Isaiah 6:8

“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.”

I would like to give thanks for all the prayers that have been lifting and blessing Randy and my time here in La Moskitia. We have been very busy and have much joyous news to share of our wonderings.  I can say that this trip has been filling me with an overflowing joy, especially as I begin to become more aware of how our life here will be dedicated to serving and obeying God, and being blessed by Him.  Realizing that my desire for the boys lives to be changed and deepened by God, has really deepened my appreciation and love for our Lord and savior, as He has become my main focus here; it’s all about helping people, the ones that are unable to help themselves at a very critical point in their lives, by sharing the free gift we have so undeservingly obtained.  My close friend and brother Patrick once asked me, “How much must you hate someone to not tell them of this free gift?” And I would like to ask you, “Who have you recently shared your faith with?”

Recently, I had some issues with a couple of the boys who stole from me on the last trip. I am happy to report they have been reconciled.  I saw them the Sunday after we landed, and I was able to talk with them about their actions.  They appeared to be sorry, asked for forgiveness and assured me that it would not happen again.  One of the boys was also struggling with disobedience in school, and was on the verge of being discharged from the school.  I spoke with him regarding that situation as well – days later I ran into the Director of the school and she shared with me how this boy immediately sought out to speak with the her on Monday, apologizing for his behavior,  asked for forgiveness and also apologized to a teacher for his disrespectful attitude.  Only time will tell us where his heart truly is but I am proud of  both of the boys for taking responsibility for their actions and looking for forgiveness.

At Casa Del Camino I have seen the work crew open up in conversation with Pastor Ludy.  They are asking good questions, and are hungry for the word of God which is such a satisfying feeling – knowing that with faith, comes undying hope.  One of the work crew men shared with us today that he has worked in Roatan and in Nicaragua for many years, (he’s in his mid 30’s) and he has never experienced a work environment quite like Casa Del Camino.  One that is Christ-centered, where they start each day by studying the Bible before work, being able to give his first hour to God with his co-workers.  He gave thanks for his job and the blessings it has been to his family.  I believe by doing this, God is blessing each of the men’s days in the way they need it most. That is what so many of these impoverished boys and lost men desperately need, and already I already see God being glorified!  This is obedience to God, by faithfully living out the great commission.

It is late here almost 2am.  So I will try and condense the last week for you.  During my last trip here I was very focused on Casa Del Camino and ashamed to say, that I didn’t take the time to visit the jail.  This time, God put it very clearly on my heart that I was not to put those men off again.   Since I see pastor Ludy every morning I asked him if he would like to go to the jail with me this past Wednesday – He told me that he would like to do that, and I shared with him that I had recently been studying the Holy Spirit and that I would like to see what the inmates knew of the Spirit within us.  I  put together some questions and verses to get things opened up and pastor had me lead in English, then one of the prisoners who spoke English translated into Spanish and then Pastor Ludy added his comments and translated into Miskito.  It was a bit uncomfortable for me, but I feel it was well received.  This upcoming week when we return on Wednesday,  I thought we could discuss the topic of being grateful in every situation.  It is tough to be grateful in prison so I thought we could look at the life of the apostle Paul.  That being said, I’m not sure how much time I will have for blogging Monday or Tuesday.  Please pray for the wisdom and words to share to be given to me.  Here are a couple pictures of the new chapel at the prison (I did notice the white board in the back where they were teaching evolution and the Bible, which is little confirmation that those men could use more Bible, and less “evolution”).

We have gotten a lot done with the foundation of the home, and below are pictures taken from when we arrived, also on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and today.  You can see the progress of the rebar and concrete forms along with building of the scaffolding.

FullSizeRender 2


IMG_0397FullSizeRenderBelow are a couple pictures of all the materials being brought in.


Should be in school


If only I had this at home….


FullSizeRender 3Without getting people’s hopes up too much, I feel the Lord is faithfully providing “much, good, clean and fresh water” as David our well driller came the other day and when I left the property tonight (Friday) they were still drilling at 75′ with a 7″ bit, then the 8″ bit then removal of drill.  After they will insert an 8″ pipe and pump it out to see what we have.  So far it has been 75′ drilling, and all sand! Exactly what is wanted!! Please continue to pray. I will surely let you all know when I know.  Thank you to all our prayer warriors.  This new drilling site is 20′ from the first hole that was drilled when he hit rock.


1st well on left


Nope, no gold


What we find at 75′


Long workday, still at it.

Lastly, a picture of our eleven man work crew minus Pastor Roberto who is still needing prayer for healing.  His first scheduled day back is the day Randy and I fly out of Puerto Lempira, June 10, 2017.


From left. Herman, Randy, Alley (kneeling), Delino, Aldolpho “Little man”, Joseway, Romeo,Mike, Jonny, Chuck, Wins is, Pablo and Chocolate (Kissenger) Pastor Roberto missing.

Sorry so long, been working hard, God is good.

God bless you all, thank you for reading and God bless these men.

In Him,


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6 thoughts on “Isaiah 6:8

  1. Sounds like just another day as a child of the King!
    Psalm 656:9
    You care for the land and water it;
    you enrich it abundantly.
    The streams of God are filled with water
    to provide the people with grain,
    for so you have ordained it.


  2. Dear Mike: I don’t know if you’ll be able to pick this up? I was wondering since you will be coming home on June 10th if you would be willing to speak to HCC 60 PLUS Group on June 14th from noon (start potluck) and ends by 2 PM. Your news letter update today is inspiring how GOD is working in your life and mission project. Our guest speaker usually talks for about 45 minutes and shows slides of picture you have taken so far. Especially share your vision and what to be accomplished. I liked how the workers are involved and the kids smiles. If you and possibly Lisa can attend, I would get a news article in the church bulletin next weekend. I’ll have Isaiah 6:8 as the Bible verse for memorization. Pray this could be worked into your schedule Blessings, Don and Lynda Hurter ps. I’ll also try and call Lisa for this opportunity!!!!


  3. What a wonderful way to start my day….reading your post & hearing how God is blessing you, Randy, and all those who you are ministering to. Love your blogs and your commitment! Praying the well drilling will soon be a success!


  4. So love hearing of your heart and hands poured out in love for these forgotten people!! You reflect the Lords heart! May He give you strength and wisdom as you go forward, dear brother!
    John and Georgie


  5. Not too long at all, Mike. I enjoyed reading every bit of it. It’s great to read how God is working in the boys’ lives, especially the two who stole from you. Thanks for sharing!


  6. I started my morning by reading this, I’m praying for this ministry,grateful for all that is happening there plus we get to be a part of it with you and Lisa. So many lives are being touched in ways we don’t even know. Great to hear about the boys Mike!


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