The Path Less Traveled

Everything is fine here, sorry if I worried anyone for us being MIA a couple days, we just ran out of Internet.  Saturday was a nice day, Lisa and I got to hang out together and do some shopping for baby items and other kids clothes.  Tom, the house founder flew in Sat. morning with his 88 yr old uncle (JW) and a younger 23 yr.old second cousin (Clayton).  Clayton just graduated college with a construction management degree.  This is his first trip down here and I’m quite certain he will find out he could put that education to good use around these parts.

(Thought I’d include some of what we saw as we walked around town on Saturday. Pictures of a couple narco houses, I’d really like to know what it’s like behind those walls? Probably just another shack! LOL. and the average house.)


(Pics above: The Butcher, Utility poles, and Moravian Church.)

Sunday we went to church with several of the kids and then we were invited to Doctor Marianne’s house for lunch where she feeds around 90 neighboring kids each day.  Kids that live around her that most likely would go without eating if it wasn’t for her generosity, the only condition being they must be in school.

(Top left, Tom Brian, right Clayton and Grandad JW, bottom me and Marianne in front of her 50′ river boat “Miss Eva” named after a lot of the kids she looks afters-Grandmother.)




My best friend and beautiful wife Lisa and I enjoying our time here in Honduras. Regardless of my expression, total concentration on what button you push for a selfie LOL

After a wonderful lunch at Marianne’s house we took the kids to our favorite swimming hole, Marcone.image

When we got back to House of Hope, the girl we sponsor at IVA was there to see us, so we got to visit with her (Deneve).  She is a super sweet girl and is starting ninth grade this year.  Here is a pic.image

Today, Monday the 18th a medical team flew in this morning and will be heading out first light on Tuesday, to the village of Tiki Raya and one other village for a six day trip.

On, Monday, after we got the Habitat truck loaded with all the materials, William, Clayton, Marco, Tony and I headed out to put a roof on a house for a single Mom who’s house had burnt down a week ago. William had laid the foundation and set all the block for this house in five days. And we had a roof on it within 5 hours.

We ended Monday evening by having dinner with Alex and Laura Waits, founders of IVA school and Steven and Lauren new directors of Casa Esparanza.  Lisa and I got to talk with them about the big idea we are slowly developing and to see what they thought about it.  We are considering what a Christ centered family oriented boarding home for some of the kids at IVA, who don’t have Moms, Dads or any other family to give them parental guidance and a safe place to live while getting their education.  Yes, there will be a lot to discuss and many questions that need to be asked and still this is the area of need that we have become aware of and that is growing in our hearts to fill.

Thankful for this night and the cool breeze that goes along with it, thanking God for our health and the safety He has provided while we have been here in Honduras, praying for Him to continue surrounding us with Godly people that speak into our lives.  I am praying for wisdom and the ability to honor God in everything I do and say.  I am also praying for each one of you as you are lifting us up in prayer that our lives be pleasing to God and for each of us to seek His will to the best of our ability, loving Him most for doing it all, for us.


4 thoughts on “The Path Less Traveled

  1. Oh Mike. You make me both laugh. And cry. All in one sitting. Your daughter didn’t teach you how to perfect a selfie?! (: Love you guys. And T. You’re amazing.


  2. So glad to see your new blog this morning. Of course, the worrier mom was starting to worry. Great pictures. I am in total agreement with you – Lisa is beautiful! Love you both.


  3. Mike and Lisa, thank you for inviting us along on your journey (by posts and pictures), and for the work you have answered God’s Calling for you to do there in Honduras. You have been in my prayers, and I see them being answered daily as I check out your posts. Look forward to hopefully, having you speak to our FFs again upon your return. Blessings to you both.


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