Hello from “hot, sweet and sticky” Honduras. It is hot, the food is sweet, and between the hot weather and the sweet food it makes you sticky.  Reminds me of an old rock n roll song!  I am happy to report that my heavy heart has lightened.  As Lisa and I continue to experience all the changes that come with moving to another country, being surrounded by a different culture and our need to learn a new language, we are truly grateful for the one thing remains unchanging – our loving Father who is unchanging and forever faithful in His word and action.

As I reflect back on the emotions I have been going through as shared in my last Blog, the “detox of materialism” and the realization that I had wrongly placed an emphasis of who I was in my business, my career, my accomplishments, my things… self check,  it was a necessary experience, one, for me to truly realize that “we” as Christians should have our identity first and foremost in Him.  When we receive the Holy Spirit, His love becomes our love, His joy becomes our joy, His peace becomes our peace, and His strength becomes our strength, helping us always to be growing in likeness to Him who has called us.  Secondly, we needed to lighten our load in order to step out and understand that though God blessed us with “our things” for a season, there comes a time when He will ask something more of you and me.  It was a necessary response to let the “things” go that I was holding on to so that we could more tightly cling to Him.  God knows what is needed for the ministry in La Moskitia and He continues to provide for it.

Lisa and I have been surrounded by people who have been able to help us adapt here. Help with the residency process, help with the drivers licenses process, and help with the purchase of a Casa Del Camino ministry truck.  Even being blessed by folks Earl and Sharon who have a ministry here and are from Maple Valley! A sweet couple who have been here in Honduras since the mid ’80s and have come along side us, sharing what has worked and not worked in their experiences of working with the kids of Honduras.  They learned of CDC when Sharon was back in the states in August and had visited ACTION (our sending agency) and she saw our newsletter so after returning to Honduras they reached out to us.  God is faithful in bringing His people together, helping to support one another in every way.  We are continuing to learn the language though not speaking proficiently (yet) we are getting the conjugating of the verbs down and growing our vocabulary.  Asking for continued prayer with the language.

The truck purchase was an experience all in itself and began with a four-hour bus ride into San Pedro Sula at 4:30 am.  We were fortunate enough to have my spanish teacher Danny come along to help with the transaction and he had his girlfriend pick us up at the bus station as we arrived.  Alejandra was very sweet and drove us all around to look at the trucks.  First truck was supposed to be a  2006 F250 4×4 7.3 Diesel and instead a 2015 F150 4×4 V6 shows up! Apparently the other truck was sold 4 months prior.  As I’m explaining they should probably take down the old listing as that was not what they were selling, I had a chance to explain why we needed a rig of the sort we were looking for, and he told us he knew someone who had a big truck they were selling.  His buddy’s truck was a Dodge 2005 4×4 big Cummins Diesel with a four-inch lift.  When first looking at it I thought it was pretty cool but a little on the big side so we kept looking elsewhere.

After looking at multiple trucks with multiple issues, everything from no oil in the truck to people trying to sell trucks that weren’t theirs, we decided to go with the second 2005 F250, a truck that was owned by the bank and therefore required the transaction to take place at the bank.  This is where God stepped in again.  The bank was to close at 12 noon this day so we arrived at 11:35 to discover the bank decided to close at 11:30 instead of noon.  God’s way of letting me know this was not the truck.  As I began to feel this was a wasted trip, the first truck we looked at came back to mind, and the more I thought about it the more I began to see, this is exactly the kind of truck we will need in La Moskitia!  We called the owner back and he was happy to show the truck again. We began to negotiate and were able to agree on a price.   He had all the paper work notorized and we were able to complete the transaction effortlessly!  I must believe God is behind us getting this truck as it was not even on the radar –  the first truck we saw and after multiple issues with other trucks and a bank closing early!  I mean what bank have you ever heard of to close 30 minutes early?  God knows best, that is our story.

Tight truck, mechanically sound, big diesel has us ready for La Moskitia!IMG_1482 (1)

Next week we will be visiting the school and housing ministry Earl and Sharon began in the ’90s.  Looking forward to gleaning more from them their years of experience and insight they have in relation to the various situations that we are sure to face in the coming years. Photos and more to come.

CDC Update:  The construction of the home is winding down as the plumbing is finished.  We are waiting still for the door hardware to arrive (purchased and sent three weeks ago) so half of the doors can be installed with the remaining doors still needing to be purchased and made.  The outdoor kitchen and dining areas are progressing nicely also.

Lisa and I will be heading to La Moskitia to celebrate our 17th anniversary next weekend!  Time flies when you’re having fun! We will be lining up the remaining work to be done at the home before we arrive, with a projected arrival date on Lisa’s birthday, December 1.   Praying for the outdoor kitchen and eating area to be completed as well as the mission team rooms to be laid out with rough floors poured and beginnings of walls built before our arrival.  It is also time to begin with the transportation of the container from Seattle to Puerto Lempira – the cost of $5500.00 is needed and does not include the import tax of which we are uncertain of that amount.  God knows the details of this and we are resting in Him for the successful and smooth shipping of it all.

We give thanks to our God who lets us come to Him as He is our loving Father.  Thank you Jesus for saving me, thank you for your daily mercy and patience with me, thank you for the love and support both prayerfully and financially of the people you have chosen to join in and lift up the Casa Del Camino ministry.  We pray for each and every person reading this to be in continual surrender to You and your will for their lives God. As they do this Lord, may your Love, Joy, Peace and Strength be a visible sign to this world of the power that is in You – our mighty creator living in each of us. Amen!

I love you and am blessed to call you family, friend, brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for your continued prayer.

All for His glory,




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  1. Well, I broke my leg (bad ankle break)… I was to fly to Honduras today, but God remains good 🙂

    With cast til NOV 15 then a ‘boot’.

    Appreciation to you both,




  2. I LOVE your story….it is always uplifting and inspiring. My faith has been strengthened by your journey. I feel that our Lord hasalways protected and guided you and will continue to do so as long as you are obedient to Him. I love you both! Take care and may Godcontinue to bless you!Mom ❤

    “Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass…It's about learning to dance in the rain.”    Vivian Greene


  3. Thank you for the wonderful blog, Michael. I love reading about all your experiences. Have a great trip back to the States and a safe motorcycle trip to Honduras. Love Auntie Bea


  4. Mike,
    What a great blog! You are becoming a great writer in sharing your and Lisa’ s story of CDC and the challenges and God’s love in overcoming them. Gid will continue to bless you. I pray for you and send my love. Love, Rita.


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