Learning Curve.

I thought I knew how to do quite a bit but I can see God using all these experiences to humble me.  I cannot even tell the butcher what cut of meat I’d like, talk about option paralysis.   I posted my first YouTube video at

Check it out to see a quick video of how our Tuesday was.  Even with the less than hospitable weather we were able to get the four footings poured with rebar in place between the deluges.  We spent our day drying out, then getting wet again, no place to hide in the biosphere.  On my way back into town I was able to stop at the House of Hope for a quick pick me up, the kids really give a nice little boost of energy.  Not a lot of pictures Tuesday because of the wetness.

Today was a much better day.  Starting to really enjoy my morning ride to work, I think I’m going to try and GoPro it tomorrow.  Today we were able to do three forms and fill them with concrete and dig three more holes and finish with clearing the fence line mostly, which may not sound like a lot but I can tell you at near 90 degrees with 70-100% humidity these can be pretty brutal working conditions. So far as close I can figure, the posts project alone will be in the neighborhood of $10,000 then there is the rows of cinder block three high in between posts and 6′ cyclone fencing above that, topped off with the constantine wire to provide security. Budget wise I feel this is on par with my estimates of $20,000 for the completed fencing project, allowing $2,000 for two gates, one large double swing 15′ main gate and one smaller beach access 10′ gate both custom welded, including paint.

The best part of the day came this evening when after Cena and I had been in a bit of a disagreement concerning an accessibility issue this past couple days, I agreed to meet her and her husband Jose along with their son Cheldon out at the property to discuss possibilities.  They asked if I had any interest in purchasing another piece of land. One touching ours and out to a new road she is putting in?  Size approx. 80’x250′.  She knew somewhat of our idea to possibily add a girls dorm and this would be an acceptable option for all.  They told me that they would give me a dollar amount later in the evening, so after I ate dinner we sat down and they threw out a $7500 amount,  I feel closer to $2500 would be appropriate but told them we had no interest at this point, due to the commitment we have made concerning the earlier purchase. I then began to expound on our God given vision.  They love the vision that we have been given concerning a home for the boys in need so they can focus on a proper education while being a part of a nurturing family fueled by the love of Christ. Let me remind you all that this is Mama Tara’s daughter, and Mama Tara is of the most well respected people in Puert Lempira God rest her soul, as she began the first orphanage in La Moskitia, trying to help and love every child that came her way. By the end of our conversation they had told me they heard how well I have been doing with the neighbors and added they too would like to help in any way possible.  (They could always gift us the land? Right?) But, I’ll let God handle that one. In ending of our time together they shared with me that they “feel as if Mama Tara brought me down here to them personally.” What a great confirmation as to the light being given off by this mission even in its infant stages. I too see that all the workings involved in our new direction can only have been orchestrated by our Divine Creator. I am equally assured that many prayers have been answered by what I’m able to share here although I can’t see them all, I am definitely being lifted up by your supplications. Please continue to pray for relationships, wisdom and humility and the ability to show GODS LOVE TO ALL.
Good night and God Bless.

One thought on “Learning Curve.

  1. Nice work Mike!! This is a BIG project. Wow. I did not picture the size of those posts correctly in my head. I am happy that you have a crew that are fast friends. I am also happy to hear that you are receiving “blessings” from key people in the community. God is Good!!


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