The Difference A Day Makes

The rain has gone and the sun has come!  It was a scorcher today must have been near 90 degrees.  I agreed to be ready for an 8am pickup, and that came and went.  At 10:30 am we,(Marco and I) were picked up, and I admit I was feeling a little anxious knowing this would be my last day on this project and wanting to bring this stage of building to completion.  Well, as God would have it, by 3 pm we had used all the board lumber they had for the job, plus a few pieces that needed to be ripped about 2 1/2″ to fill the peak.  They will need to do that without me cause the “planta” (we call it a generator) quit working cause it needed gas and oil, maybe the guys shouldn’t have been running it most the day to play music?  (Below: Pictures of Marco pulling 20′ boards onto roof and placing them, Marco doing his fair share of cutting boards and the material down in place.  Got to say Marco is showing promise with his work ethic, not bad at all for 14 yrs old 👍🏻)

imageNear I could figure they needed another 120 pieces to finish the hips on the roof.  Well there is no going to Lowes or Home Depot for the material; you order it from Cieba and they put it on a boat and you can pick it up on the dock in about three weeks time.  Welcome to La Moskitia!  No wonder the homes take so long to build around here, either you’re waiting for monies to fund your project or your waiting for materials for your project.  But hey, when it’s done, there’s no house payment, that’s the cool part about it.

Lisa is doing fine, loving these babies.  I’m including a pic of one of her favorites, Noah. He’s about a month old.  A month old and looking like he’s ready for the “fist bump” these babies are tough.image

Yesterday I was feeling a bit anxious about knowing a definite or clear path God wants us to follow.  This morning I awoke to what I thought was a very timely devotional,

Jeremiah 29:7  “If things go well for Babylon, things will go well for you.”

Explaining while we may be waiting for God to do something in our lives, we are not to sit idle, we are to be proactive and start doing good for others, helping others to succeed.  If they do well, you prosper too.  Giving God the glory.

Assured today that even though there may be moments of feeling like your doing thankless work, God knew from the beginning how many days I would give to a project and had just the right amount of wood there to fulfill His plan for me this week.

Thanking God for His faithfulness.  Praying for these kids to know the love of Christ.  Please continue praying for God’s plan for us to be achieved.

4 thoughts on “The Difference A Day Makes

  1. Brother, The Lord shall complete his work when wants! We are to do it in total faith… God Bless you Mike for listening when he speaks.. You have come along way brother from the time we met. You are answering your own questions from Long ago.. Each day you find his word to be more that you need rather than worldly things.. I love you and continue to pray for you and Lisa to have the strength and open hearts to hear and see the unseen.. God Bless and see you soon… Hoppy


  2. So glad the roof has come to a conclusion for you. What a great job! Noah looks like he is doing well. Thinking of you and Lisa.


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