“Joy in the morning”

Weeping may spend the night or a week but today, Joy came in the morning!!

Unbelievable. God has worked so many miraculous details in my life, yet I continue to be completely surprised by Him.

Just about the moment when I began thinking, “how am I going to fix this problem” it was at that moment when I was able to see God clearly putting ideas into a whole coalition of people’s minds, bringing them into one accord, it all happened within maybe 30 minutes, but from total dismay, looking like my friend and riding partner would be forced to cancel the ride – it happened. No, the ride was not cancelled. God put an idea in brother Dales mind, willingly and faithfully he acted on it and sent me an email with his offer. Through much communication between myself and the Irbit office, Patrick and Danny from the Ural Portland store, Brandon of Roseville Motorsports who communicated with Cameron of Irbit Motorworks of America in Redmond, Wa. It was Between each of these communications, rules were messaged, deals were offered, parts were transported, problems were solved, fellowship was experienced, I was blessed and God is glorified! Can I get an Amen! From no plan to God’s plan. It all “came in the morning” and it’s these kinds of things that make me realize I can count on His favor for a lifetime.

Thank you to all the prayer warriors out there, you are so powerful, please don’t ever stop.

Praying for each of you men that allowed God to use you to bless me. May you be strengthened in your desire to know Him and may He continue to use you for His glory. Thanks guys, grateful you listened to that still small voice.

5 thoughts on ““Joy in the morning”

  1. Amen! I love your eloquence at putting God’s will into words and using His word to strengthen my faith every day! He will keep you safe on your journey..that I have no doubt. God Bless you all ❤


  2. Hope you are doing well! God is soooo good. I didn’t get your post today. I am thinking it’s good from the title!

    Hugs and safe travels!



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