Grateful All The Way Around

From left to right: Pastor Roberto (Pastor of a Miskito Baptista Iglesia), Winsis (my foreman Chuck’s righthand man), Herman (the happiest guy on the crew – always smiling), Chuck (our foreman, who I am completely confident in, not to mention he speaks Miskito, Español, Garifuna and English), yours truly, and finally the youngest on the team, Ebenor, who I have nicknamed “Romeo” because he talks to his girlfriend several times a day. LOL.  The only one not shown here is the night watchie, Aldolfo. These guys are great, hard workers who love the Lord. I am blessed to have this group of guys and they tell me that us coming to Puerto Lempira has blessed them as well. “Grateful all the way around.”

I was sad to see my bro Patrick leave on Wednesday; I so enjoyed what he helped us to accomplish with his trip.  As God would have it, we awoke Wednesday to a beautiful sunrise I wanted to share.  Isaiah 45:6 So that all may know from the rising of the sun to its setting, there is no one besides Me. I am the LORD, and there is no other. 


After Pat’s plane took off I stopped by Mama Tara’s to see Linda, a single gal who with the help of a couple of locals takes care of 27 orphans ranging in age from 1-22 years, not including Moses, and I’m not sure of his age.

After a short visit I made my way to Red Sea Ministry property where changes were being made to the sea wall. Over the last few days the sea wall is finished and we couldn’t ask for a better job.  Hopefully you can see how the extra section provides much better protection for that corner fence post.

Osiris has brought in a crew of guys to help with the septic system, headed up by my friend William who I call “Willie”.   I met Willie several years ago as he works for  Habitat for Humanity, and I have in past visits down here helped him build several roofs on Habitat homes.

Osiris also brought in a truck with four guys to move the dirt that was dug out of this 7’x7’x25′ septic hole – turned out to be 16 truck loads, moved to the low area on property.

I woke up this morning to thunderstorms. Incredible amount of rain. Needless to say the ride in on my bike was a challenge. By the time I got out to the property the rain had quit though and within an hour the sun was out causing a sauna effect yet we were still able to move all the dirt to level out what we could.  I’m really going to miss the camaraderie with all these guys; what an amazing plan that God is unfolding right before me.

Glad we moved that dirt today because it’s dumping outside as I write this, complete with lightning storms. God’s timing is perfect.


At the end of each day we gather at the bodega and give thanks and praise to God for this place and for it to be filled with His presence, for the relationships that are built here to grow into lasting friendships, and for what He accomplished for once and forever, for all who believe.imageMissing my beautiful wife who couldn’t make this trip and praying for our reunion. Otherwise there is a lot to be done here – I could be here a minute!

4 thoughts on “Grateful All The Way Around

  1. What an absolute blessing it is to read about these men and to see the work of their hands! As I reflect upon the progress thus far it is really quite stunning – it has only been six months! I am humbled to my knees this morning at what God is accomplishing in and through us for His Kingdom purpose…By faith…By faith…By faith…By FAITH ~Hebrews 11
    I love and miss you😘 Lisa


  2. We think you better get some rain gutters for the main house. Uncle Dick has lotw of questionsfor you when You get back. BE safe! AUnt Helen


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