Contained Enthusiasm

God is good.  A lot has been happening since my last post, Chuck has hired four more men to help with the fence project and they have made exceptional progress. Posts are almost finished, 51 in total (I think?) and they have started laying the block along the parimeter that will level out each section, then the 2″galvanized poles will be added to help support the cyclone fencing.

As we continue to look ahead on this project, we are praying for God to help with details as Jon, a friend and neighbor here in Seattle is in negotiations with a couple of the Honduran’s to procure a 40′ shipping container, including delivery to the property, it will be the on site material and tool storage facility during construction.  Once a deal has been made, I will be able to start working on the order of cyclone fencing; I’ve been told there is a three week turn around on all orders.  All of this requires much monies and is a bit of a tap dance, God continues to providing at this point.  Everything needs to happen in a particular order and this is only the beginning.  The blessings the IVA School offers to the children of La Moskitia is something Lisa and I very much want to be a part of, and our vision will allow more of the impoverished boys the ability to take advantage of such an incredible experience by having a secure, nurturing, Christ-centered family setting home that will give them the advantage to focus on school while attending 7th thru 12th grades at Instituto Vida Abundante.  Let’s help more of these kids find Abundante Life!

Another note, Lisa and I have made a decision to move forward and have applied with ACTION International Ministries to be career missionaries. Lisa and I have also started a bible certificate and study program with Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

Other than that, work for both Lisa and I is busy, and feel very blessed to be that way.

So again we are giving all this up to our Lord, please join us in prayer concerning the equipment needed and the material’s needed and for His perfect provision and timing, giving thanks to God for all He continues to do in and through our lives.


4 thoughts on “Contained Enthusiasm

  1. It’s exciting to see what God is doing! Keep writing and sending photos, Mike. God has gifted you as a communicator along with your other gifts. Let us know what happens with Action International Ministries. Love and blessings to you and Lisa.


  2. Thanks for the letter step by step your going forward into a wonderful ministry hearts for Jesus so happy for you and Lisa


  3. God Bless you and keep you safe on your travels home Mike! I love you very much and am so proud of the Christian man you have become! God is GREAT!

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