Job 2:10

“Should we only accept good from God and not adversity?”

One thing that has been going through my mind is how grateful I am that God even in my trial, is good to me, allowing fellowship with Patrick and Mateo made the situation bearable. As I continue to wonder “why do you suppose God allowed that happened?” I think it could be for a lot of reasons, undoubtedly to keep me dependently focusing on His presence in all this. God had His reasons why and that is good enough for me. I certainly do not deserve the blessings I have been given and also realize how sad life would be if our just God actually gave to us what we deserve. So my advise to you is count your blessings because it could always be worse.Friday , 26 Oct we rode about 300 miles to Oakhurst, CA. in the Sierra Nevada foot hills day full of picturesque roads. Saturday, 27th was long day 430+ miles, off hwys. Until 125 miles out of San Diego via Bikersfield California, where we entered the rat race and experienced the thrill of being overtaken by hundreds of motorist traveling nearly twice our speed. It was a first for me and didn’t particularly care for that part of the trip so far. Amazing to think of all the oil we get from this area, there’s black gold in them there hills. (1000’s of oil rigs, really a sight in and of itself)

Guys doing what we enjoy doing when we in the middle of nowhere!grateful we grabbed an quick visit with my beautiful girl Taylor and our son-in-law Bryan. Blessed and loved.

God is with us on this ride, though it cost Pat an amazing three days ride down the Baja. entering Mexico on Sunday at Tecate getting all paper work, insurance took a couple hours time but necessary.awesome fish tacos! We rode about 280 miles and we stayed at a church where Matt came to serve when he was 17 yrs old. That was also the youth ministry where he really began to feel called into missionary work. Needles to say very special moment for Matt to revisit and quite coincidental that they had some good worship going on as we pulled up on a Sunday night. Monday we road just under 400 miles to Santa Rosalia. Up at first light and road 400 ish miles to La Paz. We arrived at the boat terminal at about 5pm to discover the 8 pm passengers ferry was not operating until Saturday and we had one option that left at 6pm. That option was a Barca de carga so we raced around getting weighed and loaded on boat. And it was a 17 hour ride.did catch a cool sunrise and got to share lunch with some old friends from our small group back home and meet some new friends as well pictured below: me, Matt, Tom with back2back ministries, Fred who is involved in a church planting ministry, another Tom, has a couple coffee shops where He disciples 60 employees all at risk kids. Wes and Barb and finally Karen the first Toms wife. All involved involved in ministry and iI was able to glean from their sharing. we got to stay the night with Wes and Barb (thank you) and we are up now and I’m just finishing this update. Thank you for all your prayer and please continue as we have only about 1500 more miles before we are back into beautiful Honduras! One last thing, wow, it’s HOT!!

2 thoughts on “Job 2:10

  1. Really enjoyed all the pictures!
    The verse you shared at the top of the post is so relevant to us Christians. And also unbelievers who are watching us Christians. Yes, we can expect hardship, and for perfectly good motorcycle engines to go bad. We can also receive many blessings as we follow and serve Our God. And how we cope as the motor goes, well that speaks volumes to those who need to be saved. Bless your travels, See you soon! Ok, maybe it will be a little while yet, hahaha!!


  2. We have a big God!! He is at work on this earth I love seeing this .. our many brothers and sisters around the world thanks Mike for the encouragement


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