John 4:14

But whoever drinks the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” John 4:14 (KJV)

Hello my friends, I am happy to report this trip has been one filled with blessings for all. This verse has multiple meanings to me as God has provided the well for Casa Del Camino!  David our well man worked late into the night on Thursday (1:00 AM) to finish drilling a 8″ hole to a depth of 85′.  He returned around 9:00 AM this morning (Friday June 9) to blow out the well and install a 6″ pipe, and then he filled the remaining hole with fine white rock to help aid filtration.  By 4:00 PM we were pushing clear water!

This was completely up to God as to when this would happen, and as He so often does, came through in the eleventh hour of our trip.   I think of the physical as well as spiritual blessings people will receive from the clean water and of the spiritual health from the discipling the boys will receive at Casa Del Camino.  God is such a faithful Father!

Below is a short video of the final moments of this desperately needed project.  I would like to thank David for his hard work, although I think we all know Who ultimately gets the glory, Amen?

As the men constructing Casa Del Camino are being blessed with Pastor Ludy’s faithful discipleship, they too are growing in the Spirit of the fountain within them – they can and will draw strength from His “springing water” that will allow them to lead a life of delight even in the hardships of La Moskitia.   I am resting in the promise that this “water will spring up into everlasting life.”   What a blessing this home will be to the impoverished boys of this area – coupled with Pastor Ludy who is amazing with the adolescents as well as the God-sized works being done at IVA.  Jesus we seek to be your hands and feet.

(Below) Randy and I have been blessed to spend much time with several of the boys I’ve come to know over the past trips down.

Construction: (Below) are some shots of well tower improvement.  We added a floor in the middle section that will double as a roof for the future battery bank for Casa’s solar power.

All the beams for the house have been completed as well!  Much work was accomplished on this trip, all to the glory of God, for without Him none of this would be and certainly not within what is His time frame.FullSizeRender

“We live unto the Lord…”  Romans 14:8

As I was reminded in one of my readings today,  we are to be sowers of good seeds, that by our living unto the Lord, it may bring others to know His love.  I think of those men at the prison we went and met with along side Pastor Ludy the Wednesdays Randy and I were here this time, and how that prison ministry glorifies Christ – being the salt of the earth while blessing the world around us.  Many of the men held in Puerto Lempira prison have no release date, and in turn that only extinguishes any sense of hope.  Pray with me that the men rest in the hope and peace of Christ – as we know there is only One Way to find true joy no matter where we physically live.

Making friends with the Warden.

Please join us in giving thanks to our Lord for His provision of the well and for all of the generous-giving hearts of the donors to Casa Del Camino – without whom none of this would be possible!  Also let’s lift a special blessing and prayer of thanks for the servant heart of Pastor Ludy Washington and for his family.   We pray Lord, for the softening and preparatory work of the boys’ hearts God has ordained to be at Casa Del Camino; for the safety and continued growth of the work crew – praying still for God to do a mighty work in the lives of those men in prison who are seeking Him.  We pray Father for more monthly donors to partner in making a difference in the lives of impoverished boys in this remote area of Honduras – and a very special ask for healing over my dear friend and Project Manager Chuck (below), as both he and his wife Beksy are experiencing abdominal issues.  IMG_0691Finally, I ask for wisdom and understanding for Randy and me as we transition back to the hustle and bustle of “USA life” and reflect on the vast need of our Savior in the lives of the suffering.

A huge thank you for your continued prayer support of this ministry and for reading.  ~Mike

If you have any questions about the Casa Del Camino Ministry, Lisa and I can be reached via email at:  

You can also see more photos on Instagram @ “Chosen2followhim”


3 thoughts on “John 4:14

  1. So thankful that you got that much needed water. I thought thyou forms of your house were curved, but Uncle adick assures me thatbyou are dooling us by using a fish-eye lense. Aunt Helen


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