Wishing I Had The Vision Of A Praying Mantis

This little insect is only about three inches long but has incredible vision!  It is the only insect that can turn it’s head 180 degrees and can detect movement at sixty feet.  We may not have that kind of vision, and it doesn’t bother me because I know things that are impossible with man are possible with God.  We are putting together some really big ideas that could only be accomplished with, through and by God’s good grace.  Knowing God honors our faith, we continue to pray for His leading and for our understanding of His will for us.

It is still a labor of love for me working on Roger and Katrina’s roof, making progress but this project is cutting into my time with the boys here at HOH because I leave around 8am and usually get back around 6 pm.  I also have a few other items on my plate and our time here is shortening so my time management skills will come into play shortly.  Win, loose or draw I will need to be off their roof by the end of this week and use my last week here for two small projects and spending quality time with the kids. Kids are the same everywhere, they can never have enough attention.

Really more of the same around House of Hope, although some more familiar faces are starting to show up.  This pic is of Maicol, Marie Elena, Romel, Marie Antonia. The twins are 8yrs. old.image

This is a pic of Glaicy 17 yrs. old and speaks English very well.image.jpg

Lisa was out for a walk when she got these nice shots of a family of children out scavenging for firewood most likely to cook with.

So far we’ve been here 14 days and giving thanks to God for our good health, eating what we’re served and so far so good, no  amoebas or any number of other things that would dampen our time here.  Thanking God for all the countless, precious smiles we receive each day from people we encounter, and the joy that can be seen in the lives of these friends that have so very little, compared to even the poorest of the poor at home.

Thank you all for your prayerful support and your encouraging comments.  We miss you all, and my dog too.

3 thoughts on “Wishing I Had The Vision Of A Praying Mantis

  1. Thanks for the continuing updates…I look forward to seeing what the Lord plans to do with all the seeds and hard loving work that you and Lisa are doing!


    • Hi Auntie Helen, The pic of Glaicy was taken here at the HOH. There is a playground in the courtyard. It is not the same one that Mike helped install at the HOH School which is on property behind the HOH children’s living area.


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