Rainbow Over Casa Esperanza


Sun had been out all day today, then after we had finish our project today God gave us A display of His approval in a beautiful rainbow, clear across the dry sky!

Since the first time we came through House of Hope the play set in their yard was missing a section of tube connecting the two platforms.  Well Tom had found and shipped down a tube that could be installed, but it was a couple feet too long, meaning in order to make it work someone had to dig up one of the platforms and relocate.  Did I mention it appeared to have been installed by some gringos because it was completely over built?  It looked to me as if each of the four post had a complete 80# bag of concrete used to reinforce.  After several blister breaking hours Clayton and I had won the battle, the ground finally lost its grip on the play set.  We were able to give the play set new life, and the kids loved it.


Eriess, got the first test drive!

Lisa has been doing an amazing job with these babies.  Malnurished babies don’t look like babies at all, something between really old person and alien. (One reason why I didn’t show any pics.) That is why I am so excited about the results she has been getting with all the babies, they are eating, will look at you when you talk to them, no more clenched fists and they are not always crying.  It is when I see things like this that makes me want to ask God why we never got a child of our own, and then, God’s desire for our lives began to come into focus as we continue to build realationships with all of these kids that don’t have parents to love and care for them.  Certain that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of the plans He has in store for us, I am feeling a bit squeamish.  I am sharing a picture of Abram (well at least for the first week that’s how we knew him) then we learned his real name is Abraham, LOL. who is turning one year old tomorrow and is just now holding his head up.  Lisa began to feed him, Ready to Use Theropedic Food (RUTF) and apple sauce, he was only eating formula as he was malnourished until now.


A La Moskitia Abram that became Abraham


Grateful for the Love of Jesus!

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Over Casa Esperanza

  1. I’m a bit of a loss for words my brother. You have done an amazing job of keep us tied to you and my beautiful sis. You two force me to question my own life that is draped with fineries and overflowing with empty tasks that steal the time God has graced us with. We miss you two, but it is abundantly clear you have surrendered to where God intends you to be. His intentions clearly surpass my wishes to hang out with my sister and snowboard with my brother. But, He has dropped over 170 inches at the base of Meadows. El Niño is our friend. Can you phathom 27 degrees?

    Finish your beginning strong! We love you.

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  2. Too bad you can’t adopt one of these little babies and bring one of them home with you.
    I know you would make great parents and I can vouch for you. lOve, Aunt Helen

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