What Did I Do With That Cross?

It is important for me to remember that Satan can and has used comfort to keep God’s people immobile. As we have returned home and have continued to unpack the emotions, desires and dreams for a possible future ministry in Puerto Lempira, I can tell you, for me this is an exciting also scary time in my life.  Just to catch you all up to speed, Lisa and I have been feeling drawn to helping the kid’s see God’s truths, and the hope that can only come from knowing the one true God working in their lives.  So then we ask, “God, what does that look like?” and over the last year or so we began to feel the desire to care for and provide a home for the student who doesn’t have family to support, nurture and guide them while attending the IVA school, currently 7th thru 9th grades.  I spoke in an earlier blog about this amazing ministry our friends Alex and Laura Waits began back in 2011, how it has been blessed and grown and continues to grow.  Please learn more about them at ReachoutHonduras.org.   We briefly met them on our first trip down to Honduras in 2012, we were on our way home after a medical/building mission trip we took.  It has been a beautiful thing to see how God has used them to show love, feed and educate so many kids. It is truly inspiring, we see them as God’s hand at work in La Moskitia.  We have been blessed with their friendships, while on our last visit we had a chance to sit down and ask their opinion, as we discussed with them our thoughts of how God may want to use us.  They shared with us, that the idea for a stable, loving home for kids without families attending their school was a good one.  We were told this would be an answer to many prayers, and that was confirmation to us of God’s prompting in our lives.  I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, “When God says Yes, no one can say No.”  What a great opportunity to pour into the lives of the next generation leaders of Puerto Lempira!

Step 1.

Lisa and I purchased an undeveloped piece of land just outside Puerto Lempira city limits; three acres on the lagoon with large coconut trees, mango trees and the likes.  I am trying to curb my enthusiasm and realize that now, more than ever, it’s about God’s timing and His plans for the next 50 years of my life. Praying for Him to prepare the hearts of the people there, to help gather up the necessary resources including placing in my life the right people who can work together in the future days, weeks, months and years.  Prayerfully asking for wisdom, protection, safety and patience with this project.  My next trip down will be a short one, 12 days in Puerto Lempira.

home 001

our beachI will be going alone and leave on the 15th of March and plan on blogging the entire way. Reason for this trip is to build (4) large 2’x 2’x 10′ high concrete property corner posts that incorporate fencing for the compound and to solidify plans to have the fence project mostly finished while I am state side helping people to see things a bit more clearly in my window cleaning business;)

Well, as we continue to take steps in faith in order to further God’s Kingdom, I am realizing how Satan begins to shoot his arrows and place obstacles in our path. I won’t bore you with those details but would like to take a moment to share a few of the praises we are singing to our faithful Creator and how we have already seen Him at work, helping us to lay the foundation.  First for giving us this desire to serve Him.  Putting the right people in the right place at the right time, for instance giving to me a friend I can count on to help with the details like the friend I have in Osiris, he is the one we shared our dream with and that knew of the property and the person selling it, also he was a great help with the negotiations. Genny, the attorney for House of Hope who, God brought to HOH with another totally separate mission team the day before we were to leave, allowing us to meet her and discuss our interest in purchasing a piece of land.  Genny has been working with HOH from the beginning and has helped Katrina/Roger purchase their land, and it’s my understanding, she works with Alex and Laura as well.  Last but not least, the way God had it in my heart to be putting away monies, other than our savings so I could spend it as I wanted, all the time I was thinking it was for a ’68 Chevelle, with a 503 c.i. motor and a blower to boot!, that’s about 650 hp on pump fuel! WOW!! I’ve had my eyes on this car for about a year. Boy o’ Boy I would have probably got into some trouble with that thing.

I guess God had other plans.

4 thoughts on “What Did I Do With That Cross?

  1. So wonderful when we see He is the one guiding the boat! I will partner in prayer with you and Lisa! Our Lord is faithful and true.His timing is perfect we just need to wait on Him!


  2. Mike, as I read your blog my heart swelled with happiness and my eyes filled with tears. Praise God, that He came into your heart and continues to show you His plan. He is with you every step of the way, leading you to do His work. What an amazing journey you are on Mike! I look forward to continuing this journey, with you, through your blog. I love you so much Michael. God Bless you!


  3. Michael – I am so happy that you are following God’s plan for you and following your heart into this totally new chapter of your life.


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