Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

As you may or may not know, I left Monday night (Jan. 30th) on a red-eye arriving in Houston Tuesday morning just in time for sunrise.  I transferred onto a smaller plane, to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and went through customs, then to exchange monies which is always exciting -bartering for a fair rate; then transferred to an even smaller plane, a twin prop jet stream 3100. The 3100 carries 21 passengers including the two pilots and it took me to La Ceiba where I got a room after 15 hours travel time. God willing, the flight into La Ceiba is always scheduled to land at 3:30 pm, which allowed me to get checked into a room and make it across town to Ferrecomsa (building materials store) that is open till 5 pm.  Once there I bought needed supplies to be shipped via boat to Puerto Lempira – a three or four day journey depending on weather.  The two passenger flights daily from La Ceiba to Puerto Lempira are both early morning flights so I was back at the airport by 5am on Wed. Feb. 1st.  The picture above is what it’s like as you disembark the smallest plane of the four leg flight, and it only holds 17 including the two pilots.  You must be remote when they drive up to top off the aircraft fuel with the fuel truck towing the luggage cart all while you’re mulling around.

I arrived into PL safely, minus one of my bags. I’ve come to realize your bags don’t always arrive when you do, (but I’m thankful that it did come later). I was glad to see Chuck our project forman who was there to greet me at the airstrip.  We then went to the hotel I normally stay at (Yu Biwan) which is “sunrise” in Miskito.  At that point I was met by our other friend and Director of IVA, Alex, who had kindly brought my bicycle to me, my mode of transportation while working here.  Thankfully I had the foresight to ask another one of our friends, Osiris to reserve a room for me because the hotel was full and since check out wasn’t till 10 am, I asked to leave my one piece of luggage at the desk and headed to the property with Spanish study bibles in hand for each of the property workmen.

Pictures below of the Houston sunrise, our friendly security at Ferrecomsa, and the guys building forms to hold rebar and concrete for the well tower.

The first week was spent tying much rebar, building forms and pouring concrete for the well tower, all with two of my closest allies hanging from my shirt tails.


Picture below of Marco and Jerbin, two of my closest amigosimageOn Friday they began drilling the well.  A BIG thank you goes out to our church, Highlands Community Church for coming along side us, as well as to all our supporters who have helped immensely in making this well project happen!  We are continuing to pray for good clean water and asking for God to pour out His blessings upon each one of you for partnering with us, as it could not be done without your support -both in finance and prayer.  Please continue to pray for good clean water to be reached.


Only yesterday, Saturday the 4th, was I able to track down and purchase a different SIM card for my phone along with some internet. Thanking God for helping me resolve this issue as I had begun to feel quite defeated not being able to share His work that is happening down here.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to “give thanks in everything for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus” It is easy for me to feel as though this would be possible, I know I love the Lord, and I am certain He loves me, and still I am finding these soft areas in my life where I see much work to be done. I am still accustomed to my creature comforts; it’s part of the blessing or a curse that comes with being a gringo in the United States. Anyone can thank God after the prayer is answered it’s the giving of thanks for the trial while your struggling that I feel God stretching me, all the while strengthening and growing my faith. In this I am truly grateful.

Asking for prayer over the work men and their families, and the boys as they come to know our great Lord and Savior; for the work to continue safely and mostly for God to be glorified in my words and actions with the Honduran peoples. Thank you for reading and thank you for joining me in prayer, may you too be blessed. ~Mike

3 thoughts on “Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

  1. Mike – I love reading your blog! Since I can’t be there with you, it is a true glimpse into your heart – so full of love for the Lord and what He has placed before us. I am so blessed to be on this journey with you. My heart too, is full. Missing You ~ Lisa


  2. Mike I am once again in awe of the enormous undertaking and your strong faith. God is so Great and I feel certain that He will be inside of you as well as beside you all along this journey. It is very easy to be thankful during the good times and to be blinded by His grace during struggles, but you are so inspirational. Your words always ring true to my heart and always strengthen my faith. I love you and pray for clean water and God’s continuing blessings upon you ❤


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