Iron Sharpens Iron

Today I am grateful to have spent the last week hanging out with one of my best friends, doing what we love to do, mostly exploring the area by bicycle on our way to and from the property, getting some exercise as well as discovering the lay of the land.  We located all the important commodities – hardware stores, bike shops, solar store, restaurants, hotels, the best place to find apples and liquados, all while introducing ourselves to new and old friends and stopping and talking with people best we could, whenever we could.  I thought I would just share some pictures of some of what we saw today.

The dock and downtown, including the improved prison. It appears they no longer allow the inmates to sit out on the street.

Progress on septic system and backfilling the low areas.

A boy playing in front of his house, acouple guys fixing their fishing net and a lady trying to beat the heat.

Adding a bit more sea wall.

Visiting kids at House of Hope.

imageThe workers who prayed over then said good-bye to Patrick.

Dear Lord, Heavenly Father I thank you and give you praise for bringing along side me Patrick, who has blessed me with his time, his wisdom and encouragement. I pray for his safe travels back to his wife Naomi and to their boys Titus, Levi and Shad.

Thank you brother for helping strengthen my walk and keeping me accountable. You are loved and missed already. Godspeed my Brother.

Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

~Update on Katrina, I was told the surgery was a success removing 95% of the tumor and she is expected to be released within two days. Thank you for all your prayers and thank you God.

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