Hood River/Klamath

Day one down. Was a bit of a late start, on the road by 10:30. Was a blessed day to ride, Blue sky’s, warm temps, beautiful scenery, the bikes ran great while they had fuel. At 191Km in we found the bottom of Patrick’s tank, the beauty of these bikes is they are ready for everything and that includes a 10L reserve gerry can. Then I had an issue with my cheap phone mount that broke at Bend, OR. So we made a stop at an adventure bike store for a replacement and after looking at all the cool stuff we realized we had spent over an hour of valuable seat time. Pulled into Klamath about 6:30p found a good pizza place for pizza and salad, then on to hotel, checked in, unloaded bikes and relaxing by 8:30p

Lessons learned

1. Get earlier start

2. Easier and takes less time to stop to top off gas before running dry.

3. Don’t get caught shopping, stay on task.

will try to do better tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers

7 thoughts on “Hood River/Klamath

  1. What a treat to wake up to your blog this morning! Sounds like you two need to stay out of the shopping malls😊. Have an awesome day riding and sharing the love of Jesus.

    Isaiah 60:1. “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”☀️


  2. Sounds like a good day! You two were on my mind all day. Hope you slept well and get an earlier start today; Taylor, Bryan and Riley are waiting!


  3. Thanks for the update, Michael. Hope things get straightened out at the Mexico-Guatamalan border. Feel for those poor people. Love and prayers to both of you. Love, Aunt Helen

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