Thank You Lord!

Without a doubt mornings are my favorite, it is amazingly quiet here, even before the chickens start crowing, the men paddling their dugouts around are some of the first noises, then the birds start singing (yes, that includes chickens).image Then you begin to hear the Miskito language and people mulling around sweeping and the power boats start their cacophony.  I know this is as good as it gets for me, because that beautiful sun takes no time to burn through the marine layer, then it will be 85′ degrees feeling like 90′!   Although the trip has had its difficulties so far, I am grateful God has chosen me for this role and He never ceases to surprise me with His mercy.  Maybe it’s the Christian couple he sits next to me on the ride into San Pedro Sula, or the way everything arrived with me except for some new drill bits that didn’t make it out of Seattle, or the way Alex picked me up at airport to take me to the place I’m staying, only to realize the woman that owns the hotel is the very same one we purchased the land from,  or how I was able to procure all the lumber needed for the forms in one stop!  “Timbre” as they call it here can be a huge commodity; or how when the second day I was here my rear derailleur on my bicycle broke in two, and at home this would be a $100 minimum fix only to discover I could buy one from China and have it installed for 70 Limpera (about $3.50 US); or the way Alex was prepared to let me employ his crew – the guys involved with the on going school project, or even the fact that Cena’s son Cheldon speaks good English and final paper signing was relatively easy, with one prayer request that I would be able to stay Christ-centered as I will be meeting with Cena’s husband to negotiate access due to the fact that after said papers were signed, she told me the road leading into our property was “her property”.   On another note, seldomly have I ever felt like such a rock star as when I rolled up to the  House of Hope on my bicycle, and the kids went crazy.  Kind of like when I see my nephews, Titus, Levi and Shadrach 😀 (making me a bit homesick). Thursday and Friday were all about measuring the property and  sizing it up. This weekend I was able to get the forms, braces and stakes for the four posts made at House of Hope where I also delivered 61 onesies for the babies and another twenty where donated to Mama Tara’s (the other orphanage). On a sad note, House of Hope lost a precious new baby today and some of the form scraps where used to build the coffin.

I went to the Moskito church with Marco this morning from 9 to noon.  Marco was able to translate a bit directing me to the book of Luke. Missing my dog (see below, I got a way with dogs and kids I guess).

Oh how I’m going to miss my church!  I do apologize for not clueing everyone in earlier, I’m missing my best half and recognize a constant battle going on.  I thank all of you for your prayers, they are welcomed and needed. I was reminded by my BFF that doubt is of the devil, God is faithful and people are not the enemy, it is Satan wanting to divide, concur and wreak havoc.  Remembering to let God do the heavy lifting, may the Holy Spirit guide me and strengthen me, for when I am weak He is strong.  Reminding myself this is God’s plan, He led us here, He wants the boy’s house and He knows how it will be accomplished.

In Christ love.

10 thoughts on “Thank You Lord!

  1. Praising the Lord with you for His mercies! We are praying for your health and safety. We pray for protection and spiritual breakthroughs. We pray that you will continue to be filled with the Holy Spirit, keeping in step with Him. We are so happy for you and look forward to seeing those posts! 🙂
    Heather and Rick


  2. Good morning, Mike. We are always glad to hear from you. We keep you in our prayers. Don and I wanted to remind you to let your attorney there know about the road situation. Sending you our love, Rita.


  3. Michael you are amazing in your walk with God. Allow Him to lead you. I am forever inspired by your faith. I love you and look forward to each blog post. God Bless you and keep you safe


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