Walking On Water.

May not look like much yet, but God has given us a vision, one that will provide a safe, loving, stable environment for the impoverished boys of this area allowing them to grow and become Puerto Lempira’s next leaders and male role models.  I know it won’t happen over night and there will be struggles along the way.  I do feel somewhat equipped through my own struggles and knowing that I have the most well thought, Godly, loving, fun, sweet, in-tune, strong woman I could ever ask for, all found in Lisa, standing next to me.

The trip was not without some times of worry.  Like the moment when Chuck thought it was a good idea to burn the thick piles of dead grass  from clearing the fence line.

Not such a great idea, as it took all eight of us working to beat the fire back with tree branches before everything went up in flames! Let me say fire is no joke, it grows fast, wind comes from nowhere and don’t forget it’s HOT!  Thanking God for protection and helping to put this fire out.  Needless to say, I don’t think Chuck will be trying that again.

The purpose of this trip was to finalize the property purchase and to put claim on the land (aka corner posts).  As you have probably read, I, through the power of God and your prayers, have been able to do far exceedingly more than I ever imagined possible.  We have completed the (10) most important posts, including the gate posts and the the six corner posts, as it is not a square shape plot.  We also set an eleventh rebar post and poured the footing.  Perhaps more importantly, I was able to strengthen existing realationships and was blessed with forging new ones, in turn allowing for me to secure concrete pilings for the future construction of a 100’+ dock.  Dinner with a couple friends below.imagePicture of Todo (left) and Osiris (right) both born and raised in Puerto Lempira.

Todo offered to help locate a 20′ container in country so that I could have a secure place for tools and materials on site.  Quicker than importing one as storage is a necessity ASAP.  Osiris has offered his help concerning the water well, when ready.  And I can’t say enough about Alex, for only through his friendship and generosity have I been able to assemble a crew of men to help build this vision we’ve been given, I guess you can say they got “trial by fire” ughh.  Also, Alex has really stepped up for me by storing the tools we have gotten so far, my bike and the materials I was able to purchase today – that being  50-20′ long 2″x 2mm thick round fencing poles that will be placed between the concrete posts and cinder block to support cyclone fencing.  Those poles needed to be purchased in La Ceiba, in person along with the shipping to Puerto Lempira.  Yet another thing that could not have happened without the help of my good friend and previous missions teammate Matt McCollum (sorry to say didn’t think of taking a pic, just enjoyed my fellowship with him).  Thank you Lord for making all these connections weave together so effortlessly.  No way could I have thought of all this in order for it to happen so seamlessly.  It was sad to leave -people seemed to be warming up to yet another gringo, making me feel a connection.  Many of who I consider friends, showed up at the airport at 7am to see me off.  Marco was first to show and then left without saying goodbye, those maybe a bit hard on the boy. Then Aldolfo showed up even though he was looking for me to give him another 200 limps after he just got paid yesterday for six days wages, when I told him “no” he asked if I might be able to bring him a 36″ plasma tv when I come back. LOL!!   Makes me wonder how Bill Gates feels all the time?  Then Osiris, Alex, and Chuck followed by Todo, (who by the way doesn’t know there are two 7 o’clocks in a day, he only knows of the one associated with dinner) all came to see me off.  So that really made me feel special.image.jpgI will be missing these guys!  I am a man truly blessed!  More than ready to see my wife, little more than 24 hours I will be home.  Asking for continued safety over all my friends in Honduras, including the guys working on the project.  Praying for God to be glorified and praised over this vision and people to come along side us best they can.

Mike out. Godspeed

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