Romans 8:28

Sunrise Tuesday morning, I never get tired of watching the beginning of a new day. I am very happy to be returning home to Lisa, my loving wife. At the same time I find myself juggling my emotions of leaving the friendships that continue to grow, the relationships with the kids and the ability to get a smile for smile from the many locals. I’m sure they have to be wondering, what is another gringo doing here and why is he always smiling? And saying “hola” or “knocksa”? Also I have noticed my lack of being in the Word, I feel that is is adding to my fatigue, weighing me down. I have been spending most of my time with the locals whom I’m finding difficult to share the gospel with, due to the language barrier (Looking forward to language school). Perhaps this experience is what God ordered, stamping an exclamation point on what  I have been told many times, that His Word is food for my soul. In order to grow, and be strengthened one must be in the Word. I have allowed the mission to be my priority over the last several days, that along with trying to spend adequate time with everyone. It’s like going back home for a quick visit knowing someone is bound to feel shorted because you didn’t apropreate enough of your time to spend with them, to only hurt yourself by not taking time for “you”, or in this case “Him”. I know. Dust myself off and open the Bible. Prayers welcomed.

Monday I got up early to meet Chuck at the airport for coffee as that is the only place open by 6:30 am. As I got to the property some of the guys had started dinging footings for columns for the water tower, pila and property bathroom, as we laid out the locations days earlier. I was concerned about the coming rains and was determined to have some semblance of a drainage ditch prepared to alieviate the standing water on property along with another 3-4 yards dirt brought in to fill and level.

The idea is to turn the trench outside the property into a concreted culvert and have a 75′ or so dry river bed with large rocks inside the property where I noticed the majority of heavy runoff from the rains. As we prayed at the end of the day, thanking God, giving praise for His provision asking for Him to bless not only this place but all of La Moskitia with His undeniable presence, for the people here to feel and be moved by His mighty hand at work, at that point I had lost all my composure and began to weep. Sharing with the men how honored I was to sweet along side them and to please remember, they are not working for “me” but for God Himself in order to bring Him glory. As I left I embraced each of them and told them I loved them and that God loves them for Jesus died for “them”. Pretty sure the man hug hasn’t made its way to La Moskitia, hard to believe I could be the first?

On a side note. The term “Miskito” is relatively new and didn’t exist pre Colombian era, they are a people group made up of a small Indian population that began to intermix with the fleeing  black slaves coming from various Caribbean locals. Through contact with European traders they acquired guns and ammunition distinguishing them from their neighbors as a literal “musket” bearing group. Thought this was interesting.

Sunday I was allowed to take some of the older boys from House Of Hope to church, three hour church then to ice cream and a little game of pig.

Saturday is pay day for the guys and a half day. We got the plan of attack for the water tower/bathroom hammered out. Spent rest of time with kids at HOH. And holding baby “N”asking for Gods will to be done in the life of the precious baby boy.

Friday was a big day, work getting done on septic system and beginning of the drainage system.

Even though I thought we would have the fencing delivered in time for Pat and I to work on finishing the fence and the fact that the materials I purchased on my way in, (epoxy paint for gates and container, 100 rolls of razor wire, 200 galvanized 1/2″ tubes to weld frame for razor wire, 25-1/2″ rebar, 150 3/8″ rebar, 125 100# bags cement, 80# galv. Wire, 40# rebar tie wire, 5 pair welding gloves to install razor wire.) Most of which did not arrive, with exception of 100 rolls razor wire and the epoxy paint that took several calls to track down late Monday afternoon. Today when I landed in Ceiba I took taxi to Ferreteria to inquire of the rest of materials, when they gave me two large sun/rain umbrellas one for myself and one for my wife. LOL, Then told me they should be on next boat meaning Wednesday or Thursday placing them in Puerto Limpera about the same time as the 15 100′ rolls of fencing. imageGuys are gonna get busy! Even though I thought I’d be doing something totally different God provided the plans to keep His mission moving forward and helping me to become aware of the importance of being in the word, daily. Keeping fit spiritually, not complacent  with where your at. If your coasting, you must be going downhill. Amen?

Thankyou for reading and allowing me to share many blessing, some struggles and the growing friendships of the Miskito people. Asking for continues prayers for this region and hopefully through these few blogs they have brought to life this God given purpose. I will continue to post updates when I receive them.

image.jpegThank you again, God bless.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    What a wonderful blog! I feel blessed to even know such a giving man as yourself! Please keep me informed of all the inspired work that you do!

    May God’s will continue to flow through you!



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