“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps”

Thank you all for the prayers. Things in La Moskitia have been extremely hot and humid, upper 80’s to low 90’s 100% humidity. We have been just trying to keep up, initial perspective we had easy days working up to the pour day scheduled for tomorrow.  With a closer inspection of the form work for the steps, they were not to code…. there is no code here.  Regardless, I needed to have the steps rebuilt, adding two stairs and decreasing the slope that in turn created the need for the lower stairs to be moved two feet to the south with additional form work for all three landings.

Monday was spent removing first attempt, Tuesday spent reworking stair forms along with marking all plumbing location in the home with 6 bathrooms including additional rebar added to wall column locations that will reinforce future walls. Today, Wednesday August 16th we put plumbing in place before floor pour, stair forms were completed and began to pour concrete steps.  Also we started the installation process for the solar well – the pump is functioning correctly and the solar panel mounting assembly was built. Oh yeah, it’s Wednesday so Pastor Ludy and I went to the prison for prison ministry. *Note to self, when told visiting hours pay attention what time it is. I wasn’t quick enough in checking out before they began lock-down so I didn’t get cut loose till all that was finished.

Lisa and I were able to enjoy some wonderful fellowship with Alex and Laura Waits, friends, brother and sister in Christ and Directors of the IVA Christian school that the Casa Del Camino boys will be attending.  They continue to share invaluable experience and wisdom to help equip us for the years ahead.

Its been all I can do to keep things on schedule. *Note to self, one week not long enough here.  Time is a funny thing in third world situations, no one cares about it other than you. Grateful for God’s timing and timing is everything. As God would have it, out of the additional rebar and concrete I had ordered three weeks prior to this trip that would complete the stairs, only the rebar was delivered so the steps were unable to be poured until after we arrived. Funny how you can begin to see God at work. I promise to follow up on our way out with another blog detailing more of our experience here as we continue to strengthen our relationships and understanding of this beautiful culture. We are truly blessed to be included in God’s gracious works here deep in La Moskitia.

Please pray today for the floor pour where at least 100+ Miskito men will come together in order to complete this in one day. Asking God for safety and blessings throughout this day of work for each of the men, helping them to provide for their families, and blessings over the women who will be preparing coffee and bread starting at 5am and for all their hard work in preparing the lunch to feed the crew. Please also pray for wisdom in directing these men and peaceful interactions among all at the property.  I am so excited I could probably write all night but will be riding to the property before sunrise, so until next time here are a few pics.  Gracias A Dios. FullSizeRender 2


Caught sunset looking east

5 thoughts on ““A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps”

  1. Mike and Lisa, our hearts are with you. Thank you for the update. Praying for many blessings to come during this brief visit and especially on floor pour day. Also praying for the Holy Spirit to give you peace about God’s timing. His ways are not our ways, and His timing is not our timing. He is building His Church in His own special way through your willing hearts. God bless you! Gloria and Art


  2. Love all the pictures….the sunset is beautiful!! Enjoy your blog and how you keep us updated on all that the Lord is doing through you both. Praying for you, Linda & Russ


  3. Mike & Lisa,

    What a great update as we feel like we are there with you with all the pictures and detail as to what is happening and how God is orchestrating everything and guiding and directing in so many ways.

    It will be great to see you guys when you get back.

    Judy is scheduled for her hip surgery August 29th so we would appreciate your prayers for her as she continues to go through lots of pain as she waits for her surgery.

    Hope and pray that all the construction is successful and well on its way to completion for the Casa Del Camino ministry and the Moskitia people.

    What a Blessing you both are to this region and people group!!!


    Steve & Judy

    Acts 1:8


  4. Mike, this is such an exciting blog. I will pray for a successful pour and for safety. What an an amazing structure. Much love to you and Lisa.


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