are in my prayers! Love and God Bless!

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