Ground Breaking!

I am one of those guys who likes to have a couple cups of coffee before I start a big days work, even more so if it’s the Honduran variety.  As God would have it, the muchacha who normally prepares the coffee here was mas tarde and time forced me to get on my bicycle and ride the three miles or so out of town to meet with my new crew at 7am without a coffee.  Apparently I was anxious enough and didn’t need the extra caffeine.  God knows best.  Upon arrival we reintroduced ourselves and talked briefly about our plan of attack.  Then we got down to business and opened our work day in prayer,  led by one pastor of a local Baptist church,he is the one wielding the breaker bar who, I lovingly refer to as Pastor – and who better could we have break the ground than Pastor?  The gentleman to his left is Chuck, my English speaking foreman, and to his right is Aldolfo along with Aldolfo’s son (not pictured).  I also employed our “el vecino” (neighbor) and his son to help clear a five foot swath along the property lines.  Once Chuck and I had the men digging holes we went for materials.  Again, great is God as He provided Alex and Chuck who knew where to go and who to talk to for some small tools, rebar and cement, that could be delivered; they were sure to get me started and on the right path with zero stress.  God is good.  There was one small mishap at the end of lunch as Aldolfo’s son came back with my bicycle and managed to crash 50′ from safety, cutting his ankle.  Note to self *buy one good first aid kit no matter how little room you have during travel.

Mid morning I had a couple of the younger boys come searching to see how they could help.  Even though they may slow things down a bit I like to give them a chance to see what work is about and have no problem putting a shovel or hammer in their hands for a short time.  And as you can probably see, I haven’t quite yet gotten in touch with my inner Moskito but assure you, it’s there.

The boys showing me how to beat the heat. I apologize for no smile, it must be the daisy on my head;) maybe it’s the lack of coffee? Anyhow I will be sure to work on that.

By 3pm four holes where dug 3’x3’x3′ deep for the footings of the posts and in three of them we hit water at roughly 30″?

That is not a problem as it only makes the concrete cure slower which as I understand it makes for a stronger piece.  After holes where dug we started to cut and bend the 1500 feet of rebar we purchased.

Hoping to complete the rebar reinforcements tomorrow allowing us to pour concrete Wednesday!  Suddenly the post project is well underway.  Wanting to thank you all so very much for lifting the people of La Moskitia, me and this project up in prayer.  You are all so amazing to me as is the way God brings His people together to glorify Him.  I could not do this without each one of you praying.  Praising and loving God more each day as I clearly see Him working in and around my life.

Giving a shout out to my beautiful wife whom I love and miss dearly.

2 thoughts on “Ground Breaking!

  1. Missing you too. So love ❤️ seeing the fruit of prayer big as life right before our eyes!
    Ps 9:1-2 I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and exult in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.


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