Carson City/ Roseville

Day three, got a 20′ box truck, put the motorcycles inside and drove the 125 miles over the mountains to Sacramento the closest Ural shop. The shop had good reviews and thankfully is open tomorrow.

We have done all we can do, motor is out of bike and separated from the gear box. Now it is up to God and the mechanics in the shop. Doing what I can to remain positive in a very discouraging situation. Again thanking our Heavenly Father for the fact that I am not alone and for Patrick and Mateo that continue to be a great help and encouragement for me.

Thank you for your prayers, I am excited to see how and when God will answer them.

Camping in the back of the truck tonight. At least it is warmer on this side of the mountains.

8 thoughts on “Carson City/ Roseville

  1. Mike and Patrick…I pray for your safety at night fall and during your sleep. I continue to pray for your safety during your journey. God knows what is in store and I am certain he will continue to watch over you and bless you in the days ahead. I am so proud of the Godly man you are becoming Mike. I love you and pray for you every day!
    ❤ Mom


  2. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise Mike. With all of the metal shavings it is obvious there was a problem with the motor that did significant damage and it is better it happened here than further down the road where replacement parts would be even more difficult to obtain.


  3. Mike, thanks for the update and God bless you. Somehow between your post on October 6th when you were planning to celebrate your anniversary with Lisa the next weekend and your post Hood River/Klamath we missed out on how you got from where you were to where you are now–camping in the back of a truck. I’m sure it’s a great story and you are a great communicator, so sometime you can let us know what’s happening. Our prayers are with you and Lisa. We love you.


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