When It Rains It Pours!

Trying to get Katrina’s place dried in but the heavy rains today did nothing to help that matter.  Tomorrow will be a weeks worth of work over at the new house and that means I’ve been away from the kids a lot, so today I thought I’d have Marco come spend some time on the job with me.  Had him make a few cuts with the hand saw, then let him drive some nails.  Marco thinks he did a better job than I’ve done as he pointed out my black fingernail from smacking it with the hammer.  He was very good at carefully starting the nail and then removing his entire hand out of dangers way and, drove the nails in straight; I was impressed.  Pictures of Marco in action and us taking cover, hanging out in the rafters through the heaviest rains (we still got wet, but it’s a hot wet. LOL)

Below are pics of Fransua, a 16 year old Nicaraguan Miskito that grew up in the jungle and saw a light bulb for the first time 8 months ago.  He is plaining the wood with his machete, what a versatile tool. (Would be my choice for a single item to take on survivor for sure).  Fransua is working to be fed.  I can’t imagine working all day for your meals only.  We can’t get people to work, and these people will work just for their food.  Americans sure are soft.

I feel as though we just got here, feeling a bit sad as we end this week, realizing we only have about eight days left in La Moskitia.  I’m not sure how much time would be enough time here?  Waiting patiently for God’s timing.  Desiring more than roofs and playgrounds, only time will tell…

Yapia Awarca, which is “time for sleep” in Miskito. And,

Diwan Yamni Mammumbia, meaning “God bless you” in Miskito.


4 thoughts on “When It Rains It Pours!

    • Brother, You and sis are awesome!! The Lord is using you to his fullest!! God Bless you and I’ll be there to get you if you need me to be!! I love you and continue to pray for Gods blessing in you both!! Hoppy


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