Prison Ministries

I had asked Roger about the guys at the prison when we got into Puerto Lempira this time, and told him that I would like to continue the ministry that I had the privilege of taking part in on our last visit.  It was five days a week for the four weeks while we were here.  He let me know it had been several months since he had been there, with Katrina’s medical issues and trying to build the new house, he was overwhelmed.  So when he contacted me about going to see the guys today I was happy for us all, knowing  its a win/win for everyone involved in fulfilling Gods Kingdom.  Roger, Clayton and I greeted everyone and invited them to share in The Word (some 50-75 prisoners). As we begun to worship we had 6 or 7 joining us, we asked them if there was any certain topic or book they would like to read and discuss?  From there things got very clear to me that God had known ahead of time that I would go to the prison and what we were going to read and what we needed to hear, as the guys reminded Roger, the last time he was there they read Ephesians 5:8-14.  And as I begun to open my bible to Ephesians 5:15-21, that would  be the exact page Of my book mark!  It gave me goosebumps, and how it led into Ephesians 5:20 “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father”  which gave Roger a little reminder on how he fell short on the way he handled the news of Katrina’s tumor, and how it caused him to wrestle with the reasons behind such a thing.  “Giving thanks always for all things” made me thinking, always, all things?  The good, the bad and the ugly?  They asked, even bad things?  I wondered about how many of the guys were seeking God before they landed in prison?  So Roger asked, and all replied not one of them had been seeking Our Lord before their troubles.  That was a powerful thing to consider, life free and dead, or behind bars and alive in Christ?  Realizing I had my own struggles that brought me to the foot of the cross, grateful it wasn’t prison or worse.

This morning we started out by figuring out the layout for a new dog run where the guard dogs will live.  Currently the sole watchdog “Deablitto” is in a small 4’x 4′ dog house for 16 hours a day, let out to patrol between 10pm and 6am.  Things are improving around here for Deablitto as he is now getting dog food instead of beans and rice. LOL. And that may be due to the fact there will be two more guard dogs soon to help patrol the school yard as well.  It’s a brother, sister duo, Principe and Pepper.


Príncipe, little smaller than his sister but way cuter. Making me miss my dog.

After the rather short planning lesson we (Clayton, Lisa and myself ) spent the day volunteering at Alex and Laura’s (IVA).  Lisa spent her time organizing the schools bodega where students buy school supplies/materials by a merit system; while Clayton and I painted the newly finished 9th grade building project that will house this years ninth grade classes, Followed by next years 10th grade building.  I say painted but it was more of a really runny concrete said to somewhat seal the block so the paint doesn’t soak in as much.  We didn’t get it completely finished but rather a good jump on it.


Alex in orange, son Aden behind ladder and Clayton forefront.

Today has been a busy day with some nice surprises.  One of the boys Lisa and I had tried to have come live with us to put through school (Jerbin), showed up at the IVA gate with Marco, and that made me very happy to see him.


Jerbin still wearing shoes we sent down with Denise 😀

When we arrived here and I was told Jerbin had been kicked out for smoking, I was quite upset and let Osiris know how I felt.  Osiris had found Jerbin and brought him over to see me today and has planned a meeting with Steven, Tom, Osiris, Jerbin, Jerbins Mom and myself to discuss the possibilities of him coming back to the House of Hope mostly for the benefit of schooling that he would only receive if he lived here at House of Hope.


Boys playing a game of marbles before dinner.

Giving thanks to God for bringing Clayton on to help this last week?  Thanking God for allowing me to feel His presence and for giving me the experiences the day brought.  Praying for Jerbin to be joined with House of Hope, to be shown the grace and mercy we all receive so frequently by our loving Father.  Praying for these kids here as our time draws near,  knowing they are loved by God and us alike, praying for their safety and for healthy development over this new year.  Giving thanks to God for drawing the men in prison closer to Himself, praying for prayers to be answered so they may give God the Glory, and to see God at work in their life. Asking for God to continue quickening our souls that we may become the ministry He intended us to be from the beginning.  Lifting up the other ministries here in Honduras, that they are able to do God’s will and with the joy only He can provide.  Also praying for our daughter Taylor as she continues to apply for Child Life positions, knowing God has the perfect job for her already picked out.

Thank you for reading and especially for praying.

4 thoughts on “Prison Ministries

  1. May you, Michael and Lisa, be blessed and God glorified as you have joined Him in ministering to these Honduran kids, men and women. Any possibility of joining you when you return home this time? Oh, those eyes go clear to my soul!! Thank you for loving on these kids!!


  2. Michael – you and Lisa are certainly being watched over by all the angels. What a wonderful mission you are doing with those children.


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