A Rough Couple Days

Not certain of how soon we will return always makes it sad to say goodbye.  Trying to show our love for the kids, then turn around and leave, going back to our lap of luxury (comparatively  speaking) has got my entire system in a malfunction.  Last night, a sleepless night, was the worse night of the trip for Lisa and myself – Lisa experienced tormenting dreams of neglected babies while I am battling nausea and diarrhea (thank you Pat for the precautionary medications.)  Don’t worry kids, a little case of parasites won’t keep me from returning.

On the last night while we were walking back from our swim in the lagoon, it was just about dark when we came upon a much older woman gathering firewood, and Marco explained to Lisa how there are many older people who will go without eating because they are too tired to gather firewood.  Lisa came up with a great ministry idea for the kids, for them to contribute their time and efforts gathering wood for the elderly.  This would not only give the kids a chance to socialize with some of the oldest in the community, but to help give them a connection to the Miskito past that would in return help the kids feel needed and of value.  The image of that woman is etched in my mind; how I wish I’d had the intuitiveness to ask for a photo, or better yet have helped her finish her task of gathering wood.  The need in La Moskitia is great, and the realization of, “we can’t help them all”, only confirms for us the need for family structured, Christ-centered housing for seventh thru twelfth grade boys, roughly ages 13 yrs. to 19yrs old, leading them by example and in our faith in Jesus.  Not completely certain what the next step will be for us other than waiting for the correct doors to be opened, keeping in mind Who’s plan it is and Who’s timing is perfect.

One other note tonight, one of the little boys 15 mo. old Roy and Mom Maritza scheduled to be flying to Tegucigalpa, Honduras Monday morning for a skin graph on his head and breathing  issues.


Please lift up little Roy and Mom Maritza in your prayers as they are in great need.

Looking ahead for The Lords loving kindness to restore my health and a sound nights sleep for us all.

Thank you all for your faithfulness in prayer.

3 thoughts on “A Rough Couple Days

  1. I believe your time spent in work and ministry to the kids and adults at HOH and the community does and will have a lasting effect. It may not show right away, but in a number of ways both physically and spiritually, the people you’ve come in contact with have been touched by your words, comfort, work ethic, compassion and love for Christ. It’s hard to know what people need sometimes; but it can be as simple as a hug, a bible verse or a task to take them out of a daily routine, but I know you’ve had an impact on many lives. Sometimes a little guidance can make the biggest difference. I know it will be hard to leave, but in this day and age, you are never far. Thank you for sharing your journey. Love and safe travel home – Extra hugs to Lisa as you leave those cuddly babies and to Mike, take your meds and hydrate! Nothing worse than being sick on an airplane.


  2. Mike and Lisa, We’re praying for you . . . and with you . . . . Our hearts ache as you describe some of the needs there. Your idea for the kids to help collect firewood for the older folks sounds like a good one. I just prayed for Little Roy and Mom Maritza; also for all those children who are going to miss you so much. I’m praying that both of you feel better and rest tonight, trusting God to guide and provide. My brother always says, “Do your best and let God do the rest.” Remember Matthew 19:26
    And looking at them Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


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