Piece By Piece, Bit By Bit.

Hello y’all, I’m trying to start writing this first thing in the morning because I am having difficulties finding a quiet time as the need here is great; there seems to never be enough time. First I would like to ask for prayer over this place, Puerto Lempira, over my time management skills and for the boys God is working in, and also those He will yet reach and change.

Pictures below: Jerbin gathering coconuts, Marco and Jerbin enjoying frozen fresco on a hot day.

Through conversation with our friend, Walter, I was able to locate our common friend and Miskito Pastor, Ludy Washington. Ludy is who we first came down here to serve along side in 2012 with medical clinics and church building projects in remote villages outside Puerto Lempira – and for each of the following three years we continued serving with him. Pastor Ludy’s heart is to reach his people with God’s Word and the free gift of salvation that comes with it.  Approximately two thirds of the Miskito people live in NE Nicaragua, making it a logical choice for Ludy to move there, but God had other plans and has closed some doors and opened others.  Because of this Ludy has changed his plans and decided to move his family to PL and to grow the church here.  We are praising God for bringing another great resourse to this area that will surely help grow our Lord’s kingdom, not to mention the blessings he will provide us and the boys at Casa Del Camino.

Below are a few pics of our first gathering for service and worship at Pastor Ludy’s house this past Sunday.  Four of the work crew came and four of the local boys I’ve been ministering to also joined in. Picture (below left) is of Pastor Ludy and then from left to right – Pastor Roberto, our freind and translator Walter, our crew foreman Chuck, Herman and Ebenor fondly referred to as Romeo.

Work is progressing nicely on the well tower as today they were able to finish the top beams, leaving only the top pad to be formed, rebar placed and tied and concrete poured. Tomorrow, Thursday the 8th we should be able to build forms in place, and Friday we will place and tie all rebar and on our half day Saturday, we will pour the last of the concrete for the tower construction. All God willing of course.

The well is also coming along, getting close to having all the drilling done.  I am very excited to see fresh, clean water come out of the ground.  Still waiting for materials I purchased in Ceiba to be delivered.  The boat was in and was off-loaded on Monday, I also was sure to go and pay shipping charges straight away to ensure a timely delivery. Like any third world country they seem to operate on a different clock – I was told materials would be delivered Monday afternoon or Tuesday at the latest, tomorrow is Thursday and we’re still waiting. I’m quite certain this is part of my training and I have to say it is getting a bit easier when I put things in the correct perspective of who’s really in charge, and let go of wanting to be in control.

I am learning that this culture is blessed to be poor, for the poor shall inherit the earth, but they also look at the gringo Christian as being here to give them monies and to help them in all their need.  I feel that desire, the desire to help many and then again, just like home, I realize giving money to beggars isn’t always the best answer yet it can be difficult to say “no.” We will need to remain focused on our particular ministry in order to do it well, and God willing that will help to perpetuate a love for our Lord and a desire to follow Him by those with whom we interact.

Thank you all for reading and like the beggars continually begging to be given something, I too am a beggar of Christ constantly praying and asking for Him to “do this” or “provide that” and definitely to “forgive me for this and forgive me for that.” I am grateful for His mercy and consistent grace, surely answering all my prayers.  I give our Heavenly Father praise and thanks for each of you reading this, for praying over this ministry and for your giving that helps to support what God is accomplishing through this ministry.  Your brother and friend in Christ ~ Mike

5 thoughts on “Piece By Piece, Bit By Bit.

  1. Love the pictures of progress but especially of the kids climbing the coconut trees and the two with the frozen drinks!
    Glad the last pictures you sent were not really the water you will be drinking. Let us know when you really hit “the water”. Love, Aunt Helen


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