Although I say, “WORKING FOR THE MAN” I’ve been told, “If you’re doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

We have a lot to share! During the week of September 12-16th Lisa and I went through “career missionary orientation” with Action International Ministries (ACTION). This orientation was somewhat of an interview process, as ACTION was looking at us as candidates, and we were looking at what ACTION brings to the table as far as supporting our ministry efforts in Honduras.  We were not disappointed! During this week we discussed:

Missonary Pre-departure Preparation Planning

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Warfare

Team Dynamics



Support Raising

Personal Testing/Psycholgical Profiling

Shared our Testimonies

Mailing and Printing Services, Prayer Cards, Newsletters

Contingency Plans

The week concluded with being interviewed by the (11 person) Board of Trustees. This was a very enlightening and emotional week, where we were able to discover the immensity of the mission Lisa and I feel blessed to have been called.  Everyday of that week we got to spend time getting to know the ACTION family. Realizing our commonality, sinners like us, who love the Lord like us. ACTION is our sending agency, they will be managing all of our administrative, financials, tech support, member care (field visits covering pastoral care), and are also our 501c3!

Below is a picture of six of the other seven candidates who went through orientation with us, as follows: Bottom left Matt and wife Amy, a couple from Tennessee called to do International Disaster Relief on the mission field world-wide; Megan, adopted at three years old from Columbia by a Christian farming family in Minnesota. Megan is feeling led to go back to her homeland of Columbia to share the gospel; Bettina and husband Apollo another couple who are from the Tukwila area who are going to the Philippines to provide pastoral care; the gentleman behind Apollo is Paul from Central Oregon who is doing international pastoral development training and discipling mission work. Another little side note, this was not Lisa or my first time meeting Bettina and Apollo, they took part in the same  Perspectives coarse we attended over two years ago. Divine appointments indeed.  I would like to share with you a little information of the ninth canadate. Her name is Andrea, a beautiful young twenty-something who has spent the last several years in the mission field in Central America working with street kids. She is now feeling led to work with street kids in Afr*** who are being exploited by some of the religious Imums in that area.  Please pray for many children to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through the help of God’s humble servant Andrea, and to bring the right people into her life that will help her and allow her to reach these kids God places in her path. We are also praying for God to guide and direct Andrea’s steps, keeping her safe from all demonic dominions, comforting her as she feels His presence in her daily life.  Sorry I can’t share more, and because of the danger involved no pictures were taken of her.                                                                         Please continue to pray over this dear sister as her story is one of life and death on a daily basis, super dangerous! What an amazing warrior.

Romans 10:14-15                                                                                                                                          

14 How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?                                                                15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

The pics above, top left, us with our International Director Thomas Smoak.  Bottom left, Jeff Anderson who, with his wife Mary Ann have been serving street kids in the Philippines for the last 30+ years, and my new friend Francis who’s lived a life of serving the Lord.  Lastly but not least, the cooking crew who lovingly prepared lunch and dinner for us each day.  From left retired missionary Esther, Sara who is the widow of Marvin Graves, together they founded ACTION and they both served and were married in the Philippines. Marvin beginning in 1954 and Sara joining him in 1956 and marrying the same month. Terry a Phillapina friend of ACTION who houses visiting missionaries and Beverly retired missionary to Africa. Thank you ladies for your dedication and wonderful home cooked meals you so lovingly provided. I am regretful to say I did not get pictures of the complete ACTION family, all of the people that poured all their time and wisdom into “us” the new candidates, to them I am grateful and have been blessed by their efforts.  Lisa and I look forward to working closely together with them, as they will be our contact state-side. What a great team helping to disciple the world.

We are currently working on our Prayer Card to send out with our information to hopefully help people remember, that we need your prayer support – your prayer intercession is the most needed part of our mission. You can find more information on our ACTION web page at                                   as it’s up and running.  You can sign up for our free periodic newsletters at our site and/or you can email us at with your postal address  and we’ll gladly add you.  Everyone will also be able to visit blog from our ACTION web page.

The progress I can gladly report on the property is that Chuck and the men have installed all the cyclone fencing, and they have cemented the base of the cyclone to the cinder block.  They have also painted all gates with epoxy paint. Finally they will begin welding a 1/2″ galvanized tubing frame that gets wrapped with razor wire then the first step in securing the property will be complete! After completion of the fence, Chuck and crew will begin constructing the water tower with incorporated bathroom and shower along with a “pila” – what they call the clothes washing area.


Next we will need to have a well dug. I’ve made a deal with the guy that has the only well drilling equipment in the area for a 6″x 70′ deep well including a submersible pump for $3500 prayerfully we will get this project underway before Thanksgiving.  We are also currently working on sending a 9000 watt generator, worm saw, grinder, hammer drill, extension cords, cutting wheels, grinding discs, saw blades down to Puerto Lempira estimated dilevery will take 6-8 weeks. We are praying for everything to be delivered in one piece on schedule.

Please join with us as we give thanks to our Heavenly Father for all that has been accomplished in and through us in these last few years. Thank you Jesus for your provision in the vision and development of this property. For God’s presence to be felt by all in and around this property.  We ask for safety for the guys working, and may the God of our salvation be glorified through all of this.


7 thoughts on “WORKING FOR THE MAN

  1. Mike I just wanted you to know how inspiring you are to me. I look forward to hearing all about your trip to Honduras. Via con Dios mi amigo


  2. Hey Mike and Lisa, I met Jeff and Mary Ann Anderson in the Philippines about 29 years ago in the Philippines with Action Int., I think they were ministering in Cavite…what a small world! They were amazing missionaries serving the Lord then and how awesome to see them still in the ministry and passing the baton to you as well! SO cool that you are with ACTION! 🙂 Rebekah C


  3. I absolutely love reading your blogs Mike…so inspiring as you continue your walk. Amazing progress in Honduras! I love you and pray for you every day.


  4. So thankful for what your doing for the kingdom of God!! He is our provider indeed. The world sure is small as you are meeting brothers and sisters like minded!


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