Building Friendships, One Roof At A Time.

Today I got the opportunity to put a roof on our friend Walter’s house.  Walter has gone on all of our river trips with us as our interpreter, he is fluent in English, Spanish and Miskito.

Walter has been working on his new home project for little over a year now and has struggled to fund all the materials needed so the group “Habitat for Humanity” stepped in and agreed to help finish his house.  It also may have helped that “Habitat for Humanity” uses a portion of the House of Hope compound to build and store the lumber and finished doors, windows and roof trusses, and if you remember Walter’s story was the whole reason behind House of Hope’s inception.  The founder of HOH, Doctor Tom saw this little boy trying to play soccer with a poorly healed broken leg and decided to bring him to the states where he could get the proper treatment to fix his problem and eventually saw a great need for a children’s home that focused on club foot and cleft lip.  Now it has become a home for orphaned kids, sick or abandoned babies and a feeding program of 400-500 people a month called “Kids Against Hunger” out of Allen, Texas.  image

We also received another new baby today, sick little girl a twin that was too sick to be taken home so the Mother left with the healthy one. Only time will tell if she returns for the other.

Other significant news is on my friend, Arnold. His Mother a single mom who after several years of not letting him go to school so that they could help support the family, finally gave in and agreed to let him and his brother Ereiss live at HOH and attend their school.  They are two of seven siblings.  image

So much goes on here everyday I couldn’t even begin to share all.  Thanking God for all the opportunities to be a part of helping to change this place for the better, one kid at a time and the strength to carry on.  Please continue in prayer for the Gracias A Dios area in La Moskitia.  God bless you and goodnight.

3 thoughts on “Building Friendships, One Roof At A Time.

  1. Your works continue to inspire and to make my heart swell with love for all you are doing! I appreciate you taking the time to take us all, at home, along with you, on your journey. God is good and He is with you and keeping you strong, to complete the journey He has directed you. I love you both and pray for you daily. God Bless you!


  2. Don and I so look forward to your blogs. Don wanted me to be sure and tell you that. He doesn’t write comments but he is a big follower of your blogs. Thank you for taking the time to share. We love and pray for you and Lisa. How did the bees turn out?


  3. I look forward everyday to seeing if there is any new posts from you! How good it is when brethren dwell together in unity!! Walter getting his house done also! Thanks Mike for giving us all a insight to what you all are going a big hello to Lisa. Man much to do with babies there and tell Walter,Lauren and Steven hello


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