Klamath/Carson City

Day two started great, up early, beautiful scenery, bikes running well. Then it happened at 280 miles into a 400+ mile day we had scheduled to ride, my motor let loose. We made it to the hardware parking lot so we could get what was needed to diagnose issue. First we drained oil and immediately realized it was catastrophic failure as there was much metal shaving on the magnetic oil drain plug. So much on the line as timing of this ride was crucial in many ways as is anything when it involves other people.

Where am I with all this? Grateful, why? Because no one was hurt, the bike is not wrecked as it can be fixed, it didn’t happen in the middle of nowhere as we where earlier (or Mexico, Belize, Guatemala or Honduras for that matter)

Plan of attack. The nearest Ural shop is just west of our location by 125 miles. We had the bike towed to a hotel in Carson City tonight, tomorrow morning we will rent a Uhaul box truck, put both bikes inside and drive to Roseville. On another positive note the Ural shop is open on Monday as most motorcycle shops are closed Sunday and Monday. Between the two of us Patrick and I, we will go ahead and tear down the bike tomorrow and be ready to hand the mechanics the bare motor asking them to repair ASAP as timing is crucial. Once fixed, it can be reinstalled and be on our way, God willing. Best case scenario, riding middle of the week.

I am certain God has a plan that is being worked out as you read this. He has gifted me my friendships with Lisa’s brother Patrick who is incredible, very talented and wise, helping me to think things through and also our friend that I am planning on riding San Diego/Honduras with, who will be meeting us tomorrow Mateo. Matt too is also a very wise and knowledgeable, Godly men God has placed me with to come through this experience with.

Eyes and ears wide open as I experience this lesson in life, grateful God continues provided these relationships that help me to grow in His likeness.

More to come.

5 thoughts on “Klamath/Carson City

  1. Looking forward to seeing what our Lord will be doing on this trip… always praying for you guys He goes before you and after, He hems is in.


  2. I love you and I love your gratefulness in the face of trials. I’m waiting in anticipation to see the outcome. Proverbs 16:9 comes to mind, “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”
    You’re the best babe😘


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