Love Abounds

Awoke this morning to a perfect sunrise.  How fitting as “Mama Mereki” was scheduled to arrive around 7:00 am.


The planet (above right of center) was amazingly bright, must be Mars or Venus but I’m guessing

Katrina’s plane was on time along with the crowds to greet her.  She is definitely loved and missed by these Hondurans, having done so much for the people here has elevated her to rock star status.

After meeting Katrina we made one last attemp to help out around HOH by moving approx. 75 boxes of food for the Kids Against Hunger program, then removed all the gorilla racks to make more room for boxes.  This is the emptiest we have seen this container as the shipping has haunted do to a Port conflict I believe.  For any of you thinking this is too rough of a place, take notice of ol’JW lending a helping hand by pulling nails at 89 years young.

Speaking about a rough place, and there is more than enough sorrow around here and could have easily have focused on all the need, but I have been conscious to not  share morbid or graphic pics, things that simply do not glorify God as I write this I figured I could share one example of the simplicity or how primitive life is here.  Only one example of what Tom Brian DDS is asked to help with.

Finished the day by walking about three miles to the Lagoon for a cool dip then got home around 6 pm and treated kids to another pizza party and got to start it by explaining how we came here for more than to give clothes away, or to give out monies, or throw a pizza party, but to tell them how much God loves us and how He desires a personal relationship with each one of us, it doesn’t matter where your at in your life, if you sincerely seek Him and invite Him into your life as Lord and Savior He will show Himself to you and that it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect because we are all sinners, so long as you are consistantly growing in faith and likeness of Jesus.  Then handed out a small wooden cross necklace (thank you Bryan) explaining how that is the most important, life changing thing anyone could ever give them.

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